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  1. Cross Richie Humphreys off the list then - bloody pig
  2. Add Richie Humphreys to that list too - saw him under the South at around 12:30
  3. There's still time to do that at this late hour ? Presumably has to be done in person at the ticket office ? Do I have to be there as I bought them on line ? Sorry to be a pest Cheers
  4. I've got 1 adult and 1 kid ticket going spare, up on the Grandstand. I'm leaving Stockport in the next 40 minutes so first come first served if anyone wants them (or one of them). PM me.
  5. Im not that surprised they've got rid. In recent interviews with Clarke, since Grayson was given the boot at Leeds, Clarke has hardly been pinning his Huddersfield colours to the mast. Generic responses like 'I'll give 100% for whoever employs me' when asked about the Elland Rd vacancy almost seemed like a come and get me plea to me. I know I wouldn't have been happy with Megson coming out with such responses, but I guess there's not much chance of that really ...step up for Clarke....step backwards for Megson .......although this is almost presuming he'll end up at Leeds, which is far from likely.
  6. Good shout, Ive been trying to figure out who he reminds me of. Had similar trouble recently with Laurent Koscielny but manged to identify him as a Bear Grylls look a like. I'll be able to sleep tonight.
  7. Sod the firesale of players - lets just bagsy their place in the Championship
  8. Saw him shopping in Manchester yesterday - mate I was with said Wigan are in for him .... ?
  9. thoughts are Kevin Kilbane is out for the rest of the season, and Euro 2012, because of a back injury
  10. Seeing as he bears more than a passing resemblance to Ray Parker Jr something to the Ghostbuster theme would be ideal
  11. I think you can - at the Charlton game someone close to us on the North was at it and I didn't see anyone get thrown out.
  12. Stockport - SK7 Jnr's at primary school with Utd, City and the odd Liverpool fan but he loves being a Wednesdayite
  13. India just phoned - Nigeria are trying to hack into my computer - I can't believe it - but haven't got time to sort it right now cos me and junior are setting off for Oldham. In Stockport it's overcast with wintry showers. Keep safe Owls.
  14. Boooo - I read the title and thought we'd signed Jermain
  15. Not sure mate, think i read a recent article suggesting he's over it nowadays, I could nip round and ask him at the weekend.
  16. Jeff Whitley sells cars at Stockport Car Supermarket, just round the corner from my house
  17. And the bloke behind resting his trotters over his shoulders..... ?
  18. Great cause. Is there a reserve amount? Does it matter if I'm only new to golf? I haven't got an official handicap.
  19. Ripping off Man Yoo's Rooney tuney I saw my mate the other day He said he's seen the new Pele So I asked 'Who is he ?' He goes by the name of Uchechi Uchechi, Uchechi, he goes by the name of Uchechi
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