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  1. A couple of hours ago, I was dreading what was coming. Now I can't wait ! There can't be another club like Wednesday where your emotions go from despair to optimism so quickly. DC has made mistakes and been badly advised, but if I was in a scrap I'd want him on my side. He's clearly not someone to mess with.
  2. Make no mistake, we've just shafted the EFL big time ! The FFP rules are laughable and DC has just driven a coach & horses through them. The whole set up is corrupt and we may have just pushed the button that brings the whole thing crashing down. Whilst I'm not happy with the way money has changed football, this might just bring the EFL crashing down. Derby will be rubbing their hands now.
  3. They probably had an idea, because DC obviously knew. I had real worries about what was coming tomorrow, but now think it's going to be a Massive call to arms. Overturning 6 points deduction is a huge achievement which I doubt many could have achieved. DC isn't a man to be messed with and hopefully a cloud has been lifted. The season starts this weekend !
  4. Just go now ! The only good thing about COVID is not having to watch this rubbish. Never felt so disconnected from MY team as I am now. Thought Jewell, Irvine and Jos were sh*t but this guy takes the crown. Utter utter garbage.
  5. WBA fans far from glowing references about him. Looks like they'd be happy to get rid. Feels like this has Franny Jeffers / Colin West written all over it.
  6. No D Taxis Fork FFP We're money rich Thanks Sheffield 3 Blue and white Rich not poor We'll fork Parry in the courts God bless Chansiri Viva Chansiri Long live Chansiri Say magnifique Chansiri
  7. Seen plenty of poor players in 40 odd years of watching Wednesday, and disliked many, but as for pure HATE, has to be Bothroyd and Jeffers. Lazy, uninterested, self important 2 hats the both of them. Grrrrrrr
  8. In all my years of supporting Wednesday, he's probably the one player you could call 'marmite'.The majority love him for his effort, intelligence and occasional 'worldies'. Yet others see him as slow, lumbering and inconsistent. I wish the haters could see what I see, but they never will, and that's their perogative. Atdhe is an enigma, but someone I'd always want in my squad. He offers that something different that unsettles defenders and worries opposition managers. He is what he is, and I'd rather have him with us than against us. Plus he always stuffs L**ds !
  9. Love that. Leeds fans are so full of themselves, they honestly believe they are on a par with Man Utd and Barcelona. Good to remind them they are only the fourth most successful club in Yorkshire !
  10. Sorry, but no way is he German. Must have been brought up in High Green, Stocksbridge or on t' Cross judging by way he celebrates a win. Wednesday legend in the making that bloke. Love to see that enthusiasm in any player who pulls on the stripes. Would be my captain tomorrow if I was Monk.
  11. So according to the stats we had ONE shot on target. What was the score again ??
  12. All joking apart, Jordan is a genuinely nice bloke with a lovely family. Things haven't worked out for him at Wednesday so far for one reason and another, but this could be the turning point. He's finally playing with a team that plays to his strengths and a strike partner who has the nouse to know what what Jordan is about. My guess is he's sat at home with his missus reading Twitter and facebook with a massive smile on his face. We wanted him, he wanted Wednesday, now let's destroy the Championship.WAWAW !
  13. Not necessarily the best players maybe, but the ones I've most enjoyed watching; Westwood Iorfa Llera Loovens Reda Antonio Semedo Bannan Forestierri Hooper Nuhiu
  14. I'm a Wednesdayite, my dad's a Wednesdayite, my son's a Wednesdayite, and my grand daughter's a Wednesdayite in training. fizz the FA, fizz the EFL, We're Wednesday till We Die ! Whatever will be will be. If we end up playing Alfreton Town or Blyth Spartans, we'll still be there. UTO, FTB, WTID !!!
  15. I have deliberately refrained from commenting on this for 24 hours to take emotion out of the equation. Now I have had time to consider and reflect on the situation, I can only say the following. The FA has now created a precedent for anyone to be accused and found guilty of racism on hearsay. Pearce himself has admitted in a court of law that he only 'thought' he heard the N word. There are no witness statements to corroborate this, and FF has vehemently denied it. SWFC & FF should take this to the High Court and sue the FA for loss of earnings, defamation of character, and possibly Conte
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