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  1. Have heard from a reliable source that he'll talk to interested parties in January and get his move away at the end of this season lined up nice and early. 


    Hopefully things will change between now and then, although at present I get the impression the situation is irretrievable and neither party is prepared to alter their stance to make that change happen. 

  2. He was at Edgeley Park on Friday night giving out awards at my sons end of season presentation night. 


    We weren't there though.


    He's been the subject of a big money summer transfer so in his own mind has severed all ties with the club...throw in a fixture clash with his last ever school disco at primary school and the presentation night came a sorry second best. 



  3. It's a NO from me. Admittedly we're not quite there right now but we're bloody close. Getting rid of Carlos and bringing in someone new will put us much further away from getting it spot on imo.


    Frustrating today that we couldn't push on and get that second goal to put it to bed.When you're 1-0 up away the home team are always going to have a spell of exerted pressure ... Fulham were poor today so it didn't come until after 82 minutes but when it did we couldn't react to it. Not sure why ? For one thing our ball retention was non existent for that last 10 minutes and that just resulted in non stop pressure and we succumbed. The confidence we played with for 80 minutes needs carrying on for the last 10.  


    Regardless, for the majority of the game we performed so much better than we used to under all of our recent previous managers. So I say we give Carlos and his team the time to figure it out and get us back on the right track.  

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  4. 20 hours ago, Bluesteel said:








    That should be the top six at the end of the season, in some order. But Huddersfield and Bristol City will have a shout too.


    Whilst Brighton looked the real deal against us, we still should've snatched a point, they were appalling up at Newcastle and dropped points at deep dale. No one is perfect in this league, except Newcastle if they keep going as they are!


    They were at home v PNE 

  5. I think both incidents were the same, defender has charged down an effort at goal, arms raised, and the ball has struck an arm each time (Lee's first half effort hits the defender on the left bicep for me). The only real difference is that one was deemed a penalty offence by the referee and one wasn't. 


    It's this inconsistency that usually rankles with fans but for me it's a prime example of the old adage 'I've seen them given' . We'll get some this season and we'll get some against us, like the Hutch 'tackle' v Bristol City.


    Huddersfield will also get some this season, for and against. They, like us, had one of each on Sunday.  



  6. I got my son the 11-12 year old (LB?) home kit in store on September 17th. Had to get the long sleeved one as they'd sold out of short sleeve 3 weeks prior. At that point they were on order with the manufacturer and they were hoping to have them back in store 3-4 weeks later, so probably around October 8th at the earliest. 


    Online or in store through the club is apparently the only place to buy it. 


    No use to you ahead of Saturday I know, but a little more info than you appear to have already been given. 




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