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  1. MEGMAN82

    Jos out

    And you know this how???
  2. MEGMAN82

    Jos out

    Has to go. No better time than now as well. International break. Going backwards with him in charge so negative its untrue lack desire, and identify.
  3. MEGMAN82

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    He always does permanent expression. Personality of a wet tea towel. Not the man to take us forward. Did well back end of last season and a few games this season but gone backwards since. Negative and insipid and lack an identity!
  4. MEGMAN82

    Line up

    Id go 3-5-2 Dawson Baker Thorniley Hector Lees Penney Reach Pelapessey Bannan Joao/Forestieri (but doubt will be on bench) Fletcher Feel sick. Pray to god we dont fall to bits at the back. Come on Wednesday Wtid
  5. MEGMAN82

    Reach to Wolves ?

    Has to be £15m plus in this current market. Or dont sell as a valuable asset.
  6. MEGMAN82


    Think the common misconception with Fletch is he is an out and out goalscorer. He isn't and wasn't at other clubs. BUT what he gives you is first class hold up play, brilliant ariel ability, hard work and intelligence. As well as chipping in with 13-15. He was outstanding yesterday really like him top player. Looks fitter than ever at moment as well.
  7. Dawson 7 Baker 5 Thorniley 8 Lees 6 Fox 6 Bannan 8 mom Onomah 5 Reach 5 Matias 5 Joao 5 Nuhiu 4
  8. Terrible performance tonight. Against a poor Forest side. Thought Nuhiu was awful Reach, Matias non existent, Joao very poor, Baker struggled and thought Onomah struggled first half. Only positives where Bannan and Thorniley for me. Bad night.
  9. MEGMAN82

    Who's the second toughest

    Nigel Pearson. Remember him breaking his leg at Blackburn and wanting to carry on. Tough as they come and a leader.
  10. MEGMAN82

    Matt penney

    Completely agree such a great feeling as a fan to see the quality we have coming through the development and academy squads. Brilliant.
  11. MEGMAN82

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    Maybe for once we back the club as one. Not have negativity all the time lets do this. Uto
  12. MEGMAN82

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    Hooper, Lee, Winnall all to come back as well as Onomah and Hector. Get in. Thought people where contemplating suicide post Brentford.
  13. MEGMAN82


    Great signing well done DC.
  14. MEGMAN82

    Team for Reading

    Dawson Palmer Thorniley Lees Penney Bannan Pelapessey Reach Forestieri Fletcher Joao 4-3-3
  15. Only players with any credit tonight for me where. Fletcher,Forestieri,Baker and Nuhui. Fox,boyd,Jones awful. I thought Hutchinson looks like he is nursing another injury and looked very shaky. Poor performance fairly even first half but was so easy for them second half we are so slow to move the ball from back to front. Hey ho its the cup but rather in all honesty had a real go and lost 0 3.