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  1. Yeah, will just use existing echo to power the voice control. Hoping to use as surround sound for the TV too, again driven by the amp I go for.
  2. We're building an extension (kitchen, diner, lounge area). I'd like to install some in ceiling speakers, preferably driven by some form of voice control so I can just ask 'Alexa' to play whatever and have done with it. I don't really know where to start...does anyone have any experience of such matters? It looks like I could quite easily part with £2.5K for a Sonos Amp with a couple of pairs of their in ceiling speakers and one pair of in wall speakers, is that as good as it gets or are you just paying a premium for the Sonos brand? Any recommendations, or likewise some products to avoid at al
  3. and having played them away already we'll only have to face him once. Hopefully he can help Cardiff take points off those teams around us* *once we close the gap a bit more and do actually have other teams around us
  4. Does a -12 deduction have us 12 points clear at the top of the league before a ball has been kicked? #EIEIEIO #WEREONOURWAY #HMSPTL4 #COWTAS #BSBA #UTMFO
  5. I was led to believe we were interested in taking his former City youth team centre back partner Ed Francis on loan last close season, classy ball playing central defender, left sided. He moved on a permanent to Wolves in Jan '19 and whereas we were looking to do our business early in the window, NES wanted to take a look at him during preseason before making a decision on whether to loan him out or keep him around at Wolves to get some first team exposure. In the end he went on loan to Grasshopper Zurich in Feb, and we all know what happened soon after that! Pretty sure it was Br
  6. Hundreds and thousands of kits were probably produced with the sponsor on ... and WAWAW inside the collar. These all had to go in the bin and the best we could do at short notice was knock up another batch without the sponsor on to have them in store in time for Tramlines. AKA an opportunity to acquire special no sponsor limited edition for a limited period. Sponsor On kit will actually be the same shirt, but with a complimentary D Taxi's sash.
  7. Wasn't aware West Brom have already beaten Norwich this coming Saturday.
  8. And pretty cool that actress Ruth Wilson was playing the part of her own real life Grandmother.
  9. If we're not one of them but all 15 are above us in the league we should sit tight, hope they nob off before the end of this season and we're straight into an automatic promotion place.
  10. If £1.6m was deemed an acceptable offer for Jack Hunt, first choice right back with no obvious successor within the squad (to perform at the level required week in week out in the Championship) then I would assume that the offers made for KW and DJ were truly derisory and Mr Chansiri wasn't up for having his pants down for either. We can only speculate on what those offers may have been, and will never know if with hindsight Mr Chansiri may have made a different decision. Maybe he'll have learnt something from it and will make a different decision when he undoubtedly gets the chance to reconsi
  11. eugene

    Sky Q

    I think that's what it is. Just typically snakey of Sky to crack on and do that without advising that that will be the case. Activate the Netflix app, link your existing account so they don't double charge you, great you're all done, and btw you're now paying more than before.
  12. eugene

    Sky Q

    Has anyone activated the new Netflix app on their Sky Q box yet? I just followed the on screen instructions and linked to my existing Netflix account. The Netflix subscription is then bundled in with my Sky bill, and Netflix have been notified not to charge me. But I received a number of emails from Sky/Netflix at the same time, these appear to indicate that I'll be paying £10 per month to Sky now, pretty sure my Netflix subscription was £7.99 per month. These things are never as straighforward as they should be.
  13. Have told this story on here before. This was my lads very first away game when he was 5. Went on the train from Stockport, had a couple of beers and grabbed a quick Maccies before the game. Train home, he said nowt just had a sleep, get home and his Mum says 'Hiya mate, have you had a good day? How was your first away game?' 'Mum...what's chlamydia?' came the reply He hasn't been allowed away since
  14. She goes out with our former loanee Jordan Spence, strange ...but true
  15. You won't be taking swfcjack27 jnr to the match again then?
  16. Yeah, decent beer garden, bet he'll be spending a few hours in it this week. Used to live up the top end in Moreton myself.
  17. Whereabouts in Bromborough are you? Best mate lives just over the road from the Three Stags, Bromborough/Bebington borderlands.
  18. 10 minutes down the road from me, when are they there?
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