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  1. Rate jos so far?

    He's done a good job in getting us more organised for the most part and i find it quite exciting that he's willing to give the younger lads a chance to prove themselves. Been some odd decisions like last night however, I think none of us can really make a fair assessment with such a threadbare squad. It will be interesting to see how we get on when we get some of our more offensive players back, it's evident we are struggling in that department. Reach aside, there is very little to link midfield to attack, so it's a case of plodding through until we get bodies back and re-asses then.
  2. Sean Clare first league start

    Made a big difference tonight having someone who actually has some mobility in the middle who can cover ground. Not afraid to put in a tackle and didn’t let Johnson bully him. Well done to the lad. Don’t see what Jones and Butterfield offer that he doesn’t.
  3. Season ticket campaign about to start

    I could stomach a price freeze, but certainly not an increase
  4. Season ticket renewals...

    Bare minimum of a prize freeze
  5. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 3 Birmingham OMDT

    No doubt the drama queens will be out tonight but that is a freak game that you forget about and move on. 2 horrid mistakes that you will rarely see happen in the same game and what seems to be a harsh sending off kills the game by half time.
  6. The return of BB

    I can see him thriving in a midfield 3 with Reach plus one more defensive minded player. Many of us have said he looks a much better player playing 30 yards further up the pitch and this formation should allow him to do this. He's also a player that has the engine to cover ground, so should work well.
  7. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Coventry at home for me.
  8. Venancio

    Bizzare as to why he didn’t get a look in when Carlos was here. Also seems odd how all of a sudden the Portuguese lads are starting to look like players without him around.
  9. Pelupessy

    Did well. Made a couple of poor passes but I can’t think of anyone who didn’t tonight. Very poor standard from both sides in parts. Didn’t help that Loovens dropped him in it thus picking up an early yellow card. Hes obviously going to play the holding midfield role of a 3 and he certainly seems more mobile and aggressive than Jones or a Butterfield, so all in all looks promising.
  10. Pretty sure most on here wouldn't care about this saga if it wasn't David Hirst's son.
  11. Joe Wildsmith

    Certainly doesn’t deserve to be dropped once Westwood is fit
  12. Jordan Thorniley

    Who’s the left back from the academy that people rate highly?
  13. Player we nearly signed

    Fair play to him, It's a shame more younger academy type players don't do it.
  14. Great player. My friend lived on the same road as him. We visited one Halloween and he was very apologetic he didn't have any treats in, so he gave us a tin of beans. True story.
  15. Keith Andrews ha ha ha

    I like Andrews, he’s been bang on about us every time we’ve played. Don’t get the hate, Just because he he says it as it is and doesn’t blow smoke up our arses.