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  1. Quite agree, that's how his autobiography read to me too, never Paolo's fault always someone elses.
  2. Carlos said we don't need a night club bouncer in midfield
  3. David Beckham was a great footballer, and as others have said if he wasn't he wouldn't have played for some of the elite clubs he had ie Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, PSG On the flip side of that people talk about GOAT, personally I don't think it exists, more like GOYG (Greatest Of Your Generation) Modern footballers are fitter, technically better, but they didn't have to endure that tackles that players back in the day did. Personally I would pick Maradona, but taking everything into account I think Zidane is worthy of the title.
  4. Can seen him being Abdi's replacement, take from that what you will.
  5. I'll be honest as West Yorkshire Wednesday fans most of his m8's are Leeds fans, as a young lad (he's 15 now) he supported Real Madrid. They might have lost a few times a year to Barca but hardly a disaster I could live with that. He'd been to watch us several times along with Leeds & Huddersfield through family and friends, but then when we beat Arsenal in 15/16 he came to me and said "I'm a Wednesday fan now" And as any true father would I tried to dissuade him saying "it's not always this good m8" All I could see was him suffering like we have for the previous 15 years since relegation from the PL Anyway it didn't work and he is always asking to go to games home/away, so I got ST again as it works out cheaper in the long run
  6. After umming & ahing and the lad badgering me (can't knock his enthusiasm!), I jumped back on board the crazy train this week and got ST's again after having a sabbatical last season.
  7. Not a chance, even if he is a Wednesdayite
  8. Indeed They battled well, I fully exect it to be Salford in the final which will be a tough game, but you never know.
  9. I always rated Moses Odubajo when he was at Hull, got injured pre-season when they went up and missed playing in the PL Not sure he's the same player nowadays though, he was out nearly as long as a regular Wednesday injury.
  10. The Newcastle game were Hirst scored that goal and Barrick's first touch was the season before (88/89), Coventry was 89/90 though. We never used to beat them and remember walking out of Highfield Road that day think we'll stay up no problem Just looked at the results and we lost 5 out of the last 6 games, with Luton winning their last 3
  11. I think one of the wrongly accused was stood near me on Tuesday Did Pudil play for the U23's yesterday?
  12. Just read that, not very often you hear managers come out with comments like that. Fair play to the bloke
  13. This is true, which suprised me as some of their defending is out of the Royal Rumble Penalties awarded/Conceded: https://www.statbunker.com/competitions/ForPenalty?comp_id=615 https://www.statbunker.com/competitions/AgainstPenalty?comp_id=615
  14. Great great player he if had played for Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal would have been spoken in he highest regards by the British media. Was always gutted when he came back to England and went to Coventry, typical Wednesday that we didn't insist on first dibs
  15. Bruce used be on Brazil's show regularly as a telephone guest when in charge of Villa, wonder if that will continue at Wednesday
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