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  1. It's a no from me One of those managers (and I include Monk in that, and going back further Francis) of being nearly men, never managed to get it over the line. Question for our Bristolian friends, from a City point of view was he even as good as his dad?
  2. Tribalism of football. All clubs are the same. Fans are happy to slag their own club off but as soon as someone else does it..........
  3. What's the points deduction for that, -12? championship form team at the minute too
  4. Was reading yesterday that teams who usually wear red/white stripes shirts & black shorts are cursed as they have lost 15 Play Off finals, doesn't bode well for Brentford
  5. Again sharing other people sentiments I've met good & bad scousers and it's usually the plastics that fall into the latter category. One lad I worked with in Cas Vegas has been on the stadium tour and that's his lot, was sharing on Facebook recently that he'd stuck by them during the "hard times" and listed some bad results over the past 15 years and that he was still here to support them. What a team that hasn't been relegated in 66 years and has won 16 trophies during the baron years between league titles inc 2 Champions Leagues Let's be honest here plastic of a certain age would be Manchester United fans if they were born 10 years later.
  6. Would any of our playoff rivals signed him at time, I don't think so. I quite liked him but as others have said probably League 1 level, wonder if we'll resign him next season?
  7. Feb 5th 2000 Derby County 3 - 3 Wednesday In my eyes the game that relegated, after conceding twice in injury time we seemed to give up after that.
  8. Not a bad team https://punditarena.com/football/thepateam/imagined-xi-southampton-best-players/
  9. I would like Brentford just for the Moneyball system they run, but I do understand the meh! factor of them going up. Personally I know the table shows them in 12th but I could see someone like Derby sneaking it, they're only 3 points off 6th, they seem to be gaining momentum at the right time
  10. Cry Watch The Game Cry Oh! hang on that's the same as the old routine
  11. Like wise my brother dropped off some programmes the other week he found at his house from our 89-90 season and Palace Home (25th November 1989) & @ Selhurst Park (24th February 1990) are both in there if you need them
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