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  1. Great keeper. My friends parents lived near him in Derbyshire, post playing career. Questionable, but he reckons he was known locally as the flying potato.
  2. Personally think it should be full stadiums (not that ours will be) and for those that don't feel comfortable, they should be refunded (most likely in credit format given our circumstance), so they they are not penalised for not wanting to go, having already committed to a season ticket.
  3. No, but I would say that neither clubs training grounds are for for purpose, ours even less so, so with ground hard to come by, consideration should be given to a top quality training complex which is shared by both clubs.
  4. Odd choice of colour from Everton
  5. Do these private tests link into the track and trace system? Can't fathom it out. If not, other than an unfortunate spot check, who on earth would ever know (i'm thinking more the PCR tests upon arrive home, not the pre flight departure tests)
  6. It would be interesting to know for how long under Chansiri’s tenure have we been under an embargo
  7. Agreed. I think the same would have happened to us last season if we hadn’t made such a pigs ear of it. The initial 12 point penalty would have relegated us.
  8. This. Can't do fruit and meat together.
  9. Yes it's pretty good. Our old/first house is right next to it, so a bit of nostalgia from me. We were worried at the time of selling the house that it would put potential buyers off as the planning permission had just been granted on the development. There has been a few different vendors in the pop up area in the court yard since it opened, so something different each time you visit. It seems to have been really popular over the lockdown period, as has the whole area around Sharrow Vale Rd.
  10. Disagree. Football fans are a fickle bunch. Winning week in week out sees most average fans overlook the issues lurking underneath. I'm not saying that’s okay, but that’s the reality.
  11. Bit of a cliche but for most, it’s all about what happens on the pitch. If Moore could miraculously assemble a young, dynamic, hungry squad with the intention of playing attacking on the front foot football (the polar opposite of what we’ve seen for the past few seasons) it would go a long way to papering over the boardroom cracks.
  12. It fills me with fear that Chansiri and his advisers will oversea league 1 recruitment. They know sod all about the championship let along the division below
  13. Can see a reduction in prices. For those like myself who have already paid for next season, Chansiri will generously give us a £100 club shop voucher, subject to a minimum spend of £150 for voucher to be valid. It’s the Chansiri way.
  14. Whilst Chansiri may be batshit crazy and take a lot of the blame, the players need to take some responsibility and the flack that comes with it. In some ways they’ve been incredibly lucky that they’ve played behind closed doors this season. Had fans been in the ground I don’t think we would have gone down as they simply wouldn’t have allowed some of those performances to happen on such on consistent basis. .
  15. I THINK thank if you an Apple Music subscriber you can download music on to your non cellular Apple watch to listen "offline". Not the perfect solution, but a potential workaround.
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