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  1. A mate of mine is out there watching it, his lad is Ed Francis, who plays centre half. I'm seeing him tomorrow as he's taking my lad training with his youngest so hopefully I can get a bit of a report from him.
  2. 'Dean can't for the life of him understand how parents of kids who are Wednesday fans allow their kids to go and play for United any more. He was brought up with Burnley and their parents would rather their kids didn't play football at all than play for Blackburn.' What a strange way of thinking. Surely as a parent if your son has an opportunity with a league club you have to take that opportunity, regardless of who you support? My son spent 6 months with Burnley's U8 academy back in 2013, a lot of the boys there with him were from Manchester & Liverpool, United, City, Liverpool
  3. Darren has this, or similar photo of his goal against that lot up at home. He enjoyed playing for us and has nothing but praise for our support. He accepts that many of our supporters don't have a favourable opinion of him as a player but he's level headed enough to know that's how the mop flops sometimes. The stick that he receives from some is like water off a ducks back and he takes it in good spirit. He's looking forward to the return game at Hillsborough already. The only thing I can say against him is that he rates Steven Gerrard over James O'Connor as the best player he's ever playe
  4. I texted him this morning to let him know he's ruined our Christmas. His view was they were excellent 1st half, and had a lot of defending to do second half. JWOW made a real difference as Nuhiu was ineffective. In his opinion we are a better side than the Ipswich team that beat them on Saturday, we have a lot of quality in the team.
  5. He was in our hotel in Turkey last year, my son and his eldest son made friends so I had a little holiday romance with him. Stayed in touch afterwards and have been to see MK Dons a couple of times since. I know he is much maligned on here after his time with us but away from his day job as a footballer he is a genuinely top lad and family man. I offered him a goal in a 2-1 Wednesday win on Monday night but he declined the offer, instead hoping that we would have an off night as they're desperate for the 3 points. Sounds like he got his wish. Chris Maguire was also in the same hot
  6. My lads just scored one in an under 10's cup game this morning, out a bit further on the wing than Mcgugan and no deflection. Came straight over, chuffed to bits at scoring 'a Mcgugan' ........but it's in Manchester so nobody knows what he's on about :-)
  7. First half wasn't great ...Here's my lad at half time. Second half more than made up for it though !
  8. This. I live in Stockport and would fancy my chances of getting to Hillsborough quicker than Blackburn 9 times out of 10.
  9. At the end of last season Wilson was being touted as a possible loan target for West Brom for the coming season so wouldn't be surprised to see him going to middle/lower end Premiership side to test his mettle.
  10. Better start one for Chris Rogers and Steve Smith then
  11. Oooooh you were right to guess a Scottish team, just the wrong one, we're having St Mirren over
  12. I've just got it working on Android. I set up the SWFC Fixtures calendar as advised on laptop in Google Calendar. Then I installed the Google Calendar app on my phone. I accessed the Menu within the app (top left) and selected Settings, second from bottom. Within settings I selected my Google account and 'Show More' , this presented the SWFC Fixtures calendar and then clicking on this gave me the option to check the Sync, once checked I got the fixtures displayed within the calendar app.
  13. Blimey, had to read that more than once !
  14. My lad plays for a team in the EMJFL and the majority of their fixtures in their first season as U7's were at Denton JFC and the sun ALWAYS shone ! reddishowl which age group does your daughter play for ? We've had 2 or 3 good games against RNE U9's this season. Mancunian Owl - which Denton team is it pal ?
  15. we both come from Sheffield, we're a pair of randy bugggggers na na na na na na na na na na na na naaaaa na na na na na na na a pair of randy buggggggers
  16. Pattaya money where your mouth is !
  17. As if that's gonna happen ......... Hull are away at Arsenal
  18. My lads best mate at school, and former teammate, is at Man City's U9 Elite Academy. Apparently they are playing our U9's on Sunday morning so might go along to watch. George's Saturday team lost Dan plus one other lad to City this season, one more to Man Utd and a fourth to Burnley. Between them last year they scored about 180 goals ..... we haven't quite replaced them yet !
  19. Anyone starting in mabels tavern ? Think I've seen it recommended in various London threads in the past ? We're down here already and this place is just round the corner from our digs....
  20. Can you get the Ashton tram at Shudehill ? Might have to get off at Market Street and walk across to Piccadilly Gardens to get on an Ashton tram.
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