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  1. Birstall Owl

    Added time

    Call me cynical but as the games were on TV for the foreign markets not a lot of added time so they can get the adverts on. On a normal Saturday the PL games have always finished well before EFL ones, at the end of the day shouldn't matter what league it is it's 90 mins of football, same when ITV had CL games they were usually done by 9:33/4 whereas EFL (non-televised games) are finishing 5-6 mins later.
  2. Birstall Owl

    Is forrestieri injured?

    According to Wikipedia he plays for Leeds United
  3. Birstall Owl

    BBC Sport running a competition

    We've Got A Bigger Problem Now - Dead Kennedys
  4. Heard his radio interview Do calendars in Wilder's house say "opposition" instead of Wednesday? I get he's a blade and he's playing up on it to apease the chest thumpers among their fanbase, but he never mentions us I think he's trying a little too hard.
  5. Birstall Owl

    Next Friday night

    Think I'll lock myself in a dark room
  6. Birstall Owl

    James McLean

    Ince to get a penalty tomorrow, struggles staying on his feet that lad makes Snodgrass look normal.
  7. Orignally had this down as 1-1 but my pessimism has got worse as the week has progressed 2-0 Wigan
  8. Birstall Owl

    Ideas/ opinions please

    I've got a contact number of a guy who used to re-cloth our tables at work, I think he used to offer things like cloth's with team badges on, not cheap though. PM me if you want his number m8
  9. Birstall Owl

    What was the last game you went to

    SWFC 3 - 0 Reading Missed the Norwich game due to being at my lads game for the mighty Howden Clough U14's
  10. Think I must have been sat near you too, remember thinking what's that idiot doing with his top off
  11. Saw a snippet of a league table the other day that showed after 25 games Leeds were 5th with 42 points, in the next 18 games they have got 12 points, nose dive of epic proportions
  12. Birstall Owl

    Wednesday lose to a quality Fulham

    My lad knows f**k all tbf
  13. Birstall Owl

    Wednesday lose to a quality Fulham

    As others have said best team to come to S6 this season. Normal flavour of the day is to press press press but Fulham didn't do this, they just passed their way through us. Sessignon and Ojo were tight to the touchline wanting to stretch us and get behind for crosses into Mitrovic, as my lad said at the game Jordan Rhodes would score a hatful for Fulham. They had pace all over the team too Fredricks, Johansen all looked quicker than we did and Cairney is a quality footballer. You can see why other teams in the playoffs want them to go up automatically, they're a threat. Us on the other hand think it's fair to say Boyd is not a wingback. he looked like me at 5-a-side where my sprint is the equivalent of running on the treadmill.