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  1. I have 2 adult and 2 children's Ipswich tickets for sale in the family stand. Adult tickets £21 each, kids a quid. DM me if interested
  2. My dads favourite player was Ron Springett. Those saying David Hurst was their dads fave makes me feel old!
  3. thanks! :)) Agreed we're all wednesday! uto. witd
  4. i think i mustve come across wrong, my boy sings the wednesday songs, he doesnt necessarily say the swear words cos he knows he shouldnt but he hears them and i accept that is part of football. ive told him that is what happens at football and he is intelligent enough to know the difference of where and when swearing is acceptable. i will not be moving from the kop to the south stand simply as i cannot afford it and will not pay for the "privelidge" (if thats what it is) i was brought up on the kop and no harms come to me!
  5. foooking crazy! pc gone mad! my 9yr old boy hears all the swearing and will sing along, he loves it, ive just said only at footy!!! í ½í¸œ
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