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  1. Colin's Comments

    This ^^^ blowing smoke out of are arse before the game, afterwards when he'd played 83 minutes (upto FF scoring) of negative horrible football he said he'd didn't think we were all that. Hopefully tomorrow he'll take it on himself again so that the game is all about him & United Vs Wednesday rather than Cardiff Vs Wednesday
  2. Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United

    Going It's Division 2 football the prices are ridiculous, but subject has been done to death Dreading it A lot of the fanbase want a change now so not sure how he can survive a derby defeat
  3. Rate our summer transfer window

    Just read this on Rams Talk, looks like he'll fit in a treat! Wednesday taking Butterfield off us!!?? just as I thought this window was a disaster..... awful, negative, slow, thick....( I could go on ). Goodbye Jacob shut the door behind you.
  4. Sims and Kent?

    Kent has signed for Freiburg on season long loan
  5. Fernando Forestieri

    I think he'll be on fire if played correctly at Fulham, shame really
  6. Positives.

    It was a new ground for me and I saw an old friend who I've not seen for years.
  7. Steve Bruce OUT

    I know it's not all down to Brucey but said on Talkshite this morning that since relegation from the PL that Villa have spent £140m
  8. Give him 10 games

    Burton Albion away is the key game for me, lose that and I think it's time for a change and I don't usually call for a manager to go. at least then there is still a few days left to try to make something out of the car crash that is the transfer window
  9. We have no real spine to our team

    As Carlton Palmer said to his interview to Alan Biggs we lack a Carlton Palmer
  10. your 1st game you went to

    September 86 2-2 Vs Leicester, think Carl Shutt got both (or at least 1)
  11. Positives from yesterday

    I got a decent parking spot just up from The Sumners and was on the M6 10 mins after the final whistle, that's about it.
  12. Predict the 2017/18 Table

    Us 8th 1st Fulham 2nd Villa PO Boro 22nd QPR 23rd Burton 24th Bolton
  13. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    If Nilsson had played for a Manchester United or Arsenal he would be classed as a Premier League legend.
  14. Big Dave set to leave?

    1 goal every 7.5 games for us
  15. Danny Williams

    Was also impressed with him in the game at our place, a yes from me if we were interested in him