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  1. LaminyPie

    Pokemon Go

    Does anyone have a Tauros? Can trade couple of American locked Pokemon, Heracross and Carnvine. Also have numerous Farfetched.
  2. LaminyPie

    Pokemon Go

    Sent you a friend request Eccy Owl
  3. LaminyPie

    Pokemon Go

    Not visiting enough stops to get enough gifts for everyone. Tut
  4. LaminyPie

    Pokemon Go

    Mine is 6019 6084 4548
  5. Ah right. Tuesday is normal update day for switch
  6. Where has the 13.49 price point come from? Amazing if true.
  7. LaminyPie

    Pokemon Go

    Would either of Starman or bob mind my two lads adding you?
  8. LaminyPie

    Pokemon Go

    If that is a research criteria I just bin that off and get a new task.
  9. Watched this last night. Seriously tense and excellently directed. Although having discussed it with the missus the science is a bit out of whack.
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