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  1. The arms and hands being flung about, the facial expressions and general body language, also watch the way he gets up and leaves. If anyone sees this meeting as positive I'd be surprised.
  2. They were clearly arguing / heated discussion
  3. If anyone takes ferrets word for it, you can still get 1.9 on the exchange
  4. Looking at the people commenting on twitter ( the respected ones) its highly unlikely he will be our manager for much longer. How deflating for the staff, players and fans, really hope we go out and get someone decent quick.
  5. What's happened to him, looks like a new player and pretty good at that
  6. Sky Italia reporting that #SWFC have made a bid for Parma forward Johnathan Biabiany
  7. If we can get 10m for him take it
  8. Great engine on him, never stops
  9. I doubt he stays. But honestly believe proper run of games in the right team and he will still bang them in, the guy is a natural finisher.
  10. He's obviously playing because we can't play Westwood for whatever reason. Is he a bad keeper no, he's young and has bags of potential, but at the moment he's just not ready. There's such a lack of communication which nearly cost on a couple of times, his coming for a ball from crosses seems awful and overall it just puts no confidence into the back 4 and it shows we look so nervous and mistake prone and the back. That said, we can't do much about it we have to back him and hope he learns quickly, we were close to going 3rd tonight which with the selection of players we have brought in youth wise has to be a massive plus.
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