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  1. they told me once i bought it back in march/april but iv forgot and im going on holiday next week, cant wait to get it thats all
  2. Not too sure if this is the right thread but i was wondering is anyone knows when early bird bought season tickets get mailed out?
  3. With all these rumours we'll be able to field 2 teams next year! then again so's heskey...
  4. fair enough its fun but some of these are getting ridiculos and some ball sack always says heskey, YAWN
  5. Seriously frustrating and boring all these 'rumours' now. Is there anyone on this forum that actually has inside news? if not i reckon we should just wait until its official!
  6. http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/173515-diego-amado-signs/
  7. guarentee its a load of poo poo... Unless its about Diogo Amado...
  8. I think central defenders are some of the best in the league and can definitely compete in the championship, but who would you choose? Llera and Batth, Batth and Jones or Jones and Lllera? Personally i'd go for Llera And Batth but it looks like we'll loose Batth back to wolves seen as he's signed a new contract so who would also sign next season to pair with llera?
  9. Saturdays goin to amazing! 37,000 wednesdayites under one roof! we just need to get behind the lads and enjoy the day! who's on the pitch by the way?
  10. I enjoy watching JJ he gives the team abit of creativity like Antonio does, sometimes he does do too much but overall i think he's quality
  11. I wasnt intending to start a war but anyway im sure next season we will bring the crowds in due to better teams ect
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