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  1. I'm an hour in front of you and nothings happened yet!!🤨
  2. Although they cannot charge interest, the banks can profit from helping customers to purchase a property using a ijara or murabaha scheme. With an ijara scheme the bank makes money by charging the customer rent; with a murabaha scheme, a price is agreed at the outset which is more than the market value. This profit is deemed to be a reward for the risk that is assumed by the bank. There are firm laws governing the types of businesses with which the banks can trade. There should be absolutely no investment in unsuitable businesses, including those involved with armaments, pork, tobacco, drugs, alcohol or pornography.................you're welcome😇
  3. I'm thinking of moving to another country 😶
  4. That's unusual, I always thought they got their up-to-date info from Owlstalk!
  5. Quite simple for me, didn't have to think long and hard to come up with "Dave Allens tenure".
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