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  1. BlueBloodedOwl

    SAG crowds and concourses.

    SAG have to follow strict guidelines. I thing this should help a lot of people on here understand the reasoning's for decisions that have been made: http://www.safetyatsportsgrounds.org.uk/sites/default/files/publications/green-guide.pdf
  2. BlueBloodedOwl

    Chicago Owls

    Fado Irish Bar always has the games on
  3. BlueBloodedOwl

    Are you an "overseas" Owl ?

    Done came up automatically as USA for me so it has to be check IP by Geographic range.
  4. BlueBloodedOwl

    New Pitch

    This article says its a Desso Grassmaster: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2339501/Everton-install-Rolls-Royce-pitch-Goodison-ahead-Premier-League-campaign-Martinez.html
  5. BlueBloodedOwl

    John stones.

    Strange I have never heard his Dad speak like that and I am 100% sure that's not a comment he would make in public. Good story though!!!
  6. Chicago, IL. Not met any Wednesay fans. However theres a guy at work that has worn a different English Club shirt every day since I started a year ago. The owls one is the silver and purple kit, my first away shirt as a kid.