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  1. Yeah imagine trying to be a ref and make a fair call in all that. (definite foul on Shaw mind)
  2. I thought this and was confident the defence might just save our season and then the Millwall capitulation happens and we're all reminded how frail we still are unfortunately. I'm sure Thommo has a plan for the Swans and Bees. 7 at the back and that.
  3. I hear the checkatrade trophy is a right laugh...
  4. will still have the biggest stadium in the league
  5. This season has all the hallmarks of our previous recent relegation seasons from Championship. Severe lack of quality, can't score, too many individuals, no fight and lack of clarity, leadership or hope from the boardroom. ...I'd still go watch them though.
  6. Would love him down at Hillsborough but, as others have said and as the man himself has said in the past, he wouldn't want the Wednesday job because it would taint his past glories in the city in which his familu lives. I'd ask him to look at the proposition differently - come to S6 with no fear. No realistic Wedy fan expects us to go up this season which might be perfect for him at this point in his career. Come in and help stabilise and breathe new life into a side in the Championship with 100% of the fanbase behind him. The only failure would be relegation this season and you'd hope (g
  7. Either late 90's or early 00's, think we were playing Southampton or someone of that ilk. Couple of pigeons in front of the South Stand, stubborn as owt, just pidgeoning around on the pitch as the game went on around them. Was genuinely more exciting watching them on the overlap... sad when they flew away at half time.
  8. Awful game. One of the worst first halves I've seen. But nothing beats a 96th minute winner. Thorniley looked solid and gets my MOM - won everything and him and Bates did reassuringly well as a new pairing. Special mention for Fox though who looks a different player since fans got off his back. That last ditch tackle effectively stopped a goal and the cross into Rhodes in the first half was class. Still not a world beater but a good left back nonetheless.
  9. Non-football folk don't half look funny at me when I say I'm 'desperate' to go to Brentford but I really want it ticked off before they knock it down. Never quite have enough toilet paper points to get a golden ticket. Only other grounds to visit I haven't done in Champ are 'Ikea' stadiums - The less than majestic Madejski at Reading and Colin's current gaffe at Cardiff.
  10. Sounds like Azteca stadium or something when those goals went in or when Nando did his little trick. Looking forward to tonight!
  11. Trevor Benjamin - Cambridge United (0-1) - We put out a team that included the likes of Di Canio, Carbone, Jonk and Des Walker expecting a walkover, yet this fella ran the show up top. Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield Town (4-4) - Every time he got the ball in and around our box, he looked like he was gonna score. Also had a turn of pace that we've seldom seen since. Michael Owen - Liverpool - (3-3) - I remember not even being bothered that we'd ended up drawing after seeing a performance like that. Amazing pace with the ball!
  12. I expect Jos to park the bus tomorrow with Atty feeding on scraps. Not gonna be easy on the eye but would be happy with a draw. Can any statto's out there tell us the earliest we can be mathematically safe? Ever the optimist me and that.
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