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  1. Some of the comments on here... yikes, so many experts yet, such little common sense.
  2. Playoffs lol... I'm more worried about the points deduction and a relegation battle
  3. I might dig my reply out from the thread where half of the forum said he was done... Give him a run of games with no injuries and he will be back to one of or even the best player we have.
  4. I defenitly wouldn't judge Lee until he has a proper run in the first team...
  5. Not even close I'd put me ahead of moses, Palmer everyday
  6. Potential for a record breaking thread.
  7. You also watched a different game to me then
  8. He looked brilliant vs Barnsley and since that doesn't seem to have the same hunger
  9. He also said an appointment would be very quick after Bruce went, I thought he was more a troll than ITK?
  10. You would have thought after Norwich were after him he had something about him, turns out he does, could be on to a good player here
  11. They deserve a shot at something a bit further up the table whether that be with us or not I feel like someone will gamble on them soon
  12. Ffs I've been in one of these threads before, it cost me some proper battery life
  13. Not convinced yet but still early days, couple of times today he looked very unsure
  14. I don't even get the logic behind it from their side, is it just a bluff gone wrong?
  15. As people have said at our budget and on what we have to offer every manager would be a "gamble" there's not one appointment we could make that would guarantee anything. This guy has worked with some good pedigree and has some v good experience (also knows the championship) first job, young, hungry and will want to do well. Yes it will be a gamble, but I could think of worse names...
  16. The arms and hands being flung about, the facial expressions and general body language, also watch the way he gets up and leaves. If anyone sees this meeting as positive I'd be surprised.
  17. They were clearly arguing / heated discussion
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