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  1. Agree. It reminded me of something that is seldom talked about in Carlos’ first season. back then we we’re excellent when we lost the ball. We used to break up play with niggly fouls in the oppositions half and not let them build any momentum. Forestieri, Hooper and Lee were particularly good at this.
  2. Shame about Fletcher, but that being said he’s had his injuries and isn’t getting any younger. indifferent about Fox. Much improved this season, but hardly a world beater. Wouldn’t have offered Fessi a new deal anyway. Most talented player we’ve had at Hillsborough in a while, great on his day, but those performances far to infrequent. All in all, I can’t say I’m too fussed with them all going.
  3. Not yet, but i'm sure i read somewhere that they will be sent out Friday. Edit - found it How to claim your rebate All rebates must be claimed via tickets.swfc.co.uk as the Ticket Office remains closed. Supporters should only follow these instructions now to select the iFollow bundle: CLICK HERE to visit the new ticketing website Sign into your account Click ‘2019/20 rebate options’ Click ‘Add’ and process the order You will then receive a confirmation email that your choice has been selected. By Friday 19 June you will receive a separate email with your unique subscription code to access the iFollow live stream.
  4. Yes. Started slow cut but been one of, if the the best attacking threat (Fletcher aside) since Christmas.
  5. Loved that away kit for the hooped socks and chewy buttons
  6. He’s a shambles at the moment. It’s almost embarrassing watching it at times. Can’t figure out what’s happened to him. Getting progressively worse as each season goes by. For the most part this season he’s been average at best at defending, he’s woeful with the ball at his feet and shows no leadership at all. Don’t see what he offers to the team at the moment and needs dropping for his own and the teams benefit. a telling point towards the end of he first half when Lee was under pressure. Had a simple lay off to Lees, Lee looked up, saw that Lees was his only option and instead turned away putting himself under more pressure. His team mates don’t even have confidence in him.
  7. Much better than the current system I say. You could have something like a fairer parachute system, whereby if you are relegated from the Premier league you have 3 years to get your house in order, whilst at the same time you can’t offer more than say £20k pw in wages for new signings, or something like that.
  8. could be said about most clubs and players to be fair, people are just throwing their dummies out of the pram because we’re having a shocker of a time. I’ve renewed, why? Because I want to and Wednesday at home on a Saturday is what I do. I personally couldn’t sit at home knowing there is a match on a few miles away. It’s each to their own, If they don’t want to renew, that’s their choice
  9. I don’t know. Like I say, I’m neither for nor against Monk. He’s not really had much of an opportunity to stamp his mark on things at present and nobody will until this core of players are moved on. It will take time, but modern football doesn’t permit this for the most part, so regardless of manger, I think until fundamental changes of how the club is run we will most likely be stuck on this merry go round.
  10. Don’t think sacking Monk is the answer. I don't feel anything towards him one way or the other, but it’s evident that it runs deeper than the manager and there needs to be a big clear out in personnel to change the culture and mentality of the squad. We shouldn’t be looking to renew any expiring contracts and equally, looking to move on the likes of Rhodes and Bannan, even if we can’t get a fee for the former. For me, it’s very much a case of scrambling to the end of the season now with a huge rebuild job at the end of the season, whether that be Monk or someone else. As the Opening poster said, regardless of manager it’s the same trend repeating, with a core of the same personnel.
  11. Just renewed. I do think It's a big ask by the club to ask for people to stump up a large amount of cash for season tickets so soon after Christmas. Given current circumstances it's also very easy for people to think sod it. I'm fortunate enough to be able to renew and pay in full up front and whilst credit options are available, not everyone wants to just spend on credit. I'd say end of March/April is a fair cut off point, which still allows time for the club to budget for the summer.
  12. Voted no. Does he deserve it? Absolutely not Does he have the right to try and earn one? Absolutely. Sadly, I feel his time at Wednesday is coming to an end. Undeniable talent, but ultimately it’s been wasted for the past 2 years, not all his own fault, but can’t dodge blame either. We’ve carried too many players for 2 years now and we need a freshen up, have a leaner squad with players that can play 35- 40 games In a season, especially up top.
  13. Absolutely this. They’ve been a shambles. Julie Dore always comes across pretty loathsome too.
  14. Always strikes me as one of those players that looks like he’s moving in treacle
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