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  1. I get your point but what are you seeing that suggest we can win 3 of our last 5 games. This lot couldn't beat 11 cones.
  2. Unfortunately the only thing rich people understand is money! Fans need to hit him where it hurts in the pocket.
  3. WE are done for! I can not see us getting 7 points never mind 7 wins.
  4. That's incorrect. If the play is sold the club pay up the contract if a transfer request is not submitted by the player.
  5. The worst bit about this is we don’t own our ground and never received the funds from DC. However he got 40 million back in a loan recouping a lot of his losses. We are going to be homeless when this ends.
  6. Great another idiot that knows nothing about business or running a company! That would just sum out luck up!
  7. It nice to have a manager that talks a lot of sense and does not make excuses.
  8. I am starting to feel the same. After 39 years I have never felt so disenchanted with the club or owner.
  9. This claim alone just show this guy is not on this planet. He must think the fan base are stupid. Every time he is under pressure he throws these large sums of money out their then blames the fans for the deal not being closed. Pack your bags and do one!
  10. Totally agree the players knew but this does not reflect well on the whole group. They have no fighting spirit which is a major problem and Monk still needs removing. ASAP
  11. That's selective editing to fit your point of view. I said the following "Currently we would be safe but come the end of the season I would hazard a guess that we would not be."
  12. Currently we would be safe but come the end of the season I would hazard a guess that we would not be.
  13. He's managed 8 point's from 15 home games so far in 2020. Average that out over this season and that's under 13 points at home for the season. Do you think we will be safe at the end of the season?
  14. I disagree the owners got Wigan Athletic relegated. Paul Cook had them midtable in the 13th place.
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