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  1. 2x adult tickets needed please if anyone has any spare
  2. Jos isn’t gonna last let’s be realistic why give him money to spend on players?!
  3. Please can anybody help me and my dad haven't missed a boxing day game for 16 years and missed out on tickets by 120 TPP's! Please message me on here or @spinoutburny on twitter Thanks
  4. I can’t beleive what I’ve just read Surely a blade fishing?
  5. Don't be so ridiculous, we all need to remember how far we've come in so little time. If our heads go now and we give them some stick and ask for Carlos out we'll cause the unrest, we've got major injury problems but we're still in with a shout who knows who may be fit when the play offs start but let's not do this remember the spirit when we lost at Wembley, where's that gone. Dig in and enjoy the ride all we can do!
  6. Hooper hasn't been fit all season, we won't get Rhodes and Crouch.....
  7. Mail me if you need anymore help getting these, I have x2 season tickets on 530 points, so cant get them in first round of sales but will be able to get two. I'm away at xmas so miss this one

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    2. ViolaOwls


      Next to mosborough hall hotel. Once I get them I will arrange to drop them off

    3. Oooh Lala Sibon

      Oooh Lala Sibon

      Hero mate thank you I can come to you if you wish, my number is 07532068588 





    4. ViolaOwls


      nice one, chat soon pal. Will message you once ordered anyway

  8. Anybody not going that would kindly like to use there ST and TPP's to obtain two tickets for me? Gaining more TPP's ;) Hotel is booked just need tickets now, not a part timer work Saturdays and play semi pro. Monies will be transferred or paid in cash which ever is preferred, just don't want to risk missing them
  9. My dad was never really into football, thankfully my uncle was and took me to Hillsborough for the first time and then I was hooked, ended up having a season ticket for 6 years then playing for the academy at 15. Dream come true but it didn't work out Wawaw
  10. No player should ever refuse to travel with the team, It needs to be sorted quick if it drags on something like this is hard to come back from. Glad they didn't let it effect them tonight
  11. Imagine someone came into your workplace did the same job as you, you sometimes carried that office last year and nipped in when needed to get the job done and the other guy gets paid a lot more than you do.... I in no way support what he has done but you if you take a step back you can see how annoyed you would be and take action to sort something out with your gaffer?
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