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  1. It’s not just about centre halves.

    There was no better sight in football than a measured cross from a winger nodded in by a centre forward who could time his jump to head a goal.

    Denis Law,Wyn Davies,Frank Worthington, Nat Lofthouse and of recent times Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Dixie Dean was supposed to be a bit good but I never saw him.

    Teach kids of an appropriate age,say 11 and over how to head a ball.


  2. Hardly any incoming manager to any team is met with the universal approval of the fans.

    Some of those who seem to be a dream fit fall flat on their faces.

    We will know after half a season whether he can do the job that we hope for.

    Carlos has not left a great inheritance and I hope that he is given the tools to build a balanced and fit squad.

    Personally I am glad that we have not gone for another pick off the merry go round of managers who have failed at this level.

    Good luck Jos.


  3. It might be the best squad in years,but it has some glaring deficiencies.The main job is to clear out the dead wood ,find some pace,and play a settled first team.

    We do have some decent players but collectively they have lost their edge and confidence.

    Home games seem to have become an ordeal for the players and the supporters.

    I hope that Bullen had some of his own ideas and wish him and the players well tomorrow.

  4. We are a mid table side on points and a bottom 6 side in terms of entertainment.

    Stating the obvious that we all want to win, but Carlos is the man responsible for team selection and tactics.

    It doesn’t take a lot to get the majority of the crowd behind the team.We want to see our home sides up for every challenge from kick off to full time.

    You are the man that creates negativity.


  5. Come on Carlos.Walk away with some dignity.

    We are not winning,we are not entertaining and we are not improving.

    The players are not responding to your coaching and most of the supporters are tired of your post match analysis of another poor performance.

    We have lost direction and need a change before any more money is wasted on second rate and injury prone squad players.

    You had a couple of promising seasons but time to move on ,


  6. You tell 'em owlstalk:biggrin: I've only had 10 posts in my history,and I confess that I didn't see the earlier thread on the same subject.

    As for Carlos out threads,I fear that these will continue to appear until such time as he is "out",or perhaps less likely that he provides a consistent formula for entertaining and picking up points.


  7. To keep a managers job in football,and to keep fans onside, you need at least 2 out of 3 of the following on a consistent basis.




    We are seeing precious little of any of this from the back end of last season.

    His post match comments about shouldering the blame leave me cold.

    I do blame him for assembling a squad ,but not coaching a team that is capable of imposing themselves on the opposition.

    If he takes the blame and walks I would applaud him.

  8. Totally agree with the points made.

    In one sense we have progressed from last season by accumulating more points without ever looking an automatic promotion team,or having a balanced squad that could cope with a step up to the top flight.

    We have ground out some results to hover around the top 6 for most of the season,but I really have not enjoyed many of the performances at home.

    I hesitate to say that we have wasted money on several players,as I feel that another manager may use them better.

    Its time for a new manager to thin down the squad and make the key signings needed for a real improvement.

  9. Morgan the Wolves chairman was on R5 this morning and questioned why they sacked McCarthy without having a replacement lined up.

    His reply was that they were an ethical club and it would have been totally wrong to do this behind the managers back.

    This news ,if true,coming out today especially puts the club in an uncomfortable position.

    Win or lose the rift between Mandaric (Aldridge) and Megson gets wider,and no club progresses in such circumstances.

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