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  1. LoadABallacks

    Premier league 2

    We were only talking about this the other day and wondering if some sort of "breakaway" league free of FFP my form in the future, pushed by those bigger clubs and those clubs that fail to return to the premier league.
  2. LoadABallacks

    Sky Sports Red Button

    How do you get it on the app? Didn’t realise you could.
  3. Most important signing of the season
  4. LoadABallacks


    Back to his bobar self today. He didn’t even have a nuisance value, which is what annoyed me most.
  5. LoadABallacks

    50/50...which route then?

    Can’t decide what’s best.l, but I’m leaning towards selling. I can’t see us retaining our better players when there contracts expire unless we turn things round as a club in general, so long term it makes sense to cash in and maximise income whilst we can to allow us to spend in the future. Equally, the squad hasn’t been good enough in the past 3 seasons and it’s arguably as weak as it has been, so whilst I like to be optimistic, realistically I can’t see us being in the mix.
  6. LoadABallacks


    Don’t think you can to be fair. Doesn’t it have to be fair market value to stop clubs doing this and abusing the rules.
  7. Not a dig, but personally don’t understand statements like this. I see myself as a fan, so certainly don’t view buying a season ticket, kits for the kids, attending anniversary dinners etc as an “investment” in the club. I don’t spend my cash expecting a guaranteed return. If you want that, stick your cash in the bank. Its bloody football at the end of the day and no matter how much you spend, it guarantees you nothing. Ask Man Utd fans that over the past few years. At the end of the day, we came close on 2 occasions, arguably ballsed up by Carlos, but we were close nonetheless. We gambled spending relatively big, it didn’t pay off and this is the position we find ourselves in. We we’re rejoicing when bringing some of these players in, not moaning. You have to take the rough with the smooth. Because of FFP we may be in limbo for a season or two, but we aren’t alone and you never know, with a bit of positive backing we may surprise ourselves. It’s not like we have a terrible squad. I can’t see it, but stranger things have happened.
  8. LoadABallacks

    Team for Wigan

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ This
  9. This isn’t a dig, as I’m not one for moaning at the club for every single thing, but merely a heads up for those looking for an infant kit. Bought an infant kit today for our little one who is 3. Kits are are on the small size, so age 3/4 looked like it wouldn’t last a year, so looked for next size up, but there is no 4-5 kit available, nor will it be. Ended up buying youth extra small (as per what’s printed on the inside of the kit) but is labled up as a 5/6), as whilst its a bit on the big side unsurprisingly, the quality is much better than than the smaller sizes. The smaller sizes have printed club badge/logos, as opposed to an embroided badge and look a bit naff. They remind me of the rip off shirts you get from lucky lucky men on holiday. The bigger sizes ie the one bought are much much better.
  10. LoadABallacks

    Engage with us

    Don’t think it’s a case of we have no money, more the rules don’t allow us to spend more in their current state, right or wrongly. Chansiri has openly said he doesn’t like the FFP and would spend more if he could.
  11. Didn't the original release say shirts were on sale online from midday today.
  12. good luck. Hasnt Pressman just left Millwall?
  13. We're in a pickle ourselves, so can't see us signing anymore big earners.
  14. Bet it's going to be a right shock to the system for some of the players.