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  1. Hundreds and thousands of kits were probably produced with the sponsor on ... and WAWAW inside the collar. These all had to go in the bin and the best we could do at short notice was knock up another batch without the sponsor on to have them in store in time for Tramlines. AKA an opportunity to acquire special no sponsor limited edition for a limited period.  


    Sponsor On kit will actually be the same shirt, but with a complimentary D Taxi's sash. 

  2. If £1.6m was deemed an acceptable offer for Jack Hunt, first choice right back with no obvious successor within the squad (to perform at the level required week in week out in the Championship) then I would assume that the offers made for KW and DJ were truly derisory and Mr Chansiri wasn't up for having his pants down for either. We can only speculate on what those offers may have been, and will never know if with hindsight Mr Chansiri may have made a different decision. Maybe he'll have learnt something from it and will make a different decision when he undoubtedly gets the chance to reconsider for either player, or any other players in the squad, in January.   

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Geohay said:

    Just down the hill from there. Near the Croft retail park. 3 stags is nice. My mate has just moved up that way too and ideally we'll be up the hill in the next few years!


    Yeah, decent beer garden, bet he'll be spending a few hours in it this week. Used to live up the top end in Moreton myself. 

  4. 12 hours ago, marcx666 said:

    You're think of Aston-under-lyme mate. Near Keele, and Stoke, the crap Ashton is about 15 minutes from me, and no one wants to live there, or go there, like, ever lol


    You're thinking of Newcastle under Lyme mate, near Keele and Stoke. 


    The crap Ashton is about 15 minutes from you. 


    Ashton under Lyne is near Stalybridge. 


    ...and Ashton upon Mersey is in Sale. 

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  5. As mentioned on here before I live in Stockport and have married in to a Man United family. When he started at primary school my son George supported both Wednesday and Man United, but by taking him to Wednesday matches (and I think him also wanting to be different to the majority of United and City supporters at school) he chose to support Wednesday and ditch the Mancs. However, as he has grown older and become more aware of football, not least through playing at a half decent level himself for the past 6 years, there was always a risk that he'd see 'the error of his ways' and reverse his decision. The 2012 promotion season helped reaffirm his decision as he had decent results to go in to school and crow about to all his Manc mates. Going to City twice to see us dumped out of both cups didn't help too much and he got a fair bit of stick after the 7-0 but he stuck with it. 


    BUT...our time under Carlos, especially the first season, has really confirmed his allegiance and he's now without doubt 'Wednesday til I die' . We beat Arsenal 3-0, it seemed like we scored the goal of the day EVERY Saturday evening on Sky Sports, he was in awe of the atmosphere the Brighton at home play off leg, he was devasted at Wembley ...but we got to Wembley to see the Blue and White Wizards play and he was convinced we were going to win that game down to the performance of our fans alone. He now has football heroes like Westwood, Bannan, Lee, Forestieri and Hooper, he even understands why Nuhiu has cult status now. 


    For all of the above I'll always be grateful to Carlos. He's a thoroughly decent bloke and I wish him all the best wherever he goes next ...and I will always give him a warm welcome if he ever pays a visit back to Hillsborough. 


    Merry Christmas and WAWAW.  

  6. 2 hours ago, HirstIsGod said:


    He plays for Reddish North End now and used to play for AFC Stanley based in Hyde.  He is U11s now and started playing at U6.


    My daughter has just started playing in the Manchester Respect League for Reddish North End too.  She is playing a year down for the U8s as she had never kicked a ball in anger until a month or so ago. Another quirk of the respect league that girls can do that.



    Good stuff ... I lose track of all the Reddish teams. North End play in Blue and Yellow and have their own home facility? If so, we played them there in a pre-season friendly before last season, nice little set up with a decent 4G astro pitch!


    Respect league at Burnage Rugby club or down in Wythenshawe? 


    The U12's are at Wright Robbie every week this season ... worst pitches the EMJFL use by a mile, terrible surface, more like the top of an old pan scrub. 

  7. 8 hours ago, HirstIsGod said:


    Like others have said this is for goal kicks when the ball had gone out of play. The respect league also retreat whenever the keeper has the ball in their hands.


    Retreat exists in the east Manchester league my son plays in but only for goal kicks and up to U9 ish. For reasons already mentioned by others this isn't a bad idea.


    Who does your son play for mate? 


    My lad has been playing in the East Manchester JFL since starting in the U8's when his team were U7's. Now in the U12's with Hazel Grove. 



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