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  1. I sit away end of the Grandstand and "Live" I didn't think Bannan's was a pen. Out of curiosity when was our last one, Leeds away?
  2. Rednapp

    I hate Redknapp with a passion, absolute charlatan of a manger but gets an easy ride from his mates in the media. After having a car crash of a year in 2017 be just my luck If he came to us
  3. HT 1-0 Villa FT 2-0 Villa Reach & Hunt booked 2 week meltdown on here during the international break
  4. Liam Palmer

    I've been quite harsh on him recently but I think this season maybe one too far for him, thought he was good against Leeds but bar that.
  5. Liam Palmer

    Me too as every time I see Wallace on the team sheet my heart sinks, never does enough for me
  6. The chip shop didn't disappoint yesterday
  7. I have a feeling the pre-match visit to the chippy may be the highlight of the day again
  8. 4 at best, if we get 3 against Barnsley then we'll put in an awful display against Mi'Wa and salvage a draw in the last few minutes. Then on to Villa where a standard 2-0 defeat follows.
  9. Sheffield Wednesday Managerial History

    Jeez getting rid of Carlos for Scheve is a sobering thought
  10. Saddened, not angry

    I think some players are a season too far, with Wallace heading that list for me great game like against Leeds are few and far between and he doesn't cover Hunt enough when we're defending. Conversely Colin has Cardiff flying getting a tune out of players like Holliett, Bamba, Peltier, & Mendez-Laing who if there was ever a journeyman footballer he is it being picked up from Rochdale in the summer. Imagine the meltdown if we had signed someone like that.
  11. Just got back

    Was always going to be hard with 10 men for 86 mins, better performance I think there is a team in there. Hats off to the lads near me who were singing all game keeping the Wednesday fans going, top marks.
  12. Just a rumour...

    He'll be sacked when 5000 ST holders don't renew for next season. Money talks He's here until then
  13. Team for brum

    Van Aken was viewed as the next Sergio Ramos 2 games ago, to now be viewed as the next Danny Maddix Tough break kid!
  14. Colin's Comments

    This ^^^ blowing smoke out of are arse before the game, afterwards when he'd played 83 minutes (upto FF scoring) of negative horrible football he said he'd didn't think we were all that. Hopefully tomorrow he'll take it on himself again so that the game is all about him & United Vs Wednesday rather than Cardiff Vs Wednesday
  15. Going It's Division 2 football the prices are ridiculous, but subject has been done to death Dreading it A lot of the fanbase want a change now so not sure how he can survive a derby defeat