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  1. Can't see it happening yet. In Chansiri style it will be 10 games too late. We're hardly an attractive proposition either.
  2. Switched off and put Man U game on. Why are both teams wearing white shorts?
  3. Renewed like a little Chansiri b**ch. On the one hand, I wholeheartedly disagree with this latest policy of flogging season tickets not even half way through the current season and feel like on principle i shouldn't, but at the same time I can, so may as well get it as cheap as possible.
  4. Doesn’t sit comfortably with me and reeks of lack of cash flow forecasted in the new year. In fact, I think it’s absolutely disgusting, especially when they can’t even refund tickets from 2 seasons ago. I’m in a fortunate position of being able to afford to renew without the need for using credit and worrying about it, but many aren’t and to ask fans to fork out hundreds of pounds just before Christmas, months and months in advance is appalling. it seems very short sighted. Those that can afford it would probably renew regardless of price (within reason), so benefit from the cheap(er) prices, whilst those that can’t will be punished by either racking up debt, paying higher prices at a later date, or not being able to afford going at all when season tickets are a full price in the summer. Disgusting. I can only but think it’s down to cash flow. I don’t mind the early bird offering, but people should be given notice. Announce prices in the new year for say sale in March giving fans some time to plan and let fans find their feet after Christmas.
  5. Not disagreeing he’s been poor, but as far as I can tell, he’s not done anything to suggest he thinks he’s Billy big balls or a waster. He’s just not good enough, he was a gamble and it’s not worked thus far.
  6. No idea if it would work, but always wondered if it would be worth trying having pre poured beer. I know many turn their nose up, but maybe incentivise by having a separate queue and/or charging say 50p/£1 less (or charge more for fresh poured) for it, so you can get through more people in less amount of time..
  7. He does some good videos for Autotrader on their Youtube channel now.
  8. Can't help but think that there is only so long you can get away with playing a right back and a left winger at centre half. Did well, but our left had side is clearly a target for teams. It's only that the league is so poor that we are getting away with it...so far.
  9. Glad to see a win. Without wanting to put a downer on things, despite Sunderland being terrible, that game could/should pop have been a lot closer has they taken their chances. We took our chances and looked better than recent weeks, but result feels a bit like papering over the cracks. Hopefully we will kick on.
  10. Man of match for me. Nightmare for defender to play against and sets the example for everyone else
  11. Can’t get my head my he’s been in and out of the team. Should be first name on team sheet for me. He’s a proper midfielder.
  12. He gets more clueless by the week. This league is crap and whilst we don’t have a squad of world beaters, it’s more than capable of winning this league by some margin. Feels like the only person to stop us getting promoted will be Moore and his inept decisions and tactics.
  13. Don’t mind giving the ball away when we’re on the front foot and trying to attack. Problem is we give it away from deep trying to play out from the back, which evidently we can’t do
  14. I've just ordered a copy based solely off this comment.
  15. If he can’t play in a 2 in league 1 then he’s absolute bobar
  16. Shambolic from all concerned. Had we hung on for a win, we’d probably say solid away performance, but in reality it would have been papering over what was another poor performance. Barely a chance created, lethargic and pretty hopeless. Two similar teams.
  17. Gregory so isolated up front on his own. Man stands no chance.
  18. So poor so far. Sideways backwards, into Bannan who loses the ball, repeat.
  19. For anyone needing to order tests, Randox day 2 arrival test is £60, but if you use FLYRYANAIR as the discount code it’s £48.
  20. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I can see him being one of those players that 1 in every 6 or 7 games will be unplayable and for the rest of the time poor to mediocre, which is probably one of the reasons he finds himself with us. Early days yet though. Will probably take 10-15 games to get everyone bed in and fully fit.
  21. Bargain. It's worth it even at full price.
  22. Has anyone done a kids one? I can't seem to do it online, but the press release says you can ( I may be doing it wrong) I was going to do it for my 6 year old but given it will be his first, he's not on their system, so when I try to buy online, it will only assign to myself. Tried calling the ticket office periodically over the past few days but it just cuts off, doesn't let me hold and I can't get down to the ground this week.
  23. Currently in Spain. Belting. Everything was a breeze to get into Spain. Flight was about 2/3 full and everything a lot busier than last summer. Feels very much back to normal here, weather is roasting but cooled a bit after a few days of mid 40’s, very relaxed, no need for masks unless indoors in a crowded space. A pleasure only real messing about is coming home and the tests, but certainly wouldn’t put me off going away
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