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  1. Hopefully I'll be filming similar scenes from the home end at the Etihad next Wednesday !
  2. My order for two tickets in the home end lies in the hands of a city fan. He's currently in Munich so won't find out where we are until he's back. But yeah, two more in the home end somewhere.
  3. Like the insinuation that Barnsley fans can't afford cars
  4. Not at the footy but at Old Trafford cricket ground for a roses Natwest Cup quarter final. Got sat on the top tier of the only two tier stand in the ground at that time and fluked being sat with a load of Yorkshire lads. Midway through lancashires failed run chase, everyone has had a fair few beers, and this bloke looks up at the Natwest 'blimp' and declares ' tha's f u c k e d if that's only cashpoint tha can use' Much laughter ensued from all those within earshot.
  5. The village of Poynton (near me between Stockport and Macclesfield) introduced a 'shared space' village centre last year. Vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians all have an equal right of way. Kerbs have been lowered and formal pedestrian crossings have been replaced by informal crossings marked by contrasting brickwork on the road surface. I would suggest the scheme has made all road users more considerate to the others, although traffic can buid up on the main thouroughfare at busy times as traffic does move at a slower pace along the main pedestrian shopping street. But I do feel that it has introduced a much more pleasant atmosphere to the village centre from a pedestrains perspective.
  6. Was thinking similarly. Transactions like this don't just happen overnight so could have been progressed enough to be a huge consideration when taking the decision to release as many as we did as early as we did. Hopefully potential transfer targets have also been identified early and work is already underway behind the scenes. I don't know if it was the case or not but it seems like we did not pursue Fryatt, leaving him free to sign for Forest. And if we were in a position/made the decision to not go for Fryatt I hope that's an indication that we are looking at players of similar or better calibre. Of course there's always the possibility that even with new investment we may still not have been able to compete with Forest for Fryatt, which would be a disappointment.
  7. Potter is on holiday in Turkey until next Monday. Fact.
  8. Take the %C2%A0 off the end of the URL in your address bar
  9. That means Forest will be in for Fryatt then
  10. My son plays for a team in the East Manchester U8's league. Two of his team mates are in City's U8 elite academy - they've got 113 goals between them this season. That's about 20 games each, 15 mins each way. Could they do a job for us ?
  11. Wycombe at home is up there for me. Mainly because I'm a non sheffielder, only wednesday fan in my family so missed out on many highlights in my fledgling Wednesdayite career by virtue of not being able to get to matches. Wycombe at home I was there with my little one, who was 6 at the time. Sharing that with him, and seeing how much he was buzzing off the atmosphere around Hillsborough before the game, during the match, watching the post match pitch invasion and back in the pub afterwards was brilliant. Another highlight for me wasn't even a Wednesday match. His mum and all her family are Man Utd, we live in Manchester, he goes to school in Manchester, Man Utd are on telly pretty much 24/7. I thought I was running the gauntlet the first time I took him to Old Trafford to see them play when a mate had a couple of spare season tickets going. They beat Stoke 2-0 in a boring midweek game, two penalties. Stoke were still in Europe at the time so didn't bring many. The biggest cheer of the night was when Everton went 1-0 v City (Darron Gibson scored). Walking back to the car afterwards, cheeks clenched, I asked him what he thought...... 'It was alright .......Not as good as going to see Wednesday though dad' came the reply BIG sigh of relief all round ! I've not even had to work hard to make him a Wednesdayite ....... little weirdo
  12. Al Habsi expecting red as he walks to the ref, sees him brandish a yellow and gets the flock out of there sharpish before he changes his mind / realises he's pulled the wrong card out of his pocket !
  13. Whereabouts in Stockport are you ? My lad is playing at Woodley sports til about 1 so I'm driving up there after, then back home to Hazel Grove after the match....
  14. * The tram isn't running next Saturday due to work down the line in Oldham - replacement bus service is on in it's place from Oldham to Rochdale.
  15. I'm in Hazel Grove, bottom end, off Macc Road. Planning on getting train to Macc from Poynton so swerving Stockport for once! Just me and my 8 year old lad so may end up driving yet, having got tickets on the uncovered terrace, and having just checked the weather for Saturday !
  16. Should be 'Tenner-us is Generous' for the championship
  17. When Gardner is back fit, if JJ ever fills in at right back, we could end up with a back four of Antony and the Johnsons.
  18. It cost me £65 to get the home kit for my lad 2 years ago when he was 5. It cost £30 for the shirt, £18 for the shorts and another £8 for the socks. Then I paid extra for O'Grady / 9 on the back and also football league badges on the sleeves. Nike actually do the mini kit, shirt/shorts/socks combo, up to age 8 for £35, and the kits are much better quality.
  19. I live in Hazel Grove so will be there with my lad. Also bringing along a couple of mates and their sons too. Anyone local tried dropping in to the ticket office at Edgeley Park for tickets ? I'm working from home tomorrow so was planning on popping down there to see if I could get tickets that way.
  20. My 7 year old got scouted for the Man City academy in March so I have been taking him down for the last 6 weeks or so. They have 3 levels at the U7 age group, entry level (where George is attending), the shadow academy, and the elite academy. He already plays for a club side on Saturday mornings and two of his team mates both previously attended the elite academy. They are both really talented footballers for the age they are, both are Man City supporters, and both left because they were not enjoying the football there as much as playing and training for their Saturday team. There's alot less playing football and alot more exercises and drills involved. As the levels go up, so does the pressure and intensity placed on the kids at such a young age. I'm sure in the case of the two lads that left their time will come again but fair play to them for having the bottle to walk away, especially from the club they support. My lad is enjoying it there at the minute but at the entry level it's nothing more than an extra hour of free football coaching for him at present. I feel he is developing more as a player with the coaching he gets with the Saturday team. If ever he stops enjoying it I'll certainly not be putting any pressure on him to stick at it. Had a phone call earlier to see if he is available to attend the shadow academy on Tuesday night to represent the entry level boys against the shadow academy ( containing 2 more of his teammates, including his best mate from school) ............. so he better bl00dy well perform !!!!!
  21. On New Years Day 2012 I took my lad to Stockport County, at half time we met Stuart Holden as he was there watching his brother Euan play for Stockport. Sometime later we signed Stuart Holden on loan. In October I was playing in a 5 a side tournament, Danny Pugh was playing for another team. Sometime later we signed him on loan. During the Easter holidays we took the kids to see Wakling with Dinosaurs at the M.E.N. . Cliff Byrne was behind us in the queue to get in. Yesterday I took my daughter to a birthday party at a play place by ours, Patrick Vieira was in there with his daughter. So the chances of us signing Cliff Byrne and Patrick Vieira, initially on loan, are probably quite high.
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