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  1. That's the club/managers/scouts job. Maybe an overseas player. Nobody is saying go and spend millions, but at the moment we have two samey players in Rhodes and Winnall, one is evidently not in the managers plans and is dead wood, the other probably not good enough or not suited to our style of play and doesn't offer much in either pace, aerial threat or hold up play. IF (big If) we can ship them out, it frees up some wages to bring in someone who is going to offer something different to our front line.
  2. Ship out Rhodes and Winnall. Bring in new forward, right back and left back.
  3. Fan of Reach but performances on the whole have been poor this season so far and tonight was terrible.
  4. Persist with the Hutchinson and Bannan combination at home and we’re ripe for mid table. Maybe that’s about where we’re at, not sure what our realistic aspirations are. They both sit so deep it’s essentially a back five with a deep holding player, one up front totally isolated. opposition midfielders must relish knowing their opposing midfielders aren’t going to run past them.
  5. Just watched the highlights. Rubbish goalkeeping and I’m sure Westwood would be the first to hold his hands up. still a quality keeper but far from his best so far this season.
  6. Fulham pretty much epitomised everything i hate about modern football. Sideways tippy tappy football...you’re not Man City or Barcelona, constant diving, asking for players to be booked. Do one. Loathsome.
  7. Very left field. Can't see this happening, but would like to rinse them for more than £10m if it did ever come to fruition. Didn't Athletico buy João Félix from them in the summer for about €120 million.
  8. Whilst they’re good players in their own right, together they don’t work, as neither of them get anywhere near the opposition box. As an opposition midfielder you must be chuffed to play against them as a pair, as you know you won’t have to worry about the running beyond you in a game.
  9. Doesn’t work, it’s not worked in 3 seasons now. If a team presses them they go missing too often We also forget that in Carlos’ first season, Bannan played wide left a lot of the time and not down the middle.
  10. Reminds me a bit of Carlos' first season, where when we lost the ball we'd give away lots of fouls high up the pitch, not allowing opponents to get much momentum. long may it continue.
  11. He also wears black boots, non of the modern multicoloured nonsense, which makes him instantly likeable in my book.
  12. Agreed. Great block towards the end though when there player looked like he had a clear shot at goal.
  13. Been great so far. Looks like he’s played here for years
  14. Haven’t we already sold Hillsborough?
  15. They’ll be there or thereabouts for relegation this season. Nowhere near enough quality at this level.
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