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  1. LoadABallacks

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    It’s a shame the youngsters are getting so much stick from our own fans in this tough time. They’re the least of our problems. Hopefully it will prove to be a positive experience in time.
  2. LoadABallacks


    Our only real attacking threat
  3. LoadABallacks

    Ian Holloway

    Wouldn't be a bad choice to be honest. I always think the managers that do well at Wednesday are those with a bit of charisma about them.
  4. LoadABallacks

    Perfect draw

    Wouldn’t fancy us against anyone at the moment.
  5. LoadABallacks


    Not really..... Out left he was most affective in Carlos’ system. He wasn’t required to defend first and attack second. Jos system is the opposite way round and stifles his best qualities.
  6. I appreciate we got the win, but there's no wonder we look so disjointed with the constant chopping and changing of players, formation and players out of position. When you are stuggling, it's often said to go back to basics. with that said, last night we finished with Thorniley a center back at left back Reach a wide left player in central attacking positions/ center forward Forestieri at center forward as defensive left winger, continually chasing back towards is own goal Matias a wide man up playing as a central striker
  7. LoadABallacks


    Plays him out wide left and asks him to continually track back. Ruining him.
  8. LoadABallacks

    Chansiri out !

    Chansiri has made a lot of mistakes, some bigger than others, but but some of the flack is a little OTT. He should have also offered Howard Wilkinson a role when he first took over. Arguably his biggest mistake for me since taking over is appointing Jos. After Carlos wasted a lot of his cash, the next appointment was crucial. That said, i still think that with the right manager, with the likes of Reach, Bannnan, Forestieri, Joao and Fletcher at the managers disposal, we’re good enough of an attacking threat to be much closer to the playoffs. As as much as it hurts us seeing us in our current situation, I’m sure it hurts him just as much seeing tens of millions of his own money frittered away.
  9. LoadABallacks

    Jos out

    We’ve still got some talented individuals. Most teams would love a Forestieri, Reach, Fletcher and Bannan. This guy just doesn’t know how to get the best out of them. Not saying we are a great side, but still think we are massively underachieving in terms of the performances that are being churned out. The stale and negative style of play doesn’t let our better players thrive with the current manager.
  10. LoadABallacks

    To the Jos out brigade

    As good as we could have hoped for tonight, but alarming how bad we’ve become given we do still have some talented players
  11. LoadABallacks

    Andy Hinchcliffe

    He was spot on with everything he said. Not sure what the problem is.
  12. LoadABallacks

    Sky Build Up

    They’ve been spot on with everything they’ve said about us.
  13. LoadABallacks


    The more I think about it, the more it makes a sense. We know we won’t have a pot to wee wee in next season and he’s a manager who has proved that he can work with limited funds. Wont be pretty but it’s very much a case of getting through this season and next.
  14. LoadABallacks

    Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Standard half from Wednesday. Lots of tippy tappy, looking good in places where it doesn’t hurt opposition. Joao showing flashes, but nothing threatening and Nuhiu failing to hold the ball up and continually giving it away.
  15. LoadABallacks

    Lees why...

    Another poor game in a string of them this season. Needs to sit out for a couple of games, but unlikely.