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  1. Ah! that explains a lot, I agree though about things blurring together
  2. Damn you and your knowledge, could have sworn it was Shutt
  3. I was near the kop but I thought it looked clumsy, was expecting the ref to give it.
  4. Just had a look on Huddersfield's website and it's £25 for them, so by my reckoning it will be £40 for us.
  5. I agree Ben Mayhew does some good stuff, if you look at our stats he did under Jos we didn't create many chances which meant we were more reliant on the defence or Reach worldies.
  6. Thinks he's better than he actually is, should have been trying to get 3 points at St James Park rather than blowing kisses to the South. Reason Potter shipped him out. Good championship player.
  7. Bullied our defence today, quality striker at this level
  8. Putting us to one side some bizarre predictions in there 8th Charlton 11th Barnsley 21st Huddersfield
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