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  1. 3 Points off a playoff position, perhaps healthier than you think. Ideal position to be in this time of the year, however, we've got to stop giving goals away.
  2. What about "Girth"? Some may need to know these things.
  3. Yep, he loves to make people happy.
  4. Over 10 years ago, I would have expected the former.
  5. Chant should be easy tho' Hogey, hogey, hogey.....Oi, Oi, Oi. (Pat pending, just in case)
  6. Absolutely spot on. I'm never comfortable being a front runner from the start of a season. As long as we are in the top 6 at Christmas (as you say) and comfortably in place points wise from the automatics, we should be able to have a real go for promotion.
  7. Certainly a contender for the Eurovision song contest
  8. Stoke have never been the same since we took Henfleet from them.
  9. Gone are the days when a footballer could play week in week out without a "rest", in fact some of our older players wouldn't have even considered having a "rest" unless one of their legs fell off!! ffs!!!
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