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  1. Mel Morris is a crafty bugger, I can see them getting away with it and us taking the wrath of the EFL
  2. I was the same, only had a £1 still hope it's a wasted bet
  3. Are you spying on me, seems far too close to home
  4. I'm going, I'd miss the chippy too much I suppose I could just sit in the car and tut at the updates on my phone
  5. Birmingham were given their 9 point deduction last season on the 22nd March, I presume we are looking at around the same time?
  6. See some things never change with Wednesday and injuries to key players, Pearson & Hirst missing.
  7. When I was walking towards the Kop at the Cardiff game I noticed about 6 young lads probably 12-13 going to the game on their own, ok it was nostalgic but you due to the cost you don't see that really anymore
  8. The annoying thing for me is the consistency. Luongo gets a red and Travis gets up and plays the remainder of the game, Hoilett gets a yellow and Palmer is stretchered off against Cardiff and hasn't played since. If Luongo's is a red so is Hoilett's with bells on.
  9. Bar the Barnsley game we've been pretty awful in every other home game. We've scored 14 goals in 14 games at home, only Wigan have scored less (12)
  10. Thought Gallagher looked decent upfront, always looking to play off the shoulder of the defence, and Nyambe at RB too
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