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  1. .....and yet he speaks very highly of you!
  2. I'll be so glad when the new season starts. ffs
  3. Yes, but apart from that...............
  4. Is that on our honors board? It should be, the Pigs would have "headlined" it!!
  5. What's skin colour got to do with it??
  6. I thought it was a day of celebrating their promotion to the Premiership...........confused!!
  7. What does it matter as long as these get the money......> https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wereallsheffieldarentwe
  8. It may be worth reading this.. https://www.gov.uk/dismiss-staff/dismissals-due-to-illness Dismissals due to illness Sometimes an employee may have to stop working because of long-term ill health. They may resign, or you may have to consider dismissing them. Considering dismissing an employee Dismissal is a last resort and you should consider as many ways as possible to help the employee back to work, including: getting a medical report from their GP with the employee’s permission - they have the right to see the report before you do arranging an occupational health assessment work out whether or not they’re disabled and make any reasonable adjustments to help them do their job If the employee cannot do their job because there are no reasonable adjustments that can be made, it may be fair for you to dismiss them, even if they’re disabled.
  9. Eye, It makes you wonder about what could and perhaps what should have been this season.......anyway, onward and upwards as they say.
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