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  1. Great thread, buts it's cost me a lot of time off work to read it.
  2. Wilder has shown previously that no one is safe, yet sharp offers fack all and he's still getting 90 mins, seems a little odd.. They were willing to spend 18m on a keeper yet still have oli, mcgoldick and sharp
  3. I don't understand wilder still playing sharp, he showed last season he's basically useless in that league and he's going to continue with him?
  4. I'd be shocked if we bought him...
  5. Can't pretend to have seen much of him before, but to me looks like there's a player in there the few times I have seen him. Few starts or some good game time could do wonders for him. I know one things for sure, there are players who are much more deserving of criticism ( if owlstalk really have to give the usual)
  6. 139 pages, not got chance to read them all, anyone kind enough for a summary
  7. Some of the comments on here... yikes, so many experts yet, such little common sense.
  8. Playoffs lol... I'm more worried about the points deduction and a relegation battle
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