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  1. For anyone needing to order tests, Randox day 2 arrival test is £60, but if you use FLYRYANAIR as the discount code it’s £48.
  2. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I can see him being one of those players that 1 in every 6 or 7 games will be unplayable and for the rest of the time poor to mediocre, which is probably one of the reasons he finds himself with us. Early days yet though. Will probably take 10-15 games to get everyone bed in and fully fit.
  3. Bargain. It's worth it even at full price.
  4. Has anyone done a kids one? I can't seem to do it online, but the press release says you can ( I may be doing it wrong) I was going to do it for my 6 year old but given it will be his first, he's not on their system, so when I try to buy online, it will only assign to myself. Tried calling the ticket office periodically over the past few days but it just cuts off, doesn't let me hold and I can't get down to the ground this week.
  5. Currently in Spain. Belting. Everything was a breeze to get into Spain. Flight was about 2/3 full and everything a lot busier than last summer. Feels very much back to normal here, weather is roasting but cooled a bit after a few days of mid 40’s, very relaxed, no need for masks unless indoors in a crowded space. A pleasure only real messing about is coming home and the tests, but certainly wouldn’t put me off going away
  6. Just finished Part 2 of Lupin. Really enjoyed it, good ending tying up all the loose ends. Can’t see where part 3 can go now though.
  7. Assuming Menorca is the same as mainland Spain and you are/will be double jabbed, it is as follows from 19th July: UK - Spain Proof of double vaccination, with second job being 14 days prior to entering Spain. If not you need to produce a negative test result, or proof that you have test positive for covid in the past 6 months. You also need to complete form which produces a QR code prior to arrival. Google "Spain Travel Health". Spain - UK Complete a passenger locator form prior to returning home. On there you need to add your reference code for your "day 2" test (see below) after arrival, so you need to book that before you can do your passenger locator form. "Fit to fly" test - done up to 72 hours before your return flight. This can be either a PCR or Lateral Flow test. Needs to be done with provider in Spain, so you can't simply take an NHS one with you and do it yourself. Day 2 PCR test - It's actually day 2 or before, so doesn't have to be done on day 2 after arrival. It needs to be undertaken by a Government approved private provider, again, not an NHS test. Randox seem to be one of the biggest and easily accessible with testing sites in a lot of the airports. As it is Day 2 or before, you can actually take the test at the airport upon arrival. You then get emailed your results within 24 hours.. Equally, you can get it posted to your home and do it then. Seems silly really, as you could have your fit to fly test an hour or so before you board the plan to come home and then take the day 2 test immediately upon arrival, both only a few hours apart. Logic would say, therefore, that only 1 test should be needed. The above is true for both green list and amber list countries (19th July onwards) and of course assume you have been double jabbed
  8. Fixture list is always when it hits home for me. Depressing.
  9. Not too bad all in all. At the risk of sounding like I’m moaning, I do think £75 is a bit steep for the under 11’s and it should be the £23 in all parts of the ground. This criticism isn’t just at us, it should be at all clubs!
  10. Great keeper. My friends parents lived near him in Derbyshire, post playing career. Questionable, but he reckons he was known locally as the flying potato.
  11. Personally think it should be full stadiums (not that ours will be) and for those that don't feel comfortable, they should be refunded (most likely in credit format given our circumstance), so they they are not penalised for not wanting to go, having already committed to a season ticket.
  12. No, but I would say that neither clubs training grounds are for for purpose, ours even less so, so with ground hard to come by, consideration should be given to a top quality training complex which is shared by both clubs.
  13. Odd choice of colour from Everton
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