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  1. Football Heaven Boycott

    Genuinely don't get why people get so wound up by it. It's the same callers week in week out, of which most speak nonsense. I'm not sure what even possesses people to call up anyway. Neverteless, it's easy listening whilst making tea. If you don't like it, switch it off.
  2. Road Closures Sunday

    Got to take a right detour to get there but on Sunday
  3. Just out of interest, where are the shirts?

    If we get them in time for Christmas, maybe you'll be able to buy them at half price given half the season will have passed. £40, instead of £80. Bargain.
  4. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    As much as Loovens has been a great servant, they way we play, we've been crying out for a centre half who can carry the ball forward.
  5. Derby + Stag Do? Local advice needed

    How about this place. It's pretty much next to where all the bars and pubs that you will likely be frequenting in the city center and close to tram stop for getting to Kelham Island and Hillsborough. https://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/wilson-carlile-centre.en-gb.html?aid=304142;label=gen173nr-1DCAEoggJCAlhYSDNiBW5vcmVmaFCIAQGYAS7CAQp3aW5kb3dzIDEwyAEM2AED6AEBkgIBeagCAw;sid=36cfe27ebda972360c60423824867e5d;atlas_src=sr_iw_title;checkin=2017-09-23;checkout=2017-09-24;dist=0;group_adults=1;group_children=0;no_rooms=1;room1=A;sb_price_type=total;type=total&
  6. Derby + Stag Do? Local advice needed

    Bare in mind it's Sheffield 10K that Sunday to, so some roads are closed. Plus it will be busy as Students will be moving back. May be as well staying in city center. Premier Inn of Angel Street would be okay, as that's within close walking distance to both Kelham Island and the main parts city center . I need to figure out my journey as Ecclesall Road is shut.
  7. #19 for Brentford

    Wondered who he was, couldn't see players named on scoreboard. Best player on the pitch.
  8. That first 15 minutes...

    Makes a massive difference starting the game on the front foot. Instantly gets the fans behind you
  9. Joost van Aken

    Everyone should ask @thoß for a rendition of his Joost songs that he was singing today
  10. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Love a good Thornbridge Tsara
  11. Intro video to the 150th Anniversary Dinner

    I guess it would have been pretty boring watching us all scoff our food for an hour or so part the way through
  12. Just got back

    They were dishing out the biggest slices of cake know to man.

    It looks incredible in the flesh. Much bigger then I thought it was going to be
  14. Just got back

    Great night, really enjoyed it. Great turn out from past players and especially well done to the club for tracking down family members of players from years and years ago who are no longer with us