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  1. Booo - saw the thread title and thought this was new rhyming slang for going for a slash.
  2. A couple of scrubbers, only just moved to new seats after Plymouth match, kicking off on their new neighbours ?
  3. and Mark Cooper was managing a squad of players that DF put together ....
  4. Does anyone know the Junior sizes and what ages they correspond too ?
  5. Awesome, my lad has always loved his sleep so we didn't see him til 7 this morning, hope he loves the match as much as his bed. He asked me if he has to eat peas and sweetcorn at the football the other day ?? He's currently at gymnastics burning off some of his excess energy, back at 11, quick change and then we're hitting the road. I need to nip into the club shop for a scarf for him, anyone know what time they shut the car park on a matchday ? Should be there for about half 12.
  6. I was thinking Shevchenko when I saw the thread title ....Didn't the story go David Pleat was interested when he was 17 at Dinamo Kiev, but the board wouldn't pay £4m for a 17 year old ?
  7. Cheers, Me too Must admit I'm getting really excited about it now myself, haven't looked forward to a game this much for a while. He keeps asking how many sleeps until he goes to 'daddies football'. I'll let you know how it goes ........
  8. I've just bought tickets for me and eugene Jr - he's 4 and it will be his first ever game. Big onus on the team ...and the crowd ....to get him hooked ..I'm battling a strong Man U influence in our domestic life and living their side of the pennines only makes it harder. Offer of a ticket for a quid will also soften the blow if he's had enough after 5 minutes, or even worse, before kick off .....you can take the man out of yorkshire
  9. Chill your beans brother, just reference to the age old in joke, you know what it's like when they announce the attendance at the match and everyone gives it ' don't know where you'd fit another 8 thousand* in here hey wink wink' * or however many under capacity said attendance happens to be
  10. Cardiff averaging almost 450 more than the grounds capacity - thats some going !! Highest attendance nearly 5,500 over capacity. Maybe that's why the tax man is after them, they're applying the reverse logic of Wednesdays attendance fiddle.
  11. You mean watching Reading for Burnleys next FA Cup game
  12. Naturally. However, your opinion was expressed confidently and flawlessly, and in such a manner as to convince me you will be right.
  13. that's music to my pay on the door ears
  14. Grandad - did you find from anywhere if we'll be able to pay on the door ?
  15. Where are you staying ? We had a week at the Turkiz hotel in October '04. It's a nice resort .... lots of Russians about the place.
  16. Whereabouts in Waterloo ? I used to live in a flat on Bridge Road, up the other end by Blundellsands. Used to play for the Vic at Brook Vale on a sunday morning - What a friendly league that was !!! Live in Stockport now but still working in Liverpool, out by the airport so not too far from Widnes.
  17. Anyone drive a black Alfa 147 with OWL private reg ? I keep seeing it on the M56 around Warrington, going west in the morning and east in the evening .........
  18. Now then Hornsea - I'm a Leven lad myself. Unfortunately I'm living in Manchester now so can't help out with transport I'm afraid. I know how much of a nightmare it can be getting over from out there, especially without your own transport. Mum and Dad still live in Leven so if ever I'm visiting them and going the match from there I'll give you a heads up on here beforehand
  19. Whereabouts in Stockport ? I live in Hazel Grove
  20. Todays the day Flying out of liverpool at 14:20 this aft so will be leaving work in the next hour or so (office is a stones throw from the airport) Pirates are on hold until tomorrow, so we can get a feel for it tonight, and Officer and a Gentleman has bitten the dust (phew) So I'm all packed with my best Jack Sparrow clobber, can't wait ............
  21. ha ha nobody else will know anyway, there's only me that comes on here have already tried the contrived mail + response with a mate who went last year and had a torrid time getting into places, fwd'd this to fancy dress ringleader who heeded the advice to a point and then rang a bar in Cork to guage a response Gallaghers of Cork, they said 'yeah fine, brilliant, give us your names and what time you'll be coming in' etc Pirates on Friday, Officer and a Gentleman on saturday, these boys just love dressing up !
  22. Thanks again for all the info - had hoped you would strongly recommend against the fancy dress but ne'ermind We're staying in the Jury's Inn, which I'm reliably (??) informed is central
  23. cheers for that mate you say no trainers, but what about fancy dress ? I'm not as into dressing up as some of the lads going so have got fingers crossed someone in the know, like your goodself, would strongly advise against it .......
  24. Going over to Cork for lads weekend friday 29th of june. Have heard on good authority that door policies are strict over there but organisers of the w/e are planning fancy dress. Can any Irish / Cork Owls confirm or deny that we may be making more trouble for ourselves by getting dressed up ? Any local knowledge / input will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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