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  1. Ideal, but unlikely scenario for me would be.... New contracts: Hooper - 1 year Westwood Palmer Lee - 1 year (would ordinarily say let him go but we are so lacking in CM it’s unreal. if Bruce thinks he can get fit) Out: Everyone else out of contract, Abdi, Boyd, Jones et al Van Aken Nuhiu Rhodes Forestieri - if we can get a half decent fee In: Hector Left back - Lazaar? x2 wide men all of the above need pace x2 Centre midfield (one needs to have physical presence) Centre forward with pace
  2. I’d forgot how good this man is and how much we’ve missed that link man between midfield and attack. Totally won me over in these past 3 games as I said get rid. We must surely try and offer him a new 1 year deal, or 2, but maybe less money. Doesn’t look like he’s been out so long, but I guess he’s a player that plays with his head, Sheringhamesque and doesn’t really have pace to lose.
  3. He's not as bad as people make him out to be, he just isn't good enough to be playing regularly in a side that want's to push for promotion. An injury free Hutchinson is a top end Championship player, or maybe even lower end Premier League. Pelupessy is lower end Championship player and the difference is night and day. Hopefully won't start tonight though as he's the same type of player as Hutchinson and would be too similar.
  4. Would be nice if we could get him, but for all we know, we could already be under a soft transfer embargo like this season. If we can sign him, i'm sure we will try. May be more of a case of are we allowed to?
  5. What i don't quite understand is that now a punishment has been handed, the losses will still be there next season and will take a couple of years to wash out of the 3 year rolling accounts, thus if they are in breach next season, surely they can't then be punisned again?
  6. Agree. I did a 3 year last time, but not bothering again, just done 1 year. He's not really left any wiggle room for future price increases as I suspect we're just about at the maximum that most fans would be willing to pay.
  7. Excellent again today. Strong contender for man of match. What a transformation since Bruce came in. All of a sudden looks every bit a modern day full back.
  8. Can’t quite remember a player who polarizes opinion quote like Nuhiu. He’s been garbage for the most part this season and has been criticised, quite rightly. Credit iwhere credit is due today though, as he put himself about, had a nuisance value and took his goal well. Wish he would do it more often. We know he can do it, but he seldom does. You can’t carry a player who plays well 1 in 10. Don’t think Brunce rates him too much and hopefully we can move him on in the summer.
  9. We probably need to win 9 from 12 so the chances are very very slim! That said, if by some miracle it did happen, we will go up.
  10. Palmer for me. Whilst Fox has improved significantly over the past few months, he doesn't stop enough crosses into the box for me.
  11. We’d be mad to give him a new contract, especially given our issues with FFP. Hooper and Lee alone are likely to save us in the region of £2m per season you would think. Add Jones, Abdi and Boyd to that list too and its a heck of a chunk of money. If we can cut our losses with Rhodes too, we could be in the region of £5m better off, iff not more. We we may have our hands tied short term with FFP, but this summer is a great opportunity to get rid of the dead wood and begin to reshape our squad.
  12. Play the same side that started Saturday. It's all about winning the next game. 6 days rest, so fatigue shouldn't be an issue for next week.
  13. Anything in the top 10 would be good considering the dross Jos served up for half a season. It makes it all the more annoying that had he not been in charge, we could well of been in and around the playoffs. The standard has been as poor as it’s been for a few years. It’s there for the taking by someone.
  14. Looking great at the mo. Just didn’t have much support from Forestieri yesterday.
  15. Might be still lacking match fitness but he was bobar today
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