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  1. On sky now whingeing about decisions going against Norwich. Ref gave them every 50/50 decision. Aaron's should have got 2 yellow cards, and gave them 'Farke time' to score an equaliser. Muppet !
  2. If you're Man U or Liverpool, clearly onside. Anyone else, offside. My first instinct was offside, so not going to grumble. Not sure how VAR would see that as Boyd's head / chest, looks offside. Seen far worse decisions go against us. A point away at Stoke is still a decent result.
  3. With Lazaar getting well deserved praise from all quarters today on his debut, who in the past made you think we've got some player here ? Many have failed to live up to expectation, but some became legends. I remember first time I saw Roland and knew he was class. Also remember Dielna and thought wow (Oops !)
  4. Great team performance. 7s and 8s across the board for me, with the exceptions of Joao and Matias who were 5s at best. Been a long time since both flanks looked solid defensively and a threat going forward. What a player Lazaar looks ! Shame we lost our balance when Iorfa came on - not sure why Bruce didn't bring on a striker to replace Joao, but we won so who cares ?
  5. Just another in a long list. Hard to tell these days if incompetent or corrupt. You can't tell me that when certain EFL referees turn up at Hillsborough in top model Mercs and BMWs that they've paid for them from their 'normal' income.
  6. This. My first instinct was that it was offside, but was more angry that the lino was too far up the pitch to have seen it. Poor officiating.
  7. Didn't DC once say we had 'friends' who could help us out with FFP ? Maybe he's called those favours in now. Welcome to the John West stadium !
  8. On holiday in Portugal at the minute, and who pops up as a pundit on their World Cup coverage, only Carlos ! Asked the bloke behind the bar to translate. Apart from the normal discussion about Portugal's games so far, he talked about his time in England and how he was shocked by our passion for football. Said he loved Sheffield and the people, and his biggest regret was not winning at Wembley. Swansea was a good opportunity to manage in the Premier League , but it was a hard ask to keep them up and didn't have the finances to compete. Bloke behind the bar didn't really know who he was, but said he talked a good game, and seemed to genuinely miss being in England.
  9. Neville Southall - always had a blinder against us for Everton. Uwe Rosler - remember him destroying us late 80s for Man City. Ilie Dumitrescu - best player on the pitch in the game when Klinsmann got the glory. The only player I've ever seen apart from Waddle to completely dictate a game.
  10. I have no idea, but honestly can't see Jos being here after May. The fact that nobody will say how long his contract is for suggests to me it's short-term or rolling. Just don't think Jos is the right fit for Wednesday. Our best managers have either had an ego or charisma. Jos appears to have neither, ala Eustace, Pleat, Shreeves, & Irvine.
  11. Not renewed yet, this week will be a major factor. Going to Hillsborough is a habit, something I've looked forward to for years. This season is different though, don't think I've ever felt so bored watching turgid, lackluster football. Seriously considering having a rest next season unless things change and soon.
  12. I actually work with one of his relatives and he is NOT a nice person from what they've told me. Thrower of the highest order.
  13. As I said in another thread, get this picture posted on facebook, twitter and every other social media. If we get it trending the FA will have to react.
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