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  1. It's just a competency interview on Tuesday. I have some online assessments to complete today. Any info you have would be great - dm me and i can give you contact details. Cheers
  2. Thanks Watford - have I seen posted elsewhere that you work in I.T. recruitment ?
  3. Guess I was hoping somebody would say 'I work for them, and I'm interviewing candidates next Tuesday' Then I'd try and establish an online bond with them to try and steal a march on any other candidates Senwar, loving those wheels. Think I'll be able to pick some of those up in the Adidas Factory outlet near me in Stockport this weekend !
  4. Cheers .... Boss Any advice on which trainers I should wear for my interview ?
  5. I applied for this role and the Service Delivery Manager role on October 9th. Followed that up with an application for the generic Service Management Opportunities on the 11th. The Service Delivery Manager & Service Management Opportunities applications were unsuccessful but they got in touch on Tuesday wrt the Service Performance Analyst role so going along to meet them on Tuesday. I can't remember the closing date for the Service Delivery Manager role but, as you suggest, I presume they've put you down for that role after reviewing your application for the Service Delivery opport
  6. Does anybody here work for Royal Mail Technology in Chesterfield ? Have an interview there next Tuesday for a Service Performance Analyst role. Cheers
  7. Should be 'Tenner-us is Generous' for the championship
  8. When Gardner is back fit, if JJ ever fills in at right back, we could end up with a back four of Antony and the Johnsons.
  9. It cost me £65 to get the home kit for my lad 2 years ago when he was 5. It cost £30 for the shirt, £18 for the shorts and another £8 for the socks. Then I paid extra for O'Grady / 9 on the back and also football league badges on the sleeves. Nike actually do the mini kit, shirt/shorts/socks combo, up to age 8 for £35, and the kits are much better quality.
  10. I live in Hazel Grove so will be there with my lad. Also bringing along a couple of mates and their sons too. Anyone local tried dropping in to the ticket office at Edgeley Park for tickets ? I'm working from home tomorrow so was planning on popping down there to see if I could get tickets that way.
  11. My 7 year old got scouted for the Man City academy in March so I have been taking him down for the last 6 weeks or so. They have 3 levels at the U7 age group, entry level (where George is attending), the shadow academy, and the elite academy. He already plays for a club side on Saturday mornings and two of his team mates both previously attended the elite academy. They are both really talented footballers for the age they are, both are Man City supporters, and both left because they were not enjoying the football there as much as playing and training for their Saturday team. There's alot l
  12. On New Years Day 2012 I took my lad to Stockport County, at half time we met Stuart Holden as he was there watching his brother Euan play for Stockport. Sometime later we signed Stuart Holden on loan. In October I was playing in a 5 a side tournament, Danny Pugh was playing for another team. Sometime later we signed him on loan. During the Easter holidays we took the kids to see Wakling with Dinosaurs at the M.E.N. . Cliff Byrne was behind us in the queue to get in. Yesterday I took my daughter to a birthday party at a play place by ours, Patrick Vieira was in there with his daught
  13. And if we win ours where does that put Millwall ?
  14. Please add to the list of sins againt : Some Barnsley stinky flaps should have been sent off for nearly snapping Madine in half - net gain 0 points as we won 1-0 anyway thanks to an indiscretion missed FOR us. Some Leeds stinky flaps *1 should have been sent off for nearly snapping O'Grady in half - net gain would have been 2 more points. We'd have been playing 9 men, as snapping half stinky flaps and handball stinky flaps*2 would have been off, plus subsequent penalty for handball stinky flaps handballing it in the area. *1 - Michael Brown *2 - Luciano Becchio
  15. No further from danger than when we started ? At one point (December ?) we were second bottom, and the side fourth bottom (possibly Ipswich at the time) were on a run where they'd opened up a 5 point gap over the bottom three. If we'd not been on the run we've been on prior to the last two games then job would well and truly have been knackered. As it is we're still in with a fighting chance, more than a fighting chance perhaps. Watford away, currently the team occupying the second automatic promotion place, is now a fixture off the fixture list for us, and we look forward to the games
  16. Didn't Liverpool also sing it when they had a Sissoko of their own ?
  17. I took my little lad to his first game when he was 4, Peterborough at home three years ago, it was kids for a quid so damage limitation if we needed to leave for any reason. He didn't really pay any attention to the football but everything else going on held his attention for 90 minutes ( As did hot dog, hot chocolate, Mars Duo at half time). First away game was 12 months later, Birmingham in the cup, all went well until we got home, the missus asked him how we'd got on and he said 'Mum.....what's chlamydia ? ' ....... hahahaha remember her with the 'Mrs Larsson' shirt on off to the right
  18. He was playing in a 5 a side tournament that I was also playing in the week before we played Leeds back in October. I had a chat with him, nice lad, but he never mentioned that he'd be signing on loan for us.
  19. Remember when people used to say that was a picture of Shaun Wright Phillips and Kevin Keegan. Good one.
  20. Only because his ears are so big . . .
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