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  1. I was surprised that he didn't leave in the summer but I would rather we kept DJ than Teale. He isn't good enough for the Championship though, League One at least..
  2. Sensible move. Should free up some wages for Wednesday too. He's obviously not in Megson's plans so what would be the point in him staying with the squad and not playing! At least this should put Reynolds in the shop window and hopefully, it will get him a full transfer away in the summer, which would suit the player and our club. I'm confident that Mark has played his last game for us - no hard feeling towards him; it just didn't work out here.
  3. Another fantastic bit of business if we can get him for free.
  4. London club gets the rub of the green from the football authorities shocker. Not that it should make that much difference. As long as our club ensure that we put out our strongest side possible next weekend, I don't care who plays for Charlton.
  5. I'm reasonably pleased that we have West Ham in the cup, nothing to lose and it's a decent marker to see how we compare against a very good NPC team.
  6. I'd rather wait and laugh at them in May, safe in the knowledge that topics like this won't come back to bite us in the arse.
  7. Scoring isn't a problem. We've failed to score in just two league matches in 24 this season! The majority of our squad have chipped in with goals at some point and we're always a threat from set pieces. I'm more concerned about how many cheap goals we've given away recently. That's what may cost us an automatic spot. We would have gone 3-0 up had Reda's second goal been given. That would have been game over - shame the ref bottled it.
  8. I like Bywater and signing an experienced keeper after the Stevenage match was one of the reasons that our season has turned around since September but Bywater certainly wouldn't have got to the shot at the end that was heading straight for the top corner. Weaver was quality today and it's great to have lots of competition for the no.1 shirt!
  9. I can see both sides of the O'Grady arguement. He isn't convincing in front of goal, which was highlighted with the miss today when the keeper was already beat but he does create lots space for other players to exploit. We're 2nd in the league with an excellent points total and O'Grady has played a vital part in that. I think some posters need to give the guy a break.
  10. JJ is worth keeping until the summer. But he's always been poor defensively and he's getting on a bit now so his pace will go soon. I would let him go if when we get promoted in May. Not good enough for the championship..
  11. A draw would still put us in a decent position going into 3 home league games in a row but there is no reason why we can’t get all 3 point either. It’s a good time to play PNE because 1. Mellor is out injured 2. They are in really bad form 3. They haven’t sorted out a new manger yet 4. Their financial troubles mean that some players will be preparing to leave PNE in January window. It will be very interesting to see how we respond to the defeat at Walsall - particularly if we need to defend a lead in the later stages.
  12. A quick comparison: Wednesday games played with O'Donnell in net this season: 11 Wednesday goals conceeded with O'Donnell in net this season: 17 Wednesday clean sheets with O'Donnell in net this season: 3 Wednesday games played with Bywater in net this season: 12 Wednesday goals conceeded with Bywater in net this season: 12 Wednesday clean sheets with Bywater in net this season: 6 Obviously statistics don't tell the whole story but I think the inexperience of O'Donnell is too much of a gamble when we have a good chance of promotion in the next few months. Really hope we re-sign Bywater again - we might not have capitulated at Walsall with him marshalling the defence.
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