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  1. TBH m8 from what I can see there seems to be a mutual respect on both forums between our fans, maybe because one set of fans knows what sh*t the other has been through I hope you win at the weekend just because it removes you from next seasons wannabes, but I have this horrible feeling that the dark arts will win through. Phase 1 of our Season Tickets were purchased in December (I know right) so looking forward to next season now. Can't believe Forest only won 2-1 if that had been a boxing match it would have been stopped ages ago, again though I have a feeling that they may sneak through.
  2. It was an Alan Nixon story yesterday on twitter without giving any clue to who the player was. Good for him he'll get stick from the knuckle draggers but hopefully others will feel they can come out too.
  3. Bar the usuals mentioned Callum Lang (Wigan), Ryan Hardie (Plymouth) & Michael Nottingham (CB @ Accrington)
  4. Dale Vince not holding back on Twitter, this from the club
  5. Signing a left footed centre back is very much like making love to a beautiful woman....
  6. As others have said Arsenal in 93 or relegation in 90 were far worse, especially the latter for obvious reasons. After the first leg I did think last night would be a draw, so maybe that prepared me for the inevitable. Looking forward to opening game of next season now when we get turned over by Forest Green at home
  7. A mate (Leeds fan) messaged me at half time and said "is this ref going to give you anything?"
  8. Is the "light show" the modern equivalent of "your not signing anymore" just before the opposition equalise?
  9. Our record when playing Alex Neil teams Norwich City W1 D1 L1 Preston North End W3 D1 L4 Sunderland W0 D0 L1
  10. The National League playoffs changed recently to the following, would this be a better model? Sky still get the same amount of games to broadcast (4 + Final) Qtr Final 2nd & 3rd - bye 4th vs 7th - 1 leg 5th vs 6th - 1 leg Semi Final 2nd Vs Lowest ranked winner - 1 leg 3rd Vs Highest ranked winner - 1 leg Final SF1 Vs SF2 - 1 Leg So basing this on League 1 and Top 2 still go up playoffs would be like this: Qtr Final MK Dons - Bye Wednesday - Bye Sunderland Vs Oxford Wycombe Vs Plymouth Semi Final MK Dons Vs Lowest ranked winner Wednesday Vs Highest ranked winner Final SF1 Vs SF2
  11. Nervous and switching from getting to Wembley to the season is over.
  12. Glad to see them promoted, the original club was always a team whose results I looked out for
  13. IF this happens and IF we were interested I doubt we'd be first in the queue. With his experience of getting Burnley promoted twice, they'll be teams in the championship wanting to bring him in looking to get them to the promised land.
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