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  1. Can you point out where I said he is a great manager?
  2. I would’ve taken Paul Cook as manager here at any point since Steve Bruce left. Cook’s a competent coach that has won promotions with 3 different EFL teams since 2014. I think he’ll get a fourth with Ipswich. I felt Cook would’ve been a decent candidate to keep us in the Championship despite the off-field turmoil here. Instead, the club hierarchy felt that the best way to go was to give that position to Monk (zero promotions as a manager, expert in getting himself fired), Pulis (dinosaur), Thompson (caretaker, out of his depth) and Moore (had little chance of keeping us up in fairness). How did that go?
  3. Relegation is never a good thing. Especially in the era of FFP & P&S, given the rebuild we’ve had to undertake. It’s imperative that we somehow get out of this crappy league at the very first attempt.
  4. Wrong section. Move all pig related nonsense to the non-SWFC forum.
  5. Oh dear, Wednesday v Millers isn’t a derby. Never has been. Important fixture against a local rival? Yes. Derby game? Absolutely not.
  6. I wouldn’t attend these glorified friendly games, even if they were free. As I’ve posted in another thread, an absolute abomination of a tournament.
  7. Proper tinpot all this. Our first league game for 18 months and we’ve got ST holders having to p*ss about to get their tickets, as it’s not been sorted. Not to mention all the added stress. Club should be welcoming fans back with open arms. Trust is very easily lost. Personally, I got my ST in the post a couple of days back but I feel for those that have been let down here.
  8. That humiliation might occur next year if pigs get promoted back to the Prem this season. That pizza trophy thing is an abomination of a tournament.
  9. Sunderland, Ipswich, Portsmouth will all beat our average attendance this season. They are also my predictions to finish in the top 3 in the league table. Well there’s a surprise eh. The club is run by absolute mugs.
  10. It’s live on Sky and Charlton is hardly a local fixture. Any SWFC fan with half a brain that wants to watch this match, will watch it on the box. Unless you’re minted and have nothing else going on in your life, why would you burn the best part of £100 on tickets, travel, food, beer (and also have to spend all Saturday darn saarf), when you can just watch the game anyway and save the hassle.
  11. I can’t be certain of how we’ll do - none of us are. But let’s be real, of the players we’ve signed this summer, 99% of our fanbase have never heard of any of them before these last few weeks. So there’s very little to get excited about there, if we’re honest. Just saying that I broadly agree with a football journalist’s summation of our current situation. What is it that you don’t buy? As a season ticket holder of many years, I’m desperate for this club to start to dig itself out of this spiral of mismanagement we’re caught in. Why would you imply different? The comment in the Bannan thread was tonge-in-cheek. I’m not expecting a serious promotion challenge this season, with or without BB. I don’t think we’ll be back in the Championship until Chansiri sells the club to someone who knows what they’re doing. Let’s hope I’m talking sh*t...
  12. Not a single word in that OP that I disagree with. Sadly, we're in for another season of sh*t IMO. Really hope I'm wrong.
  13. Chansiri's utter recklessness and mismanagement of the club over the course of the last 5 years eventually resulted in us being relegated mate. Deluded to say otherwise.
  14. zzzzzzzz Reach won our Player of the Year not so long back, was always available for selection and represented the club well throughout his time here IMO.
  15. Based on? Not disputing it. Just saying that people are working on assumptions. No one has a clue how much Bannan is on compared to the rest of our first team players. Just playing a guessing game. I prefer to deal in facts. Its a grim time to be a SWFC fan. We’re all trying to look for that silver lining in this grey cloud. Absolutely no point deluding yourselves though. He’s our best player, one of the few that came out of last season with any credit. We won’t replace him with better given we surrendered our Championship status. If we let Bannan go for a £1 million quid fee, we’ve been tucked up. Good and proper.
  16. How do you know Bannan is our top-earner? How much more is he earning per annum than our second-highest earner? Can you link me to the source of your info on our player’s salaries?
  17. Grasping at straws there. A £1 million quid transfer fee is peanuts compared to the level of revenue we’d need to generate in order to keep our heads above P&S threshold. This is another Lee Grant type transfer saga - selling our best player for f*ck all - against a back-drop of relegation and financial turmoil. Did selling Lee Grant in 2010 save us the club almost going bust? No, it just ensured we went down with worst squad depth in a key area.
  18. No delusions from me. We’re a basket case. I’ve been more or less right about 95% of my predictions and fears during the DC era. And I’ve been abused many times on here for being vocal about my doubts and concerns - most of which ended up being bang on the money - much to my horror. But if the best anyone can up with, in support of this potential transfer, is: We’ll be crap even if we hold onto Bannan. Then it’s hardly a ringing endorsement. Hate everything about this if it happens.
  19. So it’s fine that we’re about to lose our best player and captain 2 weeks before the season kicks off? Amazing.
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