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  1. Cowley is all set to become the new Portsmouth manager now. I’d tip Cowley to get Pompey up, if not this season, then in 2022. Could be the one that got away for us.
  2. Oh dear, talk about re-writing history. For the record, I don’t have anything against Luhukay or Bruce. Not a fan of either too. Both are just run-of-the-mill managers. Both had a hand in a small part of our recent past.
  3. When it comes to Ravel Morrison, the lad’s natural talent with a ball has never been in doubt. But the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Sam Allardyce & Chris Wilder have all had him in their squads. And all of those highly-competent managers, have ultimately decided that Morrison isn’t someone they can put their trust in. Am I confident that Darren Moore is the guy to get a tune out of Morrison? Absolutely not. Ravel Morrison is a bad egg IMO. Your messiah DC has taken us from a well-ran Championship club to a badly-ran League One club. Do you reflect now that the lengths you went to defend Chansiri (not SWFC, just the owner and his decisions) on here was inappropriate? Yes or no?
  4. If you were asking about records relating only to runs under a new manager, then why didn’t you make that clear in the first place?
  5. Fixed it for you. There’s the route of all of our prombles. Most of our players are low on confidence, out of contract this summer and eyeing up their next transfer away from SWFC. Players should be taking responsibility and should be desperately trying to keep this club in the Championship. But we don’t live in an ideal world. You’re never going to get 100% effort from footballers with so much off-the-field instability here.
  6. A very quick Google search will tell you that SWFC’s longest run without a league win is 20 games from Jan 1975 to Aug 1975. Pulis wasn’t even in charge for 20 league games. Please don’t spread fake news.
  7. Nah it is baseless speculation mate. You're not just repeating what’s been said. You’re drawing your own conclusions from things that haven’t been said by anyone of any credibility or relevance. Big difference.
  8. Baseless speculation. And giving players ‘the hairdryer’ treatment rarely works on a medium/long-term basis. Might have done in the 1980s but not in 2021. As a football coach/manager, you’ve got to be smarter than that now. Let’s give Darren Moore a few weeks in the job before writing him off, eh?
  9. Yep it’s a total disgrace. Thing is, this relegation has been coming for a long time. Chansiri has ran the club like a circus for years. Fanbase did next to nowt about it when it mattered. If a miracle happens and we somehow stay up, there are fans that will actually praise Chansiri. We’re handcuffed to this prat until sells up and f*cks off.
  10. As a season ticket holder, that’s exactly how I feel.
  11. We’re down. Time to look forward to next season.
  12. Bang on the money pal. We’re all frustrated - we’ve lost 7 games on the spin and we’re heading for relegation. This thread is full of overly-emotional b*llocks.
  13. Ah, this word in bold - this is where your argument falls to pieces.
  14. F*ck all really. Windass mouthed something in frustration. Crime of the century apparently.
  15. Pelupessy is garbage mate. The Dutch James O’Connor. His best attributes that he brings are that he’s rarely injured or suspended. And that he’s a trier. Other than that, he’s not good enough to be a Championship regular central midfielder IMO. Disagree, Windass is more than good enough for League One IMO. If Windass is moved on this summer, then it will probably be to a Championship club. And if the player is moved on, Darren Moore may not be able to attract a player of similar ability to drop down to play in League One in order to replace a departing Windass...
  16. That’s because we have very little attacking quality in the squad. Not saying we’re blessed with with good defenders. But our defence isn’t as bad as our attack is. When you have 4 different managers over the course of the season, that tells you that the managers themselves aren’t the main problem.
  17. Which coaching staff? We’ve had 4 different combinations this season.
  18. Storm in a teacup this. Windass will score plenty in League One next season. If he’s managed right. Embarrassing thread.
  19. Regardless of whether we lost 2-1 or 10-0, you still get the same amount of points. No offence intended but anyone using the “we didn’t get hammered” chestnut as a positive is a mug IMO. We took the lead, then crumbled yet again and dropped more points. We are down.
  20. Depends what you class as ‘expensive’. Thing is, we have a ridiculous amount of first team players out of contract in the summer. As we know, this is down to rank bad squad management from within the club. Inevitably, some of our squad players will be retained this summer, just to ease some of the burden on our recruitment team (who, fingers crossed, should be busy this summer). However most fans will agree that our player’s performances since Xmas 2019 haven’t deserved a retention of any their services. Frustrating as it is, we will have to be patient and pragmatic in this particular area IMO.
  21. I thought that was the EFL’s fault, or Steve Bruce’s fault, or SWFC fan’s fault, or... I’ve lost track and cannot keep up with who is to blame (who isn’t called Chansiri). One of Chansiri’s acolytes will pop in and tell us all soon. Although they’re all very quiet these days.
  22. There’s actually loads of things that Chansiri could do to win me back: 1 - Appoint competent people to run the day-to-day stuff (CEO, DoF etc etc); get a proper infrastructure at the club. 2 - Give Hillsborough stadium back to SWFC. 3 - Start showing some respect to our fans and our club’s traditions. 4 - A total overhaul of the ticket pricing structure. The cost for SWFC tickets is disgustingly high. 5 - No more Champions League prices for a pub league product. 6 - The club have appointed Darren Moore. Now SWFC have to do all they can to back their man. 7 - Chansiri’s decisions have lead us to a situation where we have somewhere between 10-20 first team players expectedly to leave us this summer. The next transfer window is going to be an expensive one for you, DC. Get your cheque book out son and sign some young, skilful, dynamic players for next season. 8 - Stop making rash, ego-driven decisions. 9 - Actually pay employees on time and their full wages. 10 - Learn from your mistakes. 11 - Get an actual shirt-sponsorship deal sorted with a suitable outside company, or don’t have one at all. The fans don’t want Chansiri splashed across their shirt. 12 - Refund the fans the money they are legally owed. 13 - Throw the golden elephants in the Don. I’m sickened by Chansiri’s arrogance, recklessness and stupidity, which over the last 6 years, has destroyed my club from within. However I am a very forgiving person if an individual shows they are willing to listen and change. I won’t hold my breath. Over to you Chansiri...
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