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  1. Lees and Loovens

    Loovens should never play for us again, I don't dislike the guy but he's well past it not and even more of a liability than before.
  2. U23's

    a lot of praise for Stobbs from the other lot also
  3. At the moment that would be an upgrade
  4. How does loovens keep getting a game
  5. Kieran lee

    Was at the Claremont the other day but not sure on the outcome. I think he's one of the most underrated players in this league and one of our biggest losses.
  6. Rhodes

    Surely we replace him...
  7. Anyone heard why he was there tonight?
  8. The day they got 15k at home in a playoff game was the day they couldn't argue about support any longer.
  9. It's a good job they got off to a flyer, because their form over the last 10 games or so...
  10. will we be bouncing

    You are kidding
  11. Assistant manager

    hopefully be mira kelworker
  12. More Nixon comments

    he's not always been 100% but you can't doubt he's more or less usually on the money, obviously has some good connections
  13. Jos Luhukay

    Good old owlstalk, already had the verdict out on him
  14. The final straw

    It's a weird one, call me naive, but if Carlos hadn't lost the dressing room and if we hadn't had as many injuries ( not sure how many are related to the first point ) then I'm almost certain we wouldn't be in this position and chansiri wouldn't be receiving as much backlash as he is. I don't think he's perfect and I doubt there are many clubs out there which are perfectly happy, but I think on the whole he's trying to do the right thing The latest CEO appointment makes me nervous but I'm not about to have a meltdown just yet, I'm sure the correct thing to do is at least give her a chance, imagine how many times over the years we have listened to stories / opinions / judged, before we actually gave it chance only to be proved wrong.