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  1. And if we win ours where does that put Millwall ?
  2. Please add to the list of sins againt : Some Barnsley stinky flaps should have been sent off for nearly snapping Madine in half - net gain 0 points as we won 1-0 anyway thanks to an indiscretion missed FOR us. Some Leeds stinky flaps *1 should have been sent off for nearly snapping O'Grady in half - net gain would have been 2 more points. We'd have been playing 9 men, as snapping half stinky flaps and handball stinky flaps*2 would have been off, plus subsequent penalty for handball stinky flaps handballing it in the area. *1 - Michael Brown *2 - Luciano Becchio
  3. No further from danger than when we started ? At one point (December ?) we were second bottom, and the side fourth bottom (possibly Ipswich at the time) were on a run where they'd opened up a 5 point gap over the bottom three. If we'd not been on the run we've been on prior to the last two games then job would well and truly have been knackered. As it is we're still in with a fighting chance, more than a fighting chance perhaps. Watford away, currently the team occupying the second automatic promotion place, is now a fixture off the fixture list for us, and we look forward to the games we have remaining. I've not been to the game tonight but sounds like we put in a decent performance ? Surely we can take confidence from that and move on to the remaining games and look to secure the points to preserve our place in this division ? It might well come down to Boro at home on the last day, and someone has written that off as they're a top half team, but they're currently only in the top half on early season form, that was top of the league form. Current form is a lot worse than ours, if it remains that way for the next 10 games, it could be an opportunity for us to leapfrog them in the table ! Chin up lads, next game isn't easy, but lets's turn up there and see how we do against a Leicester side not on the best run of form themselves, and likewise for the 'Champions elect' at home a week Saturday. They're starting to wobble, let's get about them and sow the seeds of doubt a bit more !
  4. Didn't Liverpool also sing it when they had a Sissoko of their own ?
  5. I took my little lad to his first game when he was 4, Peterborough at home three years ago, it was kids for a quid so damage limitation if we needed to leave for any reason. He didn't really pay any attention to the football but everything else going on held his attention for 90 minutes ( As did hot dog, hot chocolate, Mars Duo at half time). First away game was 12 months later, Birmingham in the cup, all went well until we got home, the missus asked him how we'd got on and he said 'Mum.....what's chlamydia ? ' ....... hahahaha remember her with the 'Mrs Larsson' shirt on off to the right of the away end ?
  6. He was playing in a 5 a side tournament that I was also playing in the week before we played Leeds back in October. I had a chat with him, nice lad, but he never mentioned that he'd be signing on loan for us.
  7. Remember when people used to say that was a picture of Shaun Wright Phillips and Kevin Keegan. Good one.
  8. At least he's not wearing brown crocs like the wrong 'un front middle !
  9. Only because his ears are so big . . .
  10. Me and the Mrs have got the August Bank Holiday week off and she's been looking at taking the kids to London for 3 nights that week. Imagine my delight when I just checked the fixtures and we're away at Palace that Saturday..... I've never been to Selhurst Park before, can anyone advise if it's possible to make it back to Euston for a train home at 18:20 ? I believe it's a swine to get in and out of Selhurst Park ? Cheers
  11. Is that Cardiff new home bottom left and away bottom right?
  12. On holiday somewhere bst +3 ?
  13. Full time at Boundary Park I was CONVINCED we would go up automatic. The buzz/feel good factor amongst the fans, players and coaching staff at end of that game just had my mind made up !
  14. Hottest place I ever watched a match - the Holland v Sweden Euro 2004 1/4 final. It was an evening kick off but we got there handy to soak up the atmosphere and have a few beers beforehand. In the uncovered stand behind one end, the Holland end, it was roasting the hour and a half leading up to kick off ! Pooness nil niller that went to pens too - had a good laugh in with the dutch though
  15. Is jay Simpson still at 'ull ? He's disappeared off my radar, may be a good reason for this (form, attitude, injury) but if he's just not getting a game could be a decent partner for madine ?
  16. If I could could relive that day I wouldn't go for a slash just after 20 minutes. I'd keep 'em crossed 'til the half hour mark !
  17. Got into Sheffield Station at about 12:10 this afternoon and shared a taxi up to HIllsborough with two Blackpool Owls - didn't get as far as getting your names lads but hope you enjoyed the day as much as me and jnr did and your journey home was a good one ! See you in Blackpool for the away game next season ? Cheers Jamie
  18. Had a couple of celebratory beers in the Rawson post match. Sure I saw Owlstalk royalty in ODs, Jams, Browns, Russs', Kivs' and possibly/probably others I didn't recognise. Closest I got to them was when jnr wanted a pee and steemed straight through their gathering to go in the gents, I might have even patted Browns on the kite to say thanks for letting the litte 'un through. This was (nearly) the highlight of the day.
  19. Me and jnr are but on the half 11 train because he's got a match first thing
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