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  1. The away end at Cold Blow Lane was bad although maybe for different reasons If you got stuck behind the floodlight pylon though.
  2. I was in the seats for this game, rather than standing like I had done a few months earlier. Interesting how times have changed with the amount of police officers just on that photo alone. Now it would be stewards and the old bill outside if needed.
  3. Yep if he came here a 2 bob millionaire, goes to Derby turns out to be next Sheikh Mansour
  4. The annoying thing is after a perfrmance like that is it's the hope that kills you
  5. September 1986 Vs Leicester City 2-2 I'll not name the scorers as I've got it wrong in the past before being corrected on here
  6. Squires cartoons are always top notch, this one especially hits the mark.
  7. So that leaves the chairman or the fans..........................it's us isn't it?
  8. I watched all 3 episodes on iPlayer. As someone who is involved with Grassroots football it's awful to see what they went through and how the effects it has had on the rest of their lives.
  9. When my lad was U10 we played Gomersal and Bailey was upfront for them but playing a year up as he was only U9, think he got a hattrick that day clearly to good for that level. His dad was helping out with the coaching, I think he (Bailey) came to Wednesday not long after that.
  10. Disgusting Curtis Woodhouse had the best solution for dealing with trolls, find out where they live and tell them you're coming round to knock 10 bells out of them
  11. Thought he was retiring before we rocked up? Maybe the experience gave him the bug back
  12. Tindall is 1/4 on Skybet, followed by Heckinbottom 9/2 & Howe 16/1
  13. 50/1 on Skybet for the Celtic job, Rooney is only 33/1
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