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  1. Season Ticket Renewal

    I can’t remember if I bought a 2 or 3 year season ticket now. If 2, I’ll renew, always do, but I could totally sympathise with those that don’t.
  2. Why so bitterly anti-Carlos NOW?

    I think a lot of the pro Carlos or on the fence about Carlos fans have turned and had enough, so it's just more people are more vocal about it.
  3. The Lack of Pace and Tempo

    We lack pace, but we did in our first season, yet it wasn't an issue. It is the lack of tempo that is really killing us. You can move the ball faster than you can run, but it requires tempo to do so, less dithering on the ball and looking to move the ball forward. We all keep harping back to Carlos' first season and what we did very well then was play with tempo and intent. We defended from the front, pressing high up the pitch as soon as we lost the ball, again with intent and in packs, winning the ball in the opposition half. It was incredibly exciting to watch. We scored so many goals where forwards/midfielders intercepted balls from the opposition defenders in their half of the pitch and before we knew it the ball was in the back of the net. Lee, Bannan and Forestieri all excelled at this. Since then, we have completely changed. We sit back, bring on the opposition and try and defend. When we do get the ball, its deep within our own half and Bannan aside, it is all so labored. It's pretty depressing to watch. For the most part, the only time we really show any urgency and tempo is when it is forced upon us by going behind in games, but when we do, we look decent.
  4. Right...Team for Saturday

    What i'd like to see Westwood Lees Loovens Fox Hunt Butterfield Lee Bannan Reach Fletcher Hooper What it will be Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Butterfield Bannan Wallce Reach Hooper Rhodes (large cavernous gaps are there on purpose)
  5. We’re so so poor. We’ve also reverted back to our 2 centre midfielders playing no further than 10 years away from our centre backs
  6. Back to Centre Halfs

    Says everything about is. They have more touches than anyone and whilst they are decent defenders they are absolutely woeful on the ball.
  7. Standard Wednesday performance. No tempo, Rhodes misses our only chance we create, sideways, backwards, sideways. Zzzzzzzz
  8. I'm sure he will if we actually decide to attack and create a few chances.
  9. If we spend nowt in january.

    I don’t want us to spend in January. Carlos has had more than enough. Don’t want him wasting any more. Save it for the next manager.
  10. Bannans Comments / Atmosphere / 442

    The lack of "henergy", pace and willingneness to attack from the off instantly kills off any atmosphere. People sit back in their seats as there is nothing to get excited about. Totally boring. The fans booing i can understand. 0-0 against a promotion rival isn't necessarily a bad result in isolation, but its the manner in which we achieved that result is what frustrates people. I don't doubt for a moment that Carlos and the players wanted to win the match, but Carlos set us up first and foremost not to lose. As a home team you have to force the issue, take risks, look to put the opposites on the back foot. We didn't at all. Don't think their keeper even made a save. It's just all way too negative. Wouldn't criticise a team for "having a go", but we didn't really and that performance was just typical of many of the last 18 months.
  11. Nothing but a typical Carlos performance today. A performance we’ve seen countless times over the last 18 months. He says we go out to win games, but he’s talking crap. He sets us up not to lose first and if we nick a goal it’s a bonus. Bristol a decent side and in form, but for the most part that was utter gash today as a home team. Don’t recall their keeper having to make a save.
  12. little bazza

    He's been one of the better players this season after never really hitting the heights of his first season. No coincidence he's really kicked on with Butterfield along side him and with no Lee in the side, it seems to of allowed him to play further up the pitch where we get the best out of him.
  13. Black Shorts

    Waaaay better with black shorts. Just need black and blue hooped socks.
  14. Rhodes goal video

    Proper sexy
  15. On a side note, Juventus know how to do an anniversary shirt. This is for their 120th