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  1. Well the loudest song tonight was “Programme 3 quid Programme 3 quid” hope it catches on!!!!
  2. Our home support yesterday was poor. In terms of getting behind the team and being that so often mentioned ‘12th man’. I’m not saying it changes anything just that as fans we need to raise the roof on days like yesterday. Ill get some stick for questioning the Wednesday faithful but it’s there to be seen!
  3. Great Watch, love the ‘Fishermen’ story. Had me in tears.
  4. Has this been made official? A few talking about it being Saturday?
  5. Winnalls on fire Barnsley fans are F***ing W**k. Repeat Over and over again.
  6. I thought there were offers for the Xmas period games? im sure I read there were big discounts available.
  7. Tango joins in with the poor behaviour until the stewards and/or the police intervene then he pretends he's peace keeper. It's old hat, he's boring and predictable. He's seen dancing across the sign for goodness sake it's not the example the club needs to be setting with him being a 'celebrity' fan and all.
  8. I'd like to question Tango's role in this video. Is this the example 'Wednesday's Number 1 Fan' should be setting? His behaviour has been questioned before, here's video evidence that he's part of the problem.
  9. I've downloaded Xpert Eleven but nowhere does it say lobby, it keeps bangin on about signing into Facebook and I don't have Facebook.
  10. I can't find where to join the Owlstalk league or enter the pin for it.
  11. It's fair as it is....Brighton wasn't good enough to finish in the top 2 so they go in playoffs in 3rd. It's just as unlucky for the side finishing 7th to miss out on a top 6 finish. We all know the rules, they got done, move on!!!
  12. It's shame they got the injuries they did Friday because we were well on top anyway. Seems Friday has been forgotten, we absolutely took them to pieces!!!!
  13. I don't think he should be in there going off like that, that's the players time he should be outside with rest of fans. Tin hat ready but hey ho!
  14. Have a cheeky punt on 1-1 tonight could be a message for us all to have a bet!!!
  15. I think Carlos and Chansiri should be shown a bit more respect in the sense we haven't splashed 9million on one striker or 50 grand a week on joey Barton. To pull Fernando, Hooper and Bannan for the fees/wages we have is incredible, along with other signings in a short space of time the club has really been turned round. Dyche and anybody else in football should respect that and pass a comment or two about it.
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