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  1. All joking apart, Jordan is a genuinely nice bloke with a lovely family. Things haven't worked out for him at Wednesday so far for one reason and another, but this could be the turning point. He's finally playing with a team that plays to his strengths and a strike partner who has the nouse to know what what Jordan is about. My guess is he's sat at home with his missus reading Twitter and facebook with a massive smile on his face. We wanted him, he wanted Wednesday, now let's destroy the Championship.WAWAW !
  2. Not necessarily the best players maybe, but the ones I've most enjoyed watching; Westwood Iorfa Llera Loovens Reda Antonio Semedo Bannan Forestierri Hooper Nuhiu
  3. I'm a Wednesdayite, my dad's a Wednesdayite, my son's a Wednesdayite, and my grand daughter's a Wednesdayite in training. fizz the FA, fizz the EFL, We're Wednesday till We Die ! Whatever will be will be. If we end up playing Alfreton Town or Blyth Spartans, we'll still be there. UTO, FTB, WTID !!!
  4. I have deliberately refrained from commenting on this for 24 hours to take emotion out of the equation. Now I have had time to consider and reflect on the situation, I can only say the following. The FA has now created a precedent for anyone to be accused and found guilty of racism on hearsay. Pearce himself has admitted in a court of law that he only 'thought' he heard the N word. There are no witness statements to corroborate this, and FF has vehemently denied it. SWFC & FF should take this to the High Court and sue the FA for loss of earnings, defamation of character, and possibly Contempt of Court, as they have basically ignored the ruling of a Judge. I know Irwin Mitchell Solicitors used to have close links with the club, so I hope we chuck everything at this and screw the FA for every penny. Oh, and Krystian Pearce, watch your back sunshine !
  5. No, I'm not advocating him as the new manager, but thank God we've still got him on the staff. If/when Bruce goes and takes his mates with him, Bully will be the one who steps up again until the new man is in place. His knowledge of the players, club and fans will be invaluable to the next manager. What might have taken weeks for someone to grasp will be greatly reduced by having Bully there to fill in the gaps. I hope the next manager recognises this and sees the value in having a 'club man' around.
  6. If he really is having second thoughts, then his interview yesterday was a MASSIVE error of judgement. The final words stuck with me; "I am the manager of Sheffield Wednesday, and I have to respect that". In other words, I'm here, but don't really want to be. Bye Steve, it could have been special, but you've burned your bridges now.
  7. Agree with all of this. However, I don't think his position with Wednesday is tenable now. Was at Stocksbridge yesterday and when his interview went out on RS, the mood changed. Those hoping he wouldn't go, changed their views and knew he wanted out. I honestly don't think he can come back from this. We need him out and get someone else in ASAP.
  8. What a great idea this was. Been today and to 4 of the previous ones. It is one of the best things Wednesday have ever done. OK, it might not be to everyone's taste, but how can you not smile when you see so many families enjoying a day in the sunshine, with the chairman, manager, and players engaging with the fans. To see so many Wednesdayites having fun is a joy. I honestly cant believe other clubs haven't latched on to it and copied it. The feel good factor is immense and I'm raring for the season to start now. Sorry, Mr Jennings, but WAWAW belongs to ALL of us, not you. UTO !
  9. Setting off now from West Yorkshire. Anyone know if the old wednesdayite car park is available for us to use today ?
  10. On sky now whingeing about decisions going against Norwich. Ref gave them every 50/50 decision. Aaron's should have got 2 yellow cards, and gave them 'Farke time' to score an equaliser. Muppet !
  11. If you're Man U or Liverpool, clearly onside. Anyone else, offside. My first instinct was offside, so not going to grumble. Not sure how VAR would see that as Boyd's head / chest, looks offside. Seen far worse decisions go against us. A point away at Stoke is still a decent result.
  12. With Lazaar getting well deserved praise from all quarters today on his debut, who in the past made you think we've got some player here ? Many have failed to live up to expectation, but some became legends. I remember first time I saw Roland and knew he was class. Also remember Dielna and thought wow (Oops !)
  13. Great team performance. 7s and 8s across the board for me, with the exceptions of Joao and Matias who were 5s at best. Been a long time since both flanks looked solid defensively and a threat going forward. What a player Lazaar looks ! Shame we lost our balance when Iorfa came on - not sure why Bruce didn't bring on a striker to replace Joao, but we won so who cares ?
  14. Just another in a long list. Hard to tell these days if incompetent or corrupt. You can't tell me that when certain EFL referees turn up at Hillsborough in top model Mercs and BMWs that they've paid for them from their 'normal' income.
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