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  1. The best game in the world is in the hands of a bunch of financiers eager to protect their wealth and create a number of franchises to perform in their circuses. Every decision is aimed towards the protection of the current ‘elite’ and the rest can go hang. Its early days and I don’t know what sanctions may be applied,but I hope that they are severe and that UEFA do not buckle under the threat and give them a bigger share of control under the existing organisations. The best European football was always The European Cup. A straight knock out and no seeded teams. The ex
  2. I certainly care a lot less than I used to because I now refuse to let SWFC spoil my day,weekend or week. Having said that I still get a lift whenever a decent result is achieved. To be honest I care a lot less about football in general. It’s still the best spectator game in the world but I much preferred the times when the European Competition was a knockout and before the Premier League became all important. I would also bin VAR tomorrow.
  3. I would take Michael Appleton as a realistic and capable manager.
  4. You could apply that false sentiment to every player who moves away from his first club,or doesn’t sign for his own home town club. Thats a lot of players. At least it adds a bit of interest in looking at other results whilst we go through the pain of watching Wednesday. Good luck to the lad
  5. I suppose every fan has a favourite era of football and fond memories of players. As a young teenager the early 60s was mine. I was able to go to matches on my own or sometimes on the coach which ran from The Old Heavygate Inn in Crookes. Two incidents left me devastated. Firstly the departure of Harry Catterick and the subsequent transfer of Tony Kay to Everton,and then of course the loss of Swanny and David Layne. Even at the time it seemed that the bans were an injustice and way too severe. Springett,Megson,Swan and Kay were iconic figures ably supported by oth
  6. Easily spotted as he was the one making a noise in the South Stand
  7. I think that this is a very fair summary of the situation. Pulis was rumoured to be prepared to walk away due to lack of backing,players wages etc.,so Chansiri got it in first.
  8. There must be life on another planet as some posters on here live on it. Priorities are stop conceding goals,start scoring goals or even a goal and get out of the relegation zone this season. I don’t care if it’s Pulis ,Steve Bruce or Pep Guardiola who achieves this but it would be a great achievement in the circumstances. An overnight miracle from dire football and results to free flowing winning entertainment was never a possibility so time for a reality check from some. Pulis knows a lot more about the game and the capabilities of this squad than anyone on here.
  9. It ought to be obvious that recent managers have created an unbalanced and poor quality squad. Not just the whole squad,but particularly the defending unit for the immediate job in hand. Any incoming manager would try to stop conceding goals as a priority. There were initial signs that Pulis was achieving this,but it is apparent that some of our players are simply not capable or committed enough. To talk about sacking him or talk that he should resign is ridiculous without giving him the opportunity to re shape the first team squad . Its not too late to scrape safety i
  10. Which illustrates the unbalanced and weak squad that we have accumulated.You can’t change that overnight and Pulis has said enough about our deficiencies to give some hope that he will address the issues given the backing. Anybody who thinks that overnight change is possible with this squad is in cloud cuckoo land.
  11. I seem to remember that he and Tony Kay left their mark on each other. A different game to what we see nowadays.
  12. The bit that I do not like or agree with is the newspaper talk of a negotiation over bonus,presumably substantial for avoiding relegation. This is a very low bar and does little for the future of the club. Any incoming manager should be confident in avoiding relegation so the bonus should be for retaining our place in the Championship and achieving a play off position in the following season. A bonus should always be an incentive to achieve an aim.The salary covers the basics.
  13. If confirmed then it’s the right man for the time. Its got to be a step at a time and can anyone really suggest a manager that could transform this team into an entertaining and winning side within a season. So it’s very much a case of getting the basics right,and perhaps Monk had begun to at least contribute to solving our defensive frailties. He was nowhere near giving us an attacking threat. Many have their favourite managers of the past,but Jack Charlton would be well up my list for arresting the decline of our club. I hope Pulis could do a similar job.
  14. Just reading The Star reporters comment that the deal was too expensive for Wednesday’s “pallet” Sometimes a spell checker just isn’t up to the job,as also applies to the reporter.
  15. He wants to play up front. We need a presence up front. Give him the No 9 shirt and let him fly.
  16. Mark Pembridge always looked like he was running through treacle. David Ford was a flyer in his time. What about Hirsty. He could close down on any dozy defender in his time.
  17. I was.1965 to 1975.In the offices.Starting wage £5/2/6d. Alternated between the works canteen,upstairs at the chippy/transport caff for lunch.(Once lost most of my weeks money on their tanner fruit machine. Then later progressed to New Barrack for a pint and a sausage and chip butty s couple of times a week. Had the afternoon off when Wednesday played Santos.
  18. It’s not just about centre halves. There was no better sight in football than a measured cross from a winger nodded in by a centre forward who could time his jump to head a goal. Denis Law,Wyn Davies,Frank Worthington, Nat Lofthouse and of recent times Cristiano Ronaldo. Dixie Dean was supposed to be a bit good but I never saw him. Teach kids of an appropriate age,say 11 and over how to head a ball.
  19. A strong stable is needed for the donkeys and cart horses.
  20. Hardly any incoming manager to any team is met with the universal approval of the fans. Some of those who seem to be a dream fit fall flat on their faces. We will know after half a season whether he can do the job that we hope for. Carlos has not left a great inheritance and I hope that he is given the tools to build a balanced and fit squad. Personally I am glad that we have not gone for another pick off the merry go round of managers who have failed at this level. Good luck Jos.
  21. Never go back.It doesn’t work.That includes Megsons second term as a player. Find a new legend.
  22. It might be the best squad in years,but it has some glaring deficiencies.The main job is to clear out the dead wood ,find some pace,and play a settled first team. We do have some decent players but collectively they have lost their edge and confidence. Home games seem to have become an ordeal for the players and the supporters. I hope that Bullen had some of his own ideas and wish him and the players well tomorrow.
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