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  1. No idea m8, I don't subscribe to The Athletic and just saw this on another forum earlier today, unfortunately a heavy read.
  2. Saw this on another forum earlier, like most things not sure how much is true but some interesting reading: "Athletic article on the sacking..... (Other contributors: David Ornstein, Raphael Honigstein, Adam Crafton, Liam Twomey) The buzz around Chelsea before the new season hadn’t been this upbeat for years. Manager Frank Lampard was ready to build on an impressive first year in the job and the club appeared to be backing him with the biggest transfer splurge in their history. There was talk of a title challenge and Lampard establishing his reputation
  3. Their starting X1 cost £200m, their bench cost £50m and they only paid for 2 of them.
  4. When I firsted started going in 86 I seem to remember when Megson's name was read out there used to be some booooooos, I presume this was due to him leaving for Forest?
  5. We had tickets in the home end, but the car broke down on the day of the game so remember listening on the radio and checking Teletext for updates
  6. I went to watch Blackpool Vs Macclesfield last season in the EFL Cup as our game against Bury was cancelled and he played in that game. From what I can remember he was a handful but seemed a bit cow's arse with a banjo Like an Aldi Lucas Joao
  7. If Chansiri hires Barton then I'm convinced he's Jeremy Beadle reincarnated Either that or I used to commit buggery on cattle in a former life
  8. He was their keeper in the game where Kieran Lee scored 120th minute winner
  9. I voted Cook, would love Pearson but never going to happen and he is on the unrealistic list along with Howe
  10. I reckon we're the next Bolton Wanderers waiting to happen.
  11. https://l-lists.com/en/lists/qreay4.html It's not Renegae or Final Fight is it?
  12. My predictions are as good as ever, whatever I say back the opposite
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