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  1. Can't pretend to have seen much of him before, but to me looks like there's a player in there the few times I have seen him. Few starts or some good game time could do wonders for him. I know one things for sure, there are players who are much more deserving of criticism ( if owlstalk really have to give the usual)
  2. 139 pages, not got chance to read them all, anyone kind enough for a summary
  3. Some of the comments on here... yikes, so many experts yet, such little common sense.
  4. Playoffs lol... I'm more worried about the points deduction and a relegation battle
  5. I might dig my reply out from the thread where half of the forum said he was done... Give him a run of games with no injuries and he will be back to one of or even the best player we have.
  6. I defenitly wouldn't judge Lee until he has a proper run in the first team...
  7. Not even close I'd put me ahead of moses, Palmer everyday
  8. Potential for a record breaking thread.
  9. You also watched a different game to me then
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