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  1. Statue

    Ross Wallace reading the Huddersfield note
  2. Good stuff ... I lose track of all the Reddish teams. North End play in Blue and Yellow and have their own home facility? If so, we played them there in a pre-season friendly before last season, nice little set up with a decent 4G astro pitch! Respect league at Burnage Rugby club or down in Wythenshawe? The U12's are at Wright Robbie every week this season ... worst pitches the EMJFL use by a mile, terrible surface, more like the top of an old pan scrub.
  3. Who does your son play for mate? My lad has been playing in the East Manchester JFL since starting in the U8's when his team were U7's. Now in the U12's with Hazel Grove.
  4. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Have heard from a reliable source that he'll talk to interested parties in January and get his move away at the end of this season lined up nice and early. Hopefully things will change between now and then, although at present I get the impression the situation is irretrievable and neither party is prepared to alter their stance to make that change happen.
  5. Yeah just checked, its 13:15. Panicked a bit then as I'm on the first train out of London to Stockport to pick up son to get over for it. Doubt we'd be over in time for a midday ko.
  6. In that case I hope he can edam ...edam clear at our end and edam in at their end.
  7. Where's Westwood ?

    He was at Edgeley Park on Friday night giving out awards at my sons end of season presentation night. We weren't there though. He's been the subject of a big money summer transfer so in his own mind has severed all ties with the club...throw in a fixture clash with his last ever school disco at primary school and the presentation night came a sorry second best.
  8. Wolfmanjack

    Saddened to hear this news. I didn't know him, but it's odd how you feel you 'know' someone just from their online persona, username and avatar. Will miss him around here. Rest in Peace Wolfmanjack.
  9. The day I finally got both of my kids to Hillsborough together, Cardiff at home last April. Can't keep him away but she's proving a tougher nut to crack...check out her specially selected bling though.
  10. Sad news ...always came across as a thoroughly nice bloke.
  11. Arnie being restrained by Tricky Trev.
  12. Not sure what's gone on there? Obvs only 1 spare child ticket!
  13. Got a spare child ticket for the north stand. Free to a good home.