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  1. Neither Pulis or Moore are to blame for our impending relegation. Only one man to blame for that...
  2. I pray that SWFC’s hierarchy doesn’t have that same arrogant and out of touch opinion as you. If the club continues to balls things up in the same manner they have, we won’t finish top half.
  3. The players aren't responsible for failing to assemble a competitive squad. The players aren’t responsible for 2/3rds of our squad being out of contract this summer. The players aren’t responsible for the financially mismanagement that caused us to have our first ever points deduction in our 150 years history. The players aren’t responsible for the instability that SWFC’s financial mismanagement has caused. The players aren’t responsible for the several transfer embargos we have had. The players aren’t responsible for not paying club staff on time, which also creates a ripple-effect of instability. It all comes back to the club’s hierarchy.
  4. I completely agree with that prediction. And there’s one man I blame for that. And it’s not Darren Moore...
  5. Cardiff needed the points more (when we beat them 5-0 last week) than Swansea do (currently). Swansea are likely to finish in the playoffs. They won’t drop out of the top 6 now. And their top 2 aspirations are over. Swans’ players will be focused on keeping themselves fit and injury-free for the playoffs next month. Which could actually be an advantage for us tonight. Effort beats talent... Difficult game? yes. Can we get anything tonight? yes, Swansea have lost 4 of their last 5 games.
  6. If Moore gets the sack/walks at the end of the season, DC will blame him.
  7. It’s a total none issue in relation to Chris Waddle’s recent comments. Any chance we can get back on topic?
  8. This Watford side have lost to both QPR and Bournemouth in the last couple of months. Failed to score against a dismal Coventry side too. Just saying like. They’re hardly Bayern Munich.
  9. Reyt, so we’re on the verge of relegation to League One, SWFC is up to its neck in debt, we don’t own any players worth selling/building our team around and the club’s infrastructure is Conference North standard. Yeah, but Palmer said summat daft apparently. Nice to see you’ve spotted what’s the most important issue. Muppet.
  10. Don't forget the disgraceful abuse that club legend, David Hirst’s family have had to endure... @TomtheOwl95 What relevance does that have to a thread about Chris Waddle then?
  11. Our record since Monk was fired = 26 points from 26 league matches. Awful. SWFC's failings have done plenty to protect Monk's reputation. Having said that, I don't care much for gormless Monk. And his time here as manager was a mostly joyless era. I hated the appointment from day 1. And I made my feeling on here about that well known.
  12. No offence mate but you lost me here. I had no interest in reading anything you had to say beyond that point. I tend to live in reality.
  13. It shows you how dogger the Championship is this season - Barnsley are comfortably in the playoff spots with less than a dozen games to go. Meanwhile we’re in the bottom 3 and staring relegation in the face. Puts it in perspective of how bad we are.
  14. Given our injuries and recently-appointed manager, isn’t it a good thing that we’ve got a little time to get some players back and for the new coach a chance to get his ideas across?
  15. When you take into account the ripoff transfer fee we paid for the player in 2017, the signing-on fee, eye-watering wages, appearance bonuses, etc... I wonder if we’re at a stage now where Rhodesy’s goal-contributions are costing us less than £1,000,000 per goal. I’m pleased for the guy. But as a SWFC fan, I deeply wish we’d never signed him. And I can’t wait until he’s no longer our player.
  16. I’m neither surprised, or concerned. We’re down anyway. And Barnsley are as nailed on to win today, as you’ll get for a Championship fixture. We need to sign a new first choice goalkeeper in the summer. Westwood needs releasing. Loan Dawson out to League Two for a season. He’ll benefit a lot from that IMO.
  17. Nailed it. Darren Moore is getting pelters in this thread. But he can only pick what he has available to him.
  18. I’ve had real concerns about the running of SWFC under DC for years. Prior to this season, I voiced my concerns, fears and predictions about the situation on this board many times in a constructive manner. And in doing that, I frequently received a mixture of ridicule, abuse and accusations of being a pig by other forum members. Now that the sh*t has well and truly hit the fan, I don’t feel vindicated, I just feel numb. And so the worst part, for me, is that the mistakes of the last few years have been there for all to see. And consequently our relegation was inevitable before a ball was even kicked this season.
  19. But I thought we were the worstest fans in the world. The players are scared to play in front of us nasty fans as we expect too much of them, right? Another myth blown apart.
  20. The Star will no doubt be banned from covering future club events, press conferences etc for having the audacity to tell the truth here. Certain people at our club don’t like it when the blame is apportioned onto them...
  21. @Zarostulus Excellent post yesterday. An interesting read. But there’s a part of that post that doesn't ring true to me. When a club spends beyond their means, they don’t always go into admin though do they? Wigan Athletic went into admin because their owners made the decision to put them into admin. Half the club’s in the Championship are losing large sums of money per season - I’m assuming Barnsley might be an exception to this and fair enough, if that’s the case. But in the last 10 years, it’s been rare for a Championship club to go into admin whilst still a Championship team. It wasn’t Paul Cook’s, Wigan’s player’s or their fan’s fault that they were put in that situation. To imply otherwise is disingenuous IMO.
  22. It’s based on f*ck all mate. Some fans have to have some kind of hope to cling onto. Understandable but a bit soft IMO. I prefer to call a spade, a spade. Moore’s squad management and team building under this regime, is yet to be tested. It’s an unknown. We’ll see what the summer has in store. There are lots of things that we, as fans, are a lot more certain about when it comes to Chansiri FC. Better to live in reality IMO. But the naked truth is too much to bare for some.
  23. As frustrating as that situation is, how is it Shaw’s fault that: - SWFC allowed a talented, promising youth player to run his contract down. - SWFC failed to anticipate that Shaw would have other potential suitors. - Shaw feels that Celtic are a better club to be at than SWFC for a young player on the up. Your anger is directed at the wrong man. If we were to bin Shaw off on the basis that Shaw won’t be here next season, then you may as well just play Bannan and the rest of the under-23s against Barnsley on Saturday. We have lots of players out of contract this summer. Somewhere between 10-20 of our first team squad will be leaving the club this summer unless there is an unexpected turn of events. Having said all of that, we are almost certain to be relegated, regardless of whom takes to the field IMO.
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