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  1. This is from Swansea forum, if they are in for him is he on the new manager's wishlist? https://www.planetswans.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4993
  2. Blackburn Rovers were apparently sniffing around Reach a few weeks ago.
  3. Not sure why he didn't take Sterling off if he wasn't in the first 5 takers as he was absolutely shot before the end
  4. Wasn't he bringing cases of cash into the country to keep them going, stories I've heard is they were hours from being liquidated.
  5. Being a Wednesday fan primes you for England disappoinment. Before the Ukraine game a couple of my mates (Liverpool, Man Utd fans) were like who's nervous then? I said not at all after following Wednesday especially last few years 1 more weekend of crap is like water off a ducks back. They didn't believe me.
  6. As a kid he was one of those names you'd want to be when sticking the ball between the jumpers. RIP
  7. without a points deduction as things stand an optimistic 12th, if the poo keeps rolling down hill could be League 2 bound and another season of me questioning my life choices.
  8. Is that the season Blackpool beat us 4 times?
  9. Checked mine this evening and my credit (option 7) for 2019/20 looks about right but for last season it's showing the credit as less than the Adult Kop ticket I purchased (also purchased an U17 ticket). I didn't buy any ifollow passes so I'll buy giving the ticket office a call.
  10. What about the "Not A Penny More" campaign similar to Blackpool, would that work or just speed up our demise?
  11. Almen Abdi comes out of retirement and returns to S6 on a 4 year contract
  12. As well all know though fortunes can quickly change. Again Leeds biggest signing in the summer is Bielsa.
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