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    Goal we conceded

    We had a centre back on the bench and CC chose to play a fullback in the centre! Clueless !
  2. chezzyowl62

    Get well soon megan

    In a mass of what if threads , who we sign threads ,proud of fans threads a great sentiment! Bravo mate !
  3. chezzyowl62

    Karl Harris

    RIP karl sad to loose any biker and sheffield lad !
  4. chezzyowl62

    When this takeover is finalised...

    Fryatt and wickham ! Hahaha ! I wish !
  5. Let he who is without sin cast first stone ! We have all broke the law at some time ie :- Speeding which could end in serious consciences .Why do so many people get on there high horse on this forum ! Sorry rant over WAWAW
  6. chezzyowl62

    Chris Maguire Song

    Oh oh maguires on fire ! Tune of sex on fire ! Short and easy to pick up !
  7. Some good points made mate !i'm in !
  8. Best read I've had on here for ages ! Thanks very interesting !
  9. chezzyowl62


    sorry I forgot the happy clapper boys don't like anyone with an opinion ! I give up Jones is doing a great job your right div 1 away days are great fun !
  10. chezzyowl62


    take a look at the championship league table !
  11. chezzyowl62


    season ticket holder for 30 years mate ! But I don't wear rose tinted glasses wake up and smell the coffee this is the worst football we have had to suffer for a long time ! We need a motivator to lift a poor side to scrape the points ! And no I don't know who would be good for the job but whoever it may be could do no worse than jones
  12. chezzyowl62


    you must be blind do you go to games it's soul destroying how can anyone argue for jones ! Bottom of the league no win all season shall I go on and make a little list !
  13. chezzyowl62


    and that little list isn't childish ?
  14. chezzyowl62

    Shirt logo

    Am I the first ? Just put new home shirt on for first time and the wan disco logo is peeling off ! Ha ha poo quality now I have to que on a match day for a replacement . Please have Adidas or Nike next Milan or will that be Sammy by next season
  15. chezzyowl62

    Shirt logo

    why seems a wired question !
  16. chezzyowl62

    Anfield bound..

    Count me in !
  17. chezzyowl62

    respect to blades fans

    Rivalry dont matter at times like this ! Respect to the blades who have passed on condolences !
  18. chezzyowl62

    RIP Dad

    Rip thoughts with you and family mate !
  19. chezzyowl62

    Summer blues

    june19 mate
  20. chezzyowl62

    Away Games

    Best away day doing double over Piggies at bum hole stain Tudgay and Spurr ! Worst Reading lost 6 0 that was a long drive home !
  21. chezzyowl62

    Staton tweets

    Any time soon ! Still talking to players !
  22. No way ! Simple no way dispise the witch ! Sorry dont want to offend anyone but im a x miner !