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  1. We had the same shambolic allocation last year unfortunately but we did used to get the whole end which was about 4.5K. I wouldn't mind this allocation if Reading actually had supporters but they didn't even manage to average 15K last season, and they give a minuscule allocation like this in a ground which holds 24k.... Losing money which we could have spent on tickets and beer for them. Got my ticket anyway
  2. Pay day for quite a few this morning so lets hope it at least reaches 5K.
  3. 11am on Tuesday 16th March on police advice.
  4. Pretty sure the last train on Saturdays is only 9pm too.
  5. There are about 500 tickets left out of the initial allocation at the mo. We'll likely get the additional allocation this evening or tomorrow morning, there'll be plenty for when it foes on GS tomorrow afternoon.
  6. I'm gritting my teath and baring it through these strikes because I do agree that trains need guards. Shall we organise a sponsored walk Got my ticket this morning. I'll go on my bmx if I have to.
  7. The best option might be to get the Trans Pennine Express to Preston then a (relatively) short taxi trip to Blackburn.
  8. Big problem for this one is the Northern Rail strike which means potentially zero trains running between Manchester and Blackburn.
  9. What's everyone doing then? We're getting the Half 7 train from Sheff which gets to London for just after half 9. Drinking in Leicester Square then around Paddington and getting the 2pm train to Reading. 17:46 back, couple more hours in London then the 8 o'clock train home. Is anyone doing the dreaded train direct to Reading...?
  10. We're just staying in London then getting the 2PM train from Paddington. Then straight back to London after on the 17:26 or 17:46.
  11. They should do the West Lower and NWC as the cheapest area of the ground...category Z prices for every game :D
  12. According to the ticket office on Twitter, they can't sell out until the 2pm bracket tomorrow afternoon.
  13. I think it might just be for away games, when they aren't on general sale. Who knows.
  14. I know mate, defeats the purpose of having F & F.
  15. According to the ticket office on twitter, it isn't possible for them to sell out until the PM bracket tomorrow afternoon.
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