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  1. tjchitt86


    We lost 2-0... Dad!
  2. Sounds like Azteca stadium or something when those goals went in or when Nando did his little trick. Looking forward to tonight!
  3. Trevor Benjamin - Cambridge United (0-1) - We put out a team that included the likes of Di Canio, Carbone, Jonk and Des Walker expecting a walkover, yet this fella ran the show up top. Jordan Rhodes - Huddersfield Town (4-4) - Every time he got the ball in and around our box, he looked like he was gonna score. Also had a turn of pace that we've seldom seen since. Michael Owen - Liverpool - (3-3) - I remember not even being bothered that we'd ended up drawing after seeing a performance like that. Amazing pace with the ball!
  4. tjchitt86

    What will happen?

    I expect Jos to park the bus tomorrow with Atty feeding on scraps. Not gonna be easy on the eye but would be happy with a draw. Can any statto's out there tell us the earliest we can be mathematically safe? Ever the optimist me and that.
  5. tjchitt86

    Anyone else started saying it?

    'Stuart Gray's as such army'
  6. tjchitt86

    Is the Charlton game on TV

    ITV had no other choice but to show that game over ours because they'd already selected and shown their Round 5 games and Wed v Charlton wasn't one of them. Hull v Brighton is a replay and so technically a different 'game-week'.
  7. tjchitt86

    Leon Best songs?

    1.01 - Leon Best... oh aye... der de der de der der
  8. tjchitt86

    Listening online?

    Yeah this is annoying, I want Carlton and Rob though I can make do with John and Kevin if I have to. Just the fact they've been banging on about it all week on RS
  9. http://www.readingchronicle.co.uk/sport/readingfc/articles/2009/12/03/43356
  10. I can't see us getting 10 wins so I can't see us staying up either BUT I couldn't see us winning 3 and drawing 1 in December so... stranger things and all that!
  11. If only he'd have gone for a pint of coke with the lads and mixed a bit better. Could've seen out his career with us!
  12. tjchitt86

    hillsborough development

    Bearing in mind we're reluctant to even paint the outside of Leppings Lane, I don't think serious development will happen for many a moon. Don't like the fact the away end is bigger than the Kop anyway!
  13. tjchitt86

    Slowest player for Wednesday?

    Barry 'Bazza' Horne
  14. tjchitt86

    Ipswich Town (A)

    Bad I'd say - clubs always seemed buoyed by a change of manager, even if it's just a caretaker. Still think we should be going there to claim all 3 points though.