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  1. I didn't, but feel slightly more optimistic now. I initially thought that to stand any chance we needed to be in touching distance of the bottom 3 going into the new year however, it seems the likes of Wycombe, Barnsley, Rotherham and Conventry are likely to really struggle this season which brings fresh hope!
  2. From that group of fixtures, we’ve got to be looking at getting into positive points as a bare minimum and be looking to be in touching distance of those down near the bottom.
  3. What a blast from the past. Used to have the whole set.
  4. Working for me but have a choice of no commentary or the Huddersfield game
  5. Doubt we can afford him, but £3m seems a good deal to me for a player of that caliber, experience and at a good age. Wages probably an issue too.
  6. I feel like I must be the only fan who doesn’t like the yellow away kits. Always look a bit Sunday league.
  7. I was wondering this. If i had a choice, I'd say keep the money, i'll not bother coming this season (if we're allowed) and use the funds to prefund my season ticket for 2021/22
  8. Nowhere near good enough at this level. We really are in deep poo poo next season if this is what we’re looking to bring in.
  9. This. my take, based on nothing May I add, other than what you see and the snippets you pick up is that he’s cut from a cloth of player that likes winning and doesn’t take well to losing. When things aren’t going well and he doesn’t like what he sees, he isn’t afraid to call out players and be vocal. Managers like Monk can’t cope with that type of player with a more old school mentality and simply wants yes men. as a result we end up totally spineless with a culture where losing is acceptable as we saw in the second half of last season.
  10. I always remember being at Birmingham away when he scored and put his shirt on the corner flag and raising it in the air.
  11. May as well have just broke FFP, got 9 points Deducted like Birmingham, saved £60m and all the aggro.
  12. If he has any ambition, he won’t be coming back here next season, not in a blue and white shirt anyway.
  13. He’s just another modern day “manager”. Spent a few years reading the coaching book and getting his badges but has zero charisma and know how, but understands lots of tactics. look at the past few seasons of teams promoted, all generally had managers who had something about them, could motivate players, not afraid to ruffle feathers, played football on the front foot. Monk is none of that.
  14. Think we’d struggle starting on -12 next season. I can only see us being weaker still as a team.
  15. Comical and depressing in equal measures.
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