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  1. Just altered your first sentence......(for accuracy) Hope you don't mind!!
  2. Tell you what.....let's just think about winning them and getting promotion.
  3. Just for the record .............. May was signed by Leicester City after playing youth football in Birmingham, and made his first-team debut at the age of 17.[5] He suffered an injury and was sent to American team New England Tea Men for experience, but suffered a further injury whilst there.[5] He turned professional the year before Gary Lineker, with Lineker being tasked with cleaning May's playing boots.[5] May scored the only goal of the game as Leicester beat Leyton Orient to win the Second Division championship.[5] He moved to Barnsley in August 1983 after losing his place in the first-team following a suspension.[5] The transfer was for Barnsley's then-record fee of £150,000. 1976–1983Leicester City187(12) 1978→ New England Tea Men (loan)4(0) 1983–1987Barnsley122(3) 1987–1988Sheffield Wednesday31(1) 1988–1989Brighton & Hove Albion24(3) Total368(19)
  4. No Idea but I did ask him to ring you last night....Take it he didn't call. I'll have a word!
  5. Eye, but it wasn't the cover-up regarding ticket-less supporters I bet!
  6. I'm not picking through your posts, I have far better things to do. I made a statement regarding a time when the chair (and other directors) tried to sue members of Owlstalk..mainly for deformation. I made the post to you in the hope that you wouldn't fall foul and end up in court like some of our supporters did and in some cases costing some of our fans a fortune. Piaxo has already warned supporters that he doesn't take kindly to being criticized on supporters forums and was prepared to take action! Just to jog your memory.......https://pressgazette.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday-chairman-sues-over-five-live-fan-posts/ UTO
  7. Please be careful of your accusations..Paxo's already warned of court action against some of the comments on here, regarded as defamation of character. (so I believe) Some of us have been there and done that (DA and co) and it wasn't nice and very costly!
  8. Well,another entry for their Honours Board.............Sheffield United's shootout defeat extends the club's woeful play-off record to nine failed attempts from nine campaigns!
  9. Yes, but I'd like us to be up there first so we could "welcome them"
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