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  1. Anyone see what happened near the posh seats when Semedo got sent? Seen 2 jobsworths sprint over. Mandaric causing havoc maybe
  2. Reckon the beehive will have the Toon game on?
  3. Ah nice one. So buy it online and it should be at their ticket office?
  4. Looking for 1 ticket for a mate. Living in Lancs now so can't get to the ticket office and it's past the delivery deadline :/
  5. Earlier on I went with a wigan fan to watch them play bolton away in the fa cup, few of the lads near us pulled out some flares, looked foooookin class Unfortunately for them the flare meant they were easily indentifiable and were banned for a year I guess the key is light then pass it on till it runs out
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SHEFFIELD-WEDNESDAY-V-WYCOMBE-TICKET-SATURDAY-5TH-MAY-2012-/190674549007?pt=UK_Tickets_Tickets_LE&hash=item2c6516b90f#ht_1370wt_922 Apparently £150 for a ticket is a reasonable price according to this clown
  7. Travelling on my tod from Preston. I'll be drinking by myself on the train
  8. Sat through a 3 hour lecture trying to buy 1 ticket. Finally got it. Website said 288 left.
  9. Don't know whether to go for dodgy Chinese, cars broken down, or gran's died. Might just use all 3
  10. To sum do we reckon these extra tickets will be on sale tomorrow morning or will they have to spend the day deciding what to do first?
  11. Tbf to Wigan how many people can make it down to London for an 8pm kick off when the majority have work the next day
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