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  1. The official website had us down as 442 - So I'll go with that.
  2. I would definitely use that - 6 from the next 10 is probably a bit much for me. I guess over the season it’s difficult for postponed games etc
  3. For reference, Tuesday night game against Fleetwood was £19 members, £23 non members. The 6 on the Kop with this average out at £19 a game. Not sure how many Saturday games this season would be £19. Can’t vouch for other stands as I didn’t check the prices on them for the games. In all, it’s not bad if you can commit to 6 games now before Christmas. Personally I think the club should do more of this, and potentially weekend season tickets etc for those who can’t make mid week games.
  4. Unsure on why people are hating on this - He was, and still is, better than Palmer at RB. Ignoring Chanseri’s transfer policy; ”we need a better right back” Sells Hunt Doesnt replace Gets relegated Signs Hunt We don’t know the budget so let’s hope we can still bring in a striker, keeper and that one CM we’ve been waiting for since 2016…
  5. Some people will, some people won’t. There is no need to criticise those who decide the money isn’t worth it, it doesn’t make them any less or a fan. my last game was Carlos last, 2-1 loss to Boro at home watching Reach pull out of every tackle as we whimpered to a loss. think I paid £40 on the grandstand. Couldn’t do it after that. Unless you get a ST, Chanersi has completely priced out pay on the gate or pay for single games in advance. I’ve never been able to commit to a ST, for various reasons, but always had membership to make about 7-10 and the odd away game. Then he made membership only worth it if you managed 13 games, which at that point you might as well have bought a ST. he can’t reduce the ticket price due to the stupid multi year season tickets. next season will just consist of those who already have their ST. How many is that? 17k ish? Plus 27 away fans. We will always support the club, but until he gets a proper team in place and sorts out prices, a lot of us cannot justify the price of the game to watch utter gash
  6. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Boyd Abdi Lee FF Rhodes Hooper If hutch isnt fit
  7. Good win today, let's moan anyway... >.>
  8. And so what if they do? They're still turning up to support the team at the back end of the season. Not everyone is fortunate to be able to go to every game. Im sure we have fans who dont want anyone to turn up unless they go every week. ¬.¬
  9. Cant believe we are actually arguing between ourselves, throwing messages to staff and players on twitter and having such a bad atmosphere when we are on track for 2 consecutive top 6 finishes... We've had nothing but relegation scraps or 3rd tier football for 17 years... We need to create last seasons atmosphere, the 2012 promotion atmosphere, not sit and boo a team 6th in the league... Newcastle were always going to be top 2 and brighton finished 15 points above us last season so I think it was always going to be playoffs this season. Its time to get behind the team and fire us to the prem via a wembley final!
  10. That is quite possibly the nicest Wednesday kit I have ever seen...
  11. We need to recreate the atmosphere of last season, going into the playoffs with a team punching above its weight the fans and the atmosphere carried the team through to the play off final beating a Brighton team who finished 15 points above us! If we can do the same with this team, we will have a better chance of having another day out at wembley with a much better team to beat Leeds in the final!
  12. Being in a relegation battle really brings out the worst in fans... Oh wait
  13. Of course we want to go up. Then we can get a hotel and some foreign football teams and be lightyears ahead on and off the pitch...
  14. I'll be going to the same amount of games this season as I did when we had john beswetherick. Not everyone can make every single game, hence the reason 35k people dont have season tickets. It still ruins my weekend when we dont win, still forever checking scores and read this everyday for updates on transfers ect and because it actually used to be good to read. Now though, its just those who can go every week having a go at those who cant. Turning childish. Im a better fan than you because I can afford a season ticket and can go every week, bore off. Some people work nights, weekends ect too. I used to get 1 saturday off a month for 2 years so I was very lucky if that fell on a time we were at home. This needs to be let go now, fans against each other over whos lucky enough to go every match and those who cant. Jesus. All Wednesday arent we?
  15. JJ didnt score "normal" goals. Always a screamer or into the car park
  16. But when they beat us that made them safe didnt it? and we were the team in trouble? no? They can all have a league one love in next season in the "we hate wednesday" club. pahaha
  17. Gotta be JJ day. Im going to be sad when he leaves, which is probably this season. So it would be a good send off for our longest serving player! And, hes faster than bolt you know.
  18. Going on the form, its a loss against them followed by 2 wins then 2 draws. So Brighton win...
  19. We havent beaten a big club... QPR are very much a league one side with an idiot who wanted a London postcode.
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