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  1. Not sure how anyone not heard of Lookman tbh. Katriene also got a nice fee at the time upon the sale from Charlton. Very unrealistic signing though. If it was true then would be a major coup on loan no chance on a transfer surely.
  2. Chrimbo present for me looking forward to putting it on. Uto.
  3. Some people just like to slate DC for everything he does. And when he does something positive as today in sack Shhhyytteee McTash twhat and obviously been in dialoge with Brucey a PROVEN operator in this league. And he just gets its too late? Hes weird how he handled the sacking after backing him? Give the guy a break 70m plus down poo pipe of his own money. And 1 game from premier league. If you had said that even 5 years ago people would have thought you where insane. Uto. wtid
  4. Needs decisive action from one or other. Strange one. This really is about what owner wants for the future above all else. Ambitious target. But needs cash to put it right. https://t.co/R1MgeQnnNY
  5. No. Rather praise Jos than read that utter piece of poo.
  6. What good will it do even if we beat Swansea? damage is done and 99% of fan base want him out and have zero confidence in him nor do players.
  7. Brilliant episode. And what an unbelievable player Waddle was a hero.
  8. Or we end the game with 7 injuries nore likely scenario and all out for the season...
  9. New manager comes in plays 5-2-2-1 Westwood Palmer Van Aken Hector Lees Penney Hutchinson Bannan Forestieri Abdi Fletcher Wins the league. The end. ?????????
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