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  1. longreach


    So conjecture then.
  2. longreach


    Based on what? Conjecture, rumour, actual facts?
  3. longreach

    What's wi all moaning?

    I would say not Facts old boy.....just the facts Live Text Home TeamSheff Wed Away TeamLuton Possession Home55% Away45% Shots Home13 Away7 Shots on Target Home4 Away1 Corners Home7 Away3 Fouls Home13 Away
  4. I think you should have been concentrating more on your driving
  5. longreach

    Jos Luhukay

    Line-ups Match Stats Live Text Home TeamSheff WedAway TeamBirmingham Possession Home55% Away45% Shots Home15 Away11 Shots on Target Home7 Away1 Corners Home6 Away4 Fouls Home13 Away15 Here, have some facts.
  6. Sorry, I thought better of you
  7. longreach

    Jos was right

    The one thing Jos did that was beneficial tothe Club is that he Bloodied some very good young talent........did it in a way that could have been disasterous but nevertheless.
  8. I think most on here have a bit of sympathy and class.
  9. Disrespectfull, Classles, I could go on but to continue would be tantamount to attempting to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.
  10. longreach


    Perhaps they did but...... quietly
  11. longreach

    Jos banned mushrooms

    Never mind the "Mushroom" headline.....this is what disturbed me most. We realy have some knuckle dragging morons in our midst who should be ashamed of themselfs. The well used phrase, "It's football", "it's tribal", "it's to be expected" is completely unacceptable. Sadly, this sort of behaviour now seems to be the norm both on the terraces and on social media. "A veteran of German football as a player and coach, Jos Luhukay has experienced most things in the sport. But the level of abuse aimed at the Dutchman by angry Wednesdayites in the last three matches of his doomed Owls tenure truly shocked him". "Luhukay was deeply concerned at the prospect of his partner attending the Preston North End fixture. Luhukay would have feared for his wife’s safety had he still been in the managerial dugout on Saturday. What is the world coming to when a manager does not feel comfortable enough to invite their partner to watch a football match? No one should ever be made to feel like that".
  12. longreach

    Jordan Rhodes

    And you know this as a fact because...............?
  13. longreach

    Backing Chansiri

    Has he put the club up for sale...has he?? What did he actually say?
  14. longreach

    Reflecting on last nights madness....

    Foolish missinformed post....but not surprising as it comes from someone who belives the Parliamentary vote should be lowered to 13 year olds. (on reflection, maybe the poster is 13 years old)
  15. longreach

    Saudi owners?

    نهاية الجرس