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  1. No real need for that comment was there?
  2. I used this as a template, duly filled it in and sent it by FAX............still no reply ffs
  3. ....anyway, back in the real world of football
  4. Whilst we're having a nostalgia moment............Gi Shares Back!!!!
  5. Very murky, tantamount to the defence and prosecution of a case being directed by the same person.
  6. You were doing so well until the last sentence...........could be construed as issuing a threat. Maybe a good idea to re-phrase (for your own good)
  7. Guesswhosback 57 minutes ago matthefish2002 12 hours ago mrbluesky 12 hours ago
  8. I firmly believe this would have happened...had it happened...if at all
  9. Nope, He's with Newcastle so I hear so no chance of signing him!!
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