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  1. A few overly-emotional comments here. We need about 40 points from the remaining 22 games to get into the top 6. Which translates to something like 11 wins, 7 draws, 4 defeats. Is it likely we’ll hit that form? Nah, I wouldn’t bet on it. Is it possible we’ll turn things around (with DM in charge, or not) and make the playoffs? Yep, it’s possible. Our performances for most of this season have been dogsh*te. And our last two fixtures were shambolic. Yet we’re 9th. This league is utter crap. Therefore, no reason to be waving the white flag with 22 league games to go. Its the hope that kills you and all that.
  2. Why would Alex Neil want to come to us? Serious question. He'll be offered a Championship job soon enough. Probably once Preston stop paying him to sit at home. If Moore gets sacked, I dread to think who we'll end up with.
  3. 18 months is a long time in football. Has a habit of making people look silly. Can those who feel Lee Johnson isn’t a good enough manager for this club come back and tell us again why that is?
  4. Any particular reason why you didn't highlight Roy Hodgson, Slaven Bilic and Steve Clarke? Also, if you were going to select 3 of the worst West Brom managers in the last 15 years or so, why not include Bryan Robson, Alan Pardew and Sam Allardyce? Poor effort mate.
  5. Wow - Carlos compared with Sir Alex. Not heard that one before
  6. And a significant enough points deduction could throw us into a relegation battle. Baring the upset against Sunderland, we've all but forgotten how to win, unless we're playing the Dog & Duck in the pizza trophy.
  7. What's your issue with playing Corbeanu as an inside-forward as part of a front three @McRightSide ?
  8. Isn't it a coincidence that the best ran clubs (I'm thinking West Brom, Brentford, Brighton, Millwall, Leicester etc) more often than not, end up with the good coaches. As the saying goes, you make your own luck..
  9. Carvalhal left us with an ageing unbalanced squad, in financial peril and battling against relegation. Bruce quit after just 18 games. How were either of those “successful appointments”?
  10. I’m not fussed that we lost tonight and stats only tell half the story. But that win percentage is unacceptable given that DM has had the benefit of playing League Two and under-23 sides in the Papa John’s, to boost his figures. Just nowhere near good enough.
  11. Giving 33 year old Gregory anything longer than a one year deal was short-sighted business too. Wonder when the hell we’ll see him again.
  12. I wouldn’t trust DC to tie his own shoe laces. He’s absolutely clueless. The bloke has had 6 attempts to appoint a good manager and he’s failed every time.
  13. Agreed. Unfortunately modern day football has no ethics.
  14. While we're discussing predictions.. ..if we fail to go up this season, our attendances next season will be closer to the 7,261 we managed today, than to the 20,000 (approx) attendances we've had thus far in 21-22.
  15. 15 points from the last 12 league games. Aye, it is disappointing. Last night was good though. As has been said, 3-0 flattered us.
  16. No. Didn't we do well getting a point each from the mighty Cambridge United and AFC Wimbledon. Btw, it's lose, not loose.
  17. We've won one game from the last 5. For me, if Sunderland's offside goal doesn't get chalked off last night, we don't score a second.
  18. That rancid Sunderland team are in the playoff positions with a 60% win ratio in the league this season Just shows you how dogger this league is.
  19. Spend a fortune, achieve f*ck all, bottle it in the big games, talk in riddles, and leave with the club in financial peril?
  20. Pretty much sums it up. The good ol' "we end everyone's bad runs" cliche. How original. Yes. If you ignore all their recent defeats, Sunderland only ever draw or win.
  21. Can you explain how Sunderland are decent? Got d*cked 5-1 by RUFC at the weekend. Lost at home to struggling Charlton the previous weekend. Destroyed 4-0 by midtable Portsmouth earlier in October. Yes we are god-awful right now but we're not playing anyone we should fear tonight.
  22. 2 league wins from the last 9 fixtures. Not a chance that we’re going up this season IMO.
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