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  1. Steve Bruce, he’s got a big fat head, he’s got a big fat head....he’s also got the best win percentage Hillsborough will have seen in recent history
  2. Marcopw001

    Paul Clement

    There replacement could take one of our potential manager options out if we’re not making moves behind the scenes.
  3. Marcopw001

    Chansiri out !

    If he’s learned anything in his time as owner it’s the need to get new advisors. He knows about as much about running a football club as he does in canning and distributing seafood globally (his dad and brother do). His toy is about to break and if he doesn’t recognise the need to get a manager who knows this league, cares about the opposition and the fans, stops making decisions that he thinks are commercial but which are running our club into the ground he’ll end up ditested rather than revered by fans. Stop the rot, be a man and start to learn from your mistakes. Get someone in now who gets the players playing with the passion, commitment and organisation we righty expect. End of...
  4. Marcopw001


    Without fans there is no club
  5. Marcopw001


    Wheter Indeed. Football is a business whether we like it or not. It doesn’t trade in widgets though just hopes and dreams. That bit he seems to fail to understand.
  6. Marcopw001


    I really hope Jos delivers on the pitch this season or we will see carnage at our club. Is this the straw that breaks the camels you know what...
  7. We need that Big TV money and there’s only one way to get that. Just need to ensure we don’t do a Villa trying.
  8. Marcopw001


    Love him. Gives it his all, agressive and a cheeky little bugger... takes no crap despite being 5ft 4
  9. Speechless. Chansiri will be fuming. Not only the embarrassment factor but loss of income.
  10. Marcopw001

    Talksport now

    Unless your south of Birmingham, love horse racing or recently bought Alan Brazil a pint they're not interested.
  11. Marcopw001

    Sam Hutchinson

    Top man. If he keeps fit he will be our talisman!
  12. Lead guitarist from Radiohead tonight at Glastonbury with 'Wednesday till I Die' sticker all over his guitar.. must be biggest band with Wednesday fan!
  13. Marcopw001


    Fantastic statement, from the heart and outlining a determination to succeed. Top man.
  14. Marcopw001

    Beat Ipswich...

    Did anyone hear Ray Wilkins on Talksport his am. Know it's our favourite station. Saying Fulham the team to beat, on a great run. Clearly he doesn't see past the north circular. I'm happy to stay under the radar. We're the team to beat!