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  1. WOW!!! One post and we're back to GH............. FFS
  2. Well your Uncle could throw some money at the club eh!!
  3. Having been on the interjangle, I now understand the DTaxi issue. Yer Mum's fine by the way, you should visit more often!! There is a certain similarity between Geoffrey and the munter called Tonto........doesn't like answering questions does he/she
  4. I did and got yer mum....... Seriously, saw they were sponsors, so what happened??
  5. As an outsider not living anywhere near Sheffield, what is/was the issue with D Taxis?
  6. I find the whole episode distasteful. Two ex players wholly made to be icons of the club and held as legends by our supporters shaft the club because of a beer fueled row....feckin' pathetic.
  7. I take it this is all the product of a beer fueled argument between DC and Dave the rave?
  8. It apparently does this when you have sought "advice" on line...........so I'm told.
  9. All my childhood heros. Wish it was possible to blow this photo up.
  10. Francis Jeffers ...............can't think of anyone else that matches his attitude. Moneygrubbinshythawk.
  11. Can't wait for the close season on here.
  12. longreach


    This thread has turned into an Old Woman's chat room. ffs
  13. longreach

    Guess the year for this one..

    1936.............remember it well!!