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  1. Boro & Wycombe want their claims to be classed as Preferred Creditors so they get paid out first, the difference is though HMRC, Football Family etc are owed this money by Derby County whereas the claims from the other 2 clubs are this claims. Derby haven't failed to pay these clubs. Also didn't Gibson "sell" a large part of Boro's debt to one of his own companies. BBC story claims Wycombe were relegated on the last day of the season, which is incorrect as they were the first and only club already down before the last day. Also why aren't they claiming against Reading who also "cheated" FFP and took 3 points off them last season that would have kept them up, for that matter why the f**k aren't we?
  2. In recent times along with several other teams they should be in division 1.5 but unfortunately it doesn't exist, too good for Championship not good enough for PL. Silva will be first mangerial casualty next season.
  3. I've just found out Lee Trundle played 1 game for PNE after being at Neath & 10 games for Leeds in League 1 in 08-09 season.
  4. You know us we'll do it next year as we always mess up the dates Is Liquidation a real threat, we all read stuff online but these compo claims from Boro & Wycombe really look to be the achilles heal. If they are successful surely you could look for compo from QPR & Villa when they clearly blew FFP out of the water? The Wycombe one (to me anyway) seems like clutching at straws, I know they did finish 3rd bottom but they were relegated ages before and suddenly when all the pressure was off went on a playoff form run. Out of a 46 game season they were only out of the bottom 3 for 1 week, and that was first day of the season even we had 3 weeks outside the relegation zone. Whereas Rotherham were outside the bottom 3 for 20 odd weeks.
  5. As someone who missed the Sunderland home game due to work, today was definitely the best I've seen us play. Just wish it could be more like this every week. Fans can accept results if performances are there, sadly too many tmes they haven't been.
  6. Fearing the worst, if we go a goal down early doors could be toxic.
  7. I know beggars can't be choosers but he wouldn't sign for us.
  8. And then the old bill panicked and tried to shut the gates to the pens, remember it well
  9. I was brought up in Pontefract which is the next town along, back in the late 90's I used to work with a lad who was a Leeds fan and regular in that pub (The Railway?) and when I asked him about it, he was well aware of what went off. What I knew of him he would have been defintely involved, right nutter. Growing up in the late 80's Knottingley wasn't a place I would have gone drinking
  10. The say the bookies are never far away but looking on Bet365 for Saturday we are 6/5 & Plymouth are 11/5, do they know something we don't?
  11. Luckily we are saved by that famous quote........Once a Miller always a Miller
  12. Saw this on Twitter earlier, seems as though other clubs have been given allocations of around 1700 while ours has been reduced on police advice due to incidents at recent away games (Crewe?)
  13. Based on the previous 3 games this season a goal against Plymouth would be progress never mind a win.
  14. I was similar to you and maybe hoped for a top 6 finish. Realistically now I could see us finishing around 12th
  15. I agree, it's more of a vanity project which seems to be backfiring.
  16. Similar to Reading they could only sign players up to £8.5k per week due to their embargo/FFP breach. So brought in Danny Drinkwater on loan from Chelsea who is on £100+ per week, with Chelsea picking up 90+% of his wages. We're missing a trick here I wonder if they'll loan us Lukaku and we pay £500 a week towards his upkeep
  17. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This You know you have problems when you have Ronaldo, Sancho, Cavani, Greenwood on the pitch and Phil Jones is your best player. That's Phil Jones who hasn't played for 2 years. Signing Ronaldo was a vanity project that looks like it is massively backfiring, especially on £500k a week. He'd have been better treading the PSG route like Messi.
  18. 44 for me, over the years I've lost 12 with teams moving to new stadiums and these are the ones I've not been back to yet Arsenal Spurs West Ham Southampton Brighton Leicester City Brentford Coventry City Millwall Oxford United AFC Wimbledon Port Vale Not sure about favourite but best game I've enjoyed in ages was Accrington Stanley away. Standing on the terrace, p*ss wet through and a win although tried our best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory On the flip side I remember going to Plough Lane losing 2-0 and we were lucky to get nil, Standing on the terrace, p*ss wet through funny how a result makes things seem better
  19. Looking at that it's amazing as fans we still turn up in numbers, especially away games. Masochists the lot of yer!
  20. If he goes back it's a shame as we all thought we had got a quality signing. Personally I think if he'd bagged a coupe of goals things would be different, but his confidence looks shot which the 1 on 1 at Cambridge showed. I'm sure the Lewis Wing of last season would have scored that.
  21. Having a look at Wikipedia would it allegedly be the baby of the group with -"What Took You So Long?" Number 1 April 2nd 2001
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