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  1. Have heard from a reliable source that he'll talk to interested parties in January and get his move away at the end of this season lined up nice and early. Hopefully things will change between now and then, although at present I get the impression the situation is irretrievable and neither party is prepared to alter their stance to make that change happen.
  2. WR was where I wanted more but got the second TE as an autopick when the WR player specific list bombed on me in my 30 second window and I panicked
  3. Right - draft done What a hectic 30 minutes that was ... I'm lining up like this RB - David Johnson - Arizona - Marshawn Lynch - Oakland - Joe Mixon - Cincinnati - Coleman - Atlanta WR - Thomas - New Orleans - Crabtree - Oakland - Moncrief - Indiana TE - Walker - Tennessee - Ebron - Detroit QB - Ryan - Arizona - Dalton - Cincinnati DB - Hargreaves - Tampa K - Boswell - Pittsburgh Not exactly what I wanted numbers/position wise but I ended up with a couple of Autopicks as Position specific pages didn't load correctly for me and against the clock it proved difficult at times to find what I was looking for in the ALL player tab. Anyway, can see this team going 14-0 without breaking sweat* * I can't really ... I haven't even heard of half of them
  4. Yeah just checked, its 13:15. Panicked a bit then as I'm on the first train out of London to Stockport to pick up son to get over for it. Doubt we'd be over in time for a midday ko.
  5. Weird, a colleague was recommending this during lunch time chat in the kitchen only yesterday.
  6. In that case I hope he can edam ...edam clear at our end and edam in at their end.
  7. Started a new job in Feb, second day it was snowing so I wore my Raiders bobble hat. As a result I've been pressured into joining a 12 team Fantasy NFL league, with draft at 7pm on Sunday night. I'm second in the draft, I need 13 players, after that I know f*ck all. I had vowed to try and swat up beforehand but haven't had a chance and time is running out. If anyone is willing to impart any useful information here...or via DM... to help get me started for my first ever go at this it'd be appreciated.
  8. He was at Edgeley Park on Friday night giving out awards at my sons end of season presentation night. We weren't there though. He's been the subject of a big money summer transfer so in his own mind has severed all ties with the club...throw in a fixture clash with his last ever school disco at primary school and the presentation night came a sorry second best.
  9. Saddened to hear this news. I didn't know him, but it's odd how you feel you 'know' someone just from their online persona, username and avatar. Will miss him around here. Rest in Peace Wolfmanjack.
  10. Mum and Dad did this in July...didn't have much luck though
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    Thanks, will take a look in a bit.
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    I picked up a firestick with Kodi loaded on to it yesterday. Got it set up at home and initially, upon accessing Kodi from the firestick home page it looked like this with menu along bottom of the screen, navigable left and right. The kids watched a film on it last night, then another one this morning. I've just come to have a play on it and it now looks like this, with a menu structure down the left hand side of the screen. Does anyone know how to revert back to the original 'appearance' ? There seems to be endless settings and config and I'm loathe to start experimenting in case it affects anything else. Cheers
  13. The day I finally got both of my kids to Hillsborough together, Cardiff at home last April. Can't keep him away but she's proving a tougher nut to crack...check out her specially selected bling though.
  14. This is a thread that I started prior to us visiting New England & New York last June. Bottom of page one I posted a bit of a post trip report, includes most of the stuff we did in New York, although we did have two kids with us.
  15. We stayed in a villa on the Glenbrook community in 2012. This was west of Disney along the 192 and then north on the 27, I'd say it was around 10 miles from Disney, so no more than 15-20 minutes by car. Close enough to see/hear the fireworks in the evening. The villa had it's own pool and there was also communal facilities on site. Iirc we booked it on orlandovillas.com There were a number of local restaurants close to Glenbrook, with a decent choice also on the 192 between Disney and the villa. It's the opposite direction to I-Drive but everywhere is still really accessible. We got to SeaWorld, Universal, I-Drive shopping, Amway Centre for basketball while there but were also well placed to head away from Orlando. We popped to Lake Louisa state park and saw alligators in the wild and also did a spot of wine tasting at Lakeridge vineyard up in Clermont.
  16. So, after the success of 2016's trip to Boston, New England and New York we are heading back to the USA to holiday this year. We are flying in / out of Miami, 14 nights apart. Last years itinerary fell into place easily as we flew in to Boston and home from New York. This year I'm finding it difficult to pin down an itinerary, so I'm unable to get accommodation booked as don't yet know where I'll be on what dates. I'm hoping to be able to use my bosses villa in Naples, on the Gulf coast, probably for 4 nights when we first arrive and I have currently got 6 nights reserved in a hotel in Miami beach for the last 6 nights of the stay (I want to finish in Miami for practicality of being close to departure airport for flight home). I'm not sure if this is too many nights to spend in Miami beach but hotels there are quite expensive and I've got it reserved on a stay 3 get the 3rd night free deal, so staying for 6 and paying for 4. Can anybody advise if this is too long in Miami beach ? We're there second week in June, the hotel has a pool and is beach front, kids are 11 & 8 so I'm thinking we could easily spend 2-3 days on the beach and around the pool if there's not 6 days worth of sightseeing & attractions to be done. Another consideration I have do I head a bit further North after Naples, up the Gulf coast maybe as far as Sarasota or across to the Atlantic coast to somewhere like West Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale? Or do we head back East and then South down to the Keys for a few nights? If anybody has any thoughts or recommendations for specific destinations or hotels / villas / resorts I'm all ears. p.s. we did Orlando in 2012 so not considering going back this time. Cheers
  17. Sad news ...always came across as a thoroughly nice bloke.
  18. Not sure what's gone on there? Obvs only 1 spare child ticket!
  19. Got a spare child ticket for the north stand. Free to a good home.
  20. Got a spare child ticket for the north stand. Free to a good home.
  21. Got a spare child ticket for the north stand. Free to a good home.
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