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  1. Bet it's going to be a right shock to the system for some of the players.
  2. LoadABallacks

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Hard to disagree with this. He gets an unjust amount of stick. I've been critical over the years and I think rightly so, but many fans cross the line and are just abusive. For a large part of his tenure here he has been poor. Very poor at times. You could never question his commitment however. I'm not too fussed whether he stays or goes. If it's the man of the last few months i'd love him to stay, if it's the man of the most part before that, then he can go. That said, I think Jos has a big part to play in this. He's managed to get all our forwards scoring, so some credit must go to him
  3. LoadABallacks

    Lee Cattermole

    Not for me. The opposite of what we should be signing. We’ve been down this road the past few years which is essentially why we’re are in an FFP mess.
  4. LoadABallacks


    Looks burnt out to me and ideally could do with a rest. He’s won me over this season and some of the criticism is way over the top as per usual on here He carried us through jan/feb when others were awful
  5. Regi Blinker wigs. What a time to be alive.
  6. LoadABallacks

    Stadium location?

    I’ve always said this. See if if we can swap land with the council and as part of it, build a top quality park to replace the existing one on the Old Hillsborough site. Pie in the sky stuff I know
  7. Love patty and bun
  8. Rhodes Joao Dave Long ball from front to back, totally bypassing the completely inept midfield.
  9. LoadABallacks

    Adam Reach

    Starting to look tired and probably trying too hard. He's the only midfielder who try's to make things happen and the only link from back to front. Can't expect him to deliver continuously with no help from anyone else. Reach and Joao are the only two attack minded players that resemble any kind of championship quality. Dread to think how much worse it could be without these two.
  10. LoadABallacks

    Kieran Lee and Westy

    Can't see either of them playing for us again sadly.
  11. LoadABallacks

    Sean Clare

    Throw as many spondooleys his way and get him to sign a contract. Between him and Reach they’re going to have to drag us over the line to safety. They’re the only two midfielders we have who have any kind of forward thought and mobility. Can’t take any more Jones and Butterfield.
  12. Brilliant from Jones. Brilliant. Him and Butterfield make me want to self harm
  13. LoadABallacks

    Rate jos so far?

    He's done a good job in getting us more organised for the most part and i find it quite exciting that he's willing to give the younger lads a chance to prove themselves. Been some odd decisions like last night however, I think none of us can really make a fair assessment with such a threadbare squad. It will be interesting to see how we get on when we get some of our more offensive players back, it's evident we are struggling in that department. Reach aside, there is very little to link midfield to attack, so it's a case of plodding through until we get bodies back and re-asses then.
  14. LoadABallacks

    Sean Clare first league start

    Made a big difference tonight having someone who actually has some mobility in the middle who can cover ground. Not afraid to put in a tackle and didn’t let Johnson bully him. Well done to the lad. Don’t see what Jones and Butterfield offer that he doesn’t.
  15. LoadABallacks

    Season ticket campaign about to start

    I could stomach a price freeze, but certainly not an increase