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  1. Totally agree. It's an absolute pleasure watching a rugby match with a large crowd and not feeling intimidated and fearful of getting my face kicked in by a knuck-dragging opposition supporter.
  2. That info will spoil some of our members slagging off fest. Can you please delete it, wouldn't want to spoil their party!!
  3. You obviously know all about his and the clubs financial arrangements then. Care to ellaborate ??
  4. Actually, has he been the most costly mistake the club have ever made? For instance, as someone else pointed out, how do you know what the problem was/is and how long has he had it? He may have got a problem that he doesn't want all and sundry knowing about....maybe some mental disability or whatever. Yet you feel it's quite ok to call him a crock and intimate he's been stealing money from the club. You, like the rest of us know absolutely nothing about the situation, yet are quite willing to bad mouth him. Shame!
  5. You obviously know all the facts about Abdi.....care to enlighten us??
  6. It may be worthwhile asking this reporter what was his take on us signing Terry Henfleet
  7. There will be some on here that genuinely will.
  8. https://www.sheffieldccg.nhs.uk/Your-Health/mental-health.htm Hope this helps. Thinking of you. xx
  9. ..And there was I thinking I'd bever seem them play football again..
  10. That's ok, you'll be fit in 2 weeks!! Seriously, get well soon.
  11. The poster you are refering to has a valid point and it should be treated as such. Calling him a "class clown" and infering that he "is on drugs" does you no favoursat all and makes any further comments by you invalid as a discussion point.
  12. There'll surely be a meltdown on here if we lose the first game under his stewardship........ doubtless some will want him gone.
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