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Community Answers

  1. Pigs are an even better option..."Red Bull shyte"
  2. Give it a break Jim... Or are you related to DA?
  3. Would you mind if I keep my pitchfork handy only there's still some season tickets that's not been refunded? Cheers.
  4. Ahhh! the good old days of Uncle Dave eh!!
  5. Yes!!! Hallelujah for Chasiri, the saviour of our club!!
  6. First rule for investing....make sure it's not your own money!!
  7. Players have gone soft these days.....Ron Springett (when playing for Wednesday) used to live in London and traveled to every home match by train. Did all his training at QPRs ground.
  8. Reight signing.....didn't know he was out of contract!!
  9. I'm just putting some paper in the fax machine ready for the announcement. Once burned and all that!!
  10. Muti-millionaires don't become MMs by spending their own money ....they look for investors. Once the investors see a problem they withdraw their finances. I doubt very much Chansiri has used is "own" money.....or at least has been very stupid.
  11. I remember the time (mid to early 60s) when the then Chairman (Eric Taylor) was accused by the supporters of spending to much on the ground and not enough on players!
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