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    He's obviously playing because we can't play Westwood for whatever reason. Is he a bad keeper no, he's young and has bags of potential, but at the moment he's just not ready. There's such a lack of communication which nearly cost on a couple of times, his coming for a ball from crosses seems awful and overall it just puts no confidence into the back 4 and it shows we look so nervous and mistake prone and the back. That said, we can't do much about it we have to back him and hope he learns quickly, we were close to going 3rd tonight which with the selection of players we have brought in youth wise has to be a massive plus.
  2. Looking forward to seeing Hunt
  3. Gutted that we won't see him play for us again, still has so much to offer...
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    Nixon on Birmingham wondering it it's same for us BIRMINGHAM. Signings approached in last week were told that the club would be allowed to sign them from August 1. This is say when League issues ‘supposed’ to be settled. Let’s see if that will actually be the case. Not the only club waiting on this permission.
  6. Jones was shocking Fletcher was better than what some have said Joao has great feet but just needs to stop over doing it at times
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    Thoughts After Today

    I know it was only a friendly but I hope to God Jones gets no where near the first tram, also thought Fletcher looked decent...
  8. Has to be given the chance really, can't judge him based on coming into this poo show this season.
  9. Loovens should never play for us again, I don't dislike the guy but he's well past it not and even more of a liability than before.
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    a lot of praise for Stobbs from the other lot also
  11. At the moment that would be an upgrade
  12. How does loovens keep getting a game
  13. 3mps

    Kieran lee

    Was at the Claremont the other day but not sure on the outcome. I think he's one of the most underrated players in this league and one of our biggest losses.
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    Surely we replace him...