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  1. longreach

    Jordan Thorniley OUT

    Could be worse, you could be a pig.
  2. longreach

    Worst Signing Ever

    Most definitely Jeffers
  3. longreach

    Forestieri banned

    What did the others get?
  4. longreach

    Nameing a stand after....

    Sorry, no can do. I'd got them earmarked as the DA wee wee-shack
  5. Naaah, not having that. Owlstalk is the last bastion of truth and honor imo
  6. longreach

    Wednesday In One Word

    After over 50 years of watching...............ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!
  7. longreach

    Danny Batth on loan

    Ahhh, so you're "Jimmy the Lip" the well known go-between for "Gobshyte Garry" and "Loose-tongued-Tony" All makes sense now....cheers
  8. Personally I don't know of two who would go for that........however, if you fancy a bit of pork and a fire escape exit, maybe we could do a deal
  9. Makes perfect sense to me
  10. WOW!!! One post and we're back to GH............. FFS
  11. Well your Uncle could throw some money at the club eh!!
  12. Having been on the interjangle, I now understand the DTaxi issue. Yer Mum's fine by the way, you should visit more often!! There is a certain similarity between Geoffrey and the munter called Tonto........doesn't like answering questions does he/she