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  1. I’m not a Moore fan, but don’t know who a better alternative is. I don’t think he’s the right man, but equally, we’ve learnt over the past few years that chopping and changing managers doesn’t work, so at what point do we stick with someone. That being said, I don’t think can sugarcoat it. This season has been abject failure . For all his faults, the chairman has backed him, both preseason and in January. On paper we have a squad better than any other and we’ve finished 4th. I’m sure internally, automatics would have been the goal, so we failed on that by a mile and then we’ve faltered in the playoffs where he was outwitted by the opposing manager over 2 legs. All in all, I can’t really take any positives from this season and can only see next season being even more difficult.
  2. Agreed his shortcomings shown over these 2 legs. Has no plan b and was out managed by a more experienced and ultimately better opposition manger, despite having better resources and players to choose from.
  3. Could have been worse. 1-0 and you’re still in the game. Had that game been played at Hillsborough last night, we as the home side would be please we won, but slightly worried going there with only a 1-0 lead, thinking it should have been more and it could come back to haunt us.
  4. Hutchinson was great last night, but the mistake cost us. Why shouldn’t the mistake in isolation be criticised? it was a ridiculous thing to do. Puts in on row z and ref blows for halftime. Why pretend it didn’t happen when his job is to report on the match
  5. Like most, I really like Moore as a bloke and want him to do well, but can’t help think that if we get promoted it will be in spite of and not because of.
  6. This is always the one that springs to mind for me.
  7. He carried us for 18 months and was a good player, just a bit lightweight. He'd have fit perfectly into the current system as a wingback.
  8. Pretty sure he's playing for the Hammer and Pincers pub at Bents Green.
  9. Can't see it happening yet. In Chansiri style it will be 10 games too late. We're hardly an attractive proposition either.
  10. Switched off and put Man U game on. Why are both teams wearing white shorts?
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