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  1. Was one of the first transfers I remember the Williams and bright with some cash going there way. As I remember he was pacy and complimented hirst perfectly. He scored one of the first Swfc goals I saw live, a bullet header v Southampton that got me on the front page of the green un
  2. We beat the mighty port vale in league 1 on sky (Friday night I think). Not sure why I remember that particular game. Cracking goal from McLean to win it.
  3. I love the tune. Always thought it sounded great as a kid on the early 90s. I remember listening to it as the teams came out thinking were going to give you a right pasting today
  4. Beat me to it Alan harper. I remember that Saturday 1 - 0 home defeat. Mind you any one at that game who thought it was bad should have made the journey with me to Bournemouth the first season back in league one with kuqi, owusu etc. Lost 1 - 0 again in injury time
  5. Of they are going to struggle in my opinion it will be these three away games to the bounce. We all have to deal with injuries and suspensions so that's no excuse. Simple question is can they handle the pressure? Can we consistently win to catch and ultimately overtake them?
  6. Really funny. Hope kuqi did his trademark celebration in front of the kop. If only we had taken 3 points to pile the pressure on
  7. I dont reply much on owlstalk but am a daily visitor. I wasn't surprised by the news last night because the rumours were already underway and megsons interview Sunday post match was subdued considering. I don't think it's right sacking him now especially with only 13 games to go. Progress in his time as manager has been significant. Hurts more because Gary like us loves the club. That said if Milan appoints quickly and said manager gets us up then thus will be quickly forgotten by most just like sturrock.
  8. Cheers mate. I'll be there early tomorrow to avoid disappointment.
  9. I know what you mean. I'll be getting Rochdale tickets tomorrow (hopefully some left). Feel good factor plus larger = good times.
  10. Agreed. I'm taking 4 friends to the bury game so hopefully after today a few others will follow
  11. As previously said I noticed sign outside yew tree opening at 10am. That said hillsborough wmc for me.
  12. When I see durso is our ref it fills me with dread. One of the most inconsistent refs around. Can't remember him ever having a good game. Can't remember his name but the ref we had v port vale at hillsborough (on sky tv) was quality. Think his name was Singh. Get him back as I remember gave us everything that night
  13. Sorry ecclesall owl, I forgot my whole life should revolve around Swfc stats
  14. Can't remember last time we advanced this far in the f.a cup. Think it was the last season in premier league gillingham away. If we beat Blackpool nailed on similar draw with small crowd and good chance if loosing so that's Bolton away I'm guessing
  15. Gutted. I got a two Pinter at half time and missed jj.goal. Quality night. Whoever said go to farmers pub it's reasonably priced it was £3.36 a pint. Cheers. Still i do not care as we won and pissed a steward off in car park
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