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  1. He also wears black boots, non of the modern multicoloured nonsense, which makes him instantly likeable in my book.
  2. Agreed. Great block towards the end though when there player looked like he had a clear shot at goal.
  3. Been great so far. Looks like he’s played here for years
  4. Haven’t we already sold Hillsborough?
  5. They’ll be there or thereabouts for relegation this season. Nowhere near enough quality at this level.
  6. A shame we couldn’t get him, but sense prevailed. Can always try again in January.
  7. Totally agree. Even £3m seems too much for me given FFP hasn't gone away. As much as i'd like to sign him, overspending given his age with little sell on value in the future would show we haven't learnt anything from the past few years.
  8. Would rather lose Rhodes, Winnall and Dave before Joao.
  9. I'm glad Chansiri is putting up a fight in the interest of the club. It's obviously not about money to him, but the principle and manner in which it's been dealt with by Newcastle. Yes, we all know football is morally corrupt and this stuff goes on all the time, so it's nice to see the chairman not simply being trampled on by a Premier League club.
  10. I'd very much like to draw Newcastle at Hillsborough in the cup this year.
  11. On the fence with this guy. One the one hand I simply think NO, personality over ability, but on the other hand, I think certain managers suit certain clubs and the ones that tend to do well at Wednesday are the ones that have a big character and personality, so could suit us well.
  12. If he’s not wanting silly money he’s worth a punt. Experienced in this league, we’re lacking in this department and most likely an improvement over the likes of David Jones.
  13. Got to be the obvious first choice, but you never know with Chansiri.
  14. Maybe we’re bucking the trend and going old school, changing the kit every other season
  15. Promotion. Im not bothered about the Premier League per se, I just want it’s money.
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