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  1. Just gambled and booked some flights to Spain for end of July/early August.
  2. You can see Reach moving on and doing really well elsewhere ala Lucas João. We're totally rotten as a club from.
  3. I can’t for the life of me understand why fans wouldn’t be back next season if the aim is to have everyone vaccinated, or at least been offered it. we can’t go on like this from an economic point of view, nor can we go on seemingly trying lo live risk free.
  4. Will be well annoyed if we get shafted. Chose not to take a refund and I’ve paid as I go for iFollow this season, hoping season ticket for next season will be covered
  5. The scaffolding at the Withdean Stadium always springs to mind.
  6. Managed to get to all the Hillsborough games. My mum worked for Coca Cola at the time which I think were one of the main sponsors, so we sat in the posh seats on the south. I was 10 at the time and the stand out memory was the Suker chip.
  7. Fair play to Harris for still willing to make that run in the last minute of the game,
  8. It's great. Expensive compared to similar cars, but you are paying a premium for the quirkiness. We had one for a week loan from Honda to give it a try. Real world battery range was only about 100 miles (i think the quoted range was something like 130), but for her use, that was more than she would ever drive in a day. She only has a 6 mile round trip commute. We don't have a home EV charger yet, so takes forever to charge on a 3 pin plug. Couldn't get used to the camera wing mirrors, but I'm sure you do over time. Just hanging on a few months to see if prices weaken as the econ
  9. My other half sniffing out a Honda E which has a similar interior. A few starting to pop up on second hand market now.
  10. I'd go with the Sony's as you know you can't really go wrong with their headphones. Got the Sony WH-1000XM3 for Christmas and they're brilliant, but wouldn't use for jogging. I had some Airpods but wasn't a fan. Must have massive ear 'oyles as the constantly fell out. Ended up buying these last year as a cheap pair for going on runs. Audiowise they're fine for what they are and if they fall out and break then nothing really lost. Been absolutely faultless so far. https://www.johnlewis.com/jlab-audio-go-air-true-wireless-bluetooth-in-ear-headphones-with-
  11. I don't think there is a one solution fits all and we will probably see a combination of more environmentally friendly options. I think short term (now -15 years) we will see personal cars move to Electric/Hybrid as that's the "easy" short term solution for car manufacturers, given that they have already spent £bn in R&D to meet Government targets. We will most likely see HGV's/Trains/Bus move towards Hydrogen power unless we see dramatic improvements in battery technology and then later down the line more personal transportation moving towards offering both electri
  12. Don’t agree with this. Our downfall over the past few years is a series of poor managers and recruitment that has see us get rid of players and replace them with worse ones. I can’t see how getting rid of Bannan and Reach will then solve our problems.
  13. It feels like Reach has contributed more in these few games since Pulis was in charge that he has done in the previous year. Hopefully we can get the best out of him again.
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