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  1. Brum away was my lads first away game, when he was 5. The game we lost 3-0 in the Cup. We came across no mither that day whatsoever. Only time we got in to trouble was once we got home and when his Mum asked if he'd had a good time he replied with "Mum ...what's chlamydia?' Anyone remember that lass in the home end with Mrs Larsson on the back of her shirt ? Whole away end chanting 'She's got chlamydia' at her
  2. My kids go to holiday sports club here in Stockport. The owner of the club and some of the coaches are good mates with Westwood so after George had been at club in his Wednesday kit during Feb half term we got an invite to the QPR game, in Keiren's box. Yesterday he came home with his play off final gloves ... and was told to take them back this morning as Keiren's dropping his daughter off for the day so will sign them for him. Irelands No 2 !
  3. Surely that goes with the territory? I do feel that personal insults are totally unnecessary though. For every 1 person actively coming out and calling bullshine there's probably 100 reading what you have to say and either believing it or maybe having a 'let's wait and see' view on it...that's the way the mop flops. If you want to be an ITKer and relay info that you receive I think you just need to grow a thicker skin and carry on doing what you are doing. And stop trying to justify yourself to the debunkers, only adds fuel to their fire.
  4. 08:23 train from Stockport for me and Junior. Safe travels to all Owls travelling from near or far. See you all at Wembley.
  5. 8 tickets purchased Saturday morning, delivered today Block 245
  6. Rollin' on the 08:23 from Stockport Reppin' the 245 massive Rockin' the Premier Inn St Pancras
  7. Just stay safe and watch out for Ronnie Pickering
  8. Congratulations, and welcome new baby Owl. Stepping Hill hospital ? Both of mine were born there, we beat Derby 2-1 the day my eldest was born.
  9. We were confirmed as play off participants before Brighton were ...
  10. Last night's wasn't a foul or a dive. Defender plays the ball first, then there's contact, which was unavoidable for either player. It's just decent, strong defending. Odd how it directly resulted in another red card, just this time it was for Wallace...who should have just let that weird old man baby blonde Benjamin Button looking freak run around aimlessly with the ball following Robinson's run the clock down directive to the letter.
  11. I'll stay at my Uncles in Rickmansworth. We can share a cab.
  12. With a bit of forward planning these would have been ideal for warming the peanuts/walnuts/coconuts (delete as appropriate) in the cup of bovril
  13. So this happened then the game happened .... which was disappointing. Then this happened which, all in all, more than made up for the result, for George anyway. It was a really good night and the exec box hospitality was really good. The lady looking after us, called Marion, couldn't do enough for us and was a credit to the club. I reckon she would have scored the pen. I would have taken 4 points this week ..... just have to beat Hull now.
  14. Stockport based Owls here. My son was at holiday football club last week and was wearing his Wednesday kit, which instigated a quick chat about him being a Wednesdayite with one of the coaches. Turns out another of the coaches is good friends with Keiren Westwood so they sometimes get to use his box on matchdays, today being one of those days. Luke remembered chatting to George about us last week so has just called to see if we can join them for the match tonight. Needless to say I bit his hand off. George will be buzzing when I pick him up from school !
  15. I don't think the Charlton defeat is an inexplicable one. It was something like our 6th game in two and a half weeks, a run that included the Arsenal cup game, an away derby at Rotherham, and a couple of 6 pointers in the league against Brighton and QPR (could be considered a 6 pointer at the time). There was an international break straight after Charlton, and at the time if definitely came a week too late for us. Also add to the equation that Charlton are a bogey team for us..... I really hope we can give them a right hiding at ours to get that monkey off our back.
  16. We lost 4-2 away at Tranmere on a Friday night in the 04-05 season. One of our 2 was a quality team goal that saw us pass from back to front, finished delightfully by Guylain Ndumbu Nsungu who just side footed it into the far bottom corner. ......I think .......
  17. A mate of mine is out there watching it, his lad is Ed Francis, who plays centre half. I'm seeing him tomorrow as he's taking my lad training with his youngest so hopefully I can get a bit of a report from him.
  18. 'Dean can't for the life of him understand how parents of kids who are Wednesday fans allow their kids to go and play for United any more. He was brought up with Burnley and their parents would rather their kids didn't play football at all than play for Blackburn.' What a strange way of thinking. Surely as a parent if your son has an opportunity with a league club you have to take that opportunity, regardless of who you support? My son spent 6 months with Burnley's U8 academy back in 2013, a lot of the boys there with him were from Manchester & Liverpool, United, City, Liverpool and Everton supporters. The academy was particularly well run and the level of coaching was excellent ( I compare this to time George spent pre Burnley with Man City and post Burnley with Rochdale) so players / parents whose allegiances lay away from Burnley had no problem being part of the Burnley academy. Maybe that's the reason Burnley folk think this way though...having never been to the Blackburn academy, perhaps it is just rubbish compared to the Burnley set up. One of George's former Saturday league team mates is a massive City fan and started with their Elite Academy at 6. He didn't enjoy the style of training so left of his own accord. Didn't take long for Man Utd to pick him up and he's been there for the last 3 years as there's more of a philosophy of expressing yourself as a footballer and less emphasis on training drills etc at that age, as per the training at City.
  19. Darren has this, or similar photo of his goal against that lot up at home. He enjoyed playing for us and has nothing but praise for our support. He accepts that many of our supporters don't have a favourable opinion of him as a player but he's level headed enough to know that's how the mop flops sometimes. The stick that he receives from some is like water off a ducks back and he takes it in good spirit. He's looking forward to the return game at Hillsborough already. The only thing I can say against him is that he rates Steven Gerrard over James O'Connor as the best player he's ever played with.
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