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  1. No, not at all... and that's because I've never heard him in the dressing room or training ground. You give the impression you probably have, given your opinion.
  2. Have you ever heard him on the training ground?
  3. You tell someone to "stop writing essays" then crack on writing one yourself! FFS Unbelievable Geoff!!
  4. They're still awaiting delivery from D-printers
  5. Bruce and Ashley dream team!! Works for me!
  6. Never have I seen a bucket-full of random words used so gracefully. Thank you for the experience.
  7. It's showing "good grace" after losing/wining a point. Not being like a bad loser, storming down the tunnel and booting the opsition door off its hinges. I'm absolutely sure he gave our lads a bit of a talking to behind closed doors after the match... and that how it should be (showing some class).
  8. You really do need to get a grip on reality... It's only a game ffs.
  9. I think life is too serious for you. Football is a game, a sport, not a feckin' war! Double ffs.
  10. It's amazing init, only about 3/4 weeks ago he was the best thing since a multiple "blowy" ffs
  11. All my boyhood heroes............depressing However, football played without the modern day politics of big finance and shyte owners. More often played for the fun of the game, (glory if you were lucky). Simpler times.
  12. There will be some on here that will think this is the case! ffs
  13. Just a reality check.......................we just lost at MORECAMBE........yes Morecambe
  14. My only "gripe today" was that we lost to MORECAMBE!! ffs!
  15. We're only three matches into the season.....don't get too giddy yet.
  16. It's certainly a feasible possibility.
  17. I take it you're speaking from first hand experience?
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