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  1. Good - get the big lad back in the team. Hopefully he isn’t the only senior player involved. I know Jos has to manage the squad rotation with Brentford in mind. But I cant understand the logic of playing a scratch team against Sunderland that gives ourselves no chance of winning tomorrow.
  2. You disagree that he’s been great for us then? The bloke won us loads of matches over the course of his time here and ended up with, approx 50 clean sheets in his first 3 seasons (followed by the injury-ravaged 17/18 season). What else could Westwood have done for us? I’ve already spelled it out in the post you quoted that Wildsmith and Dawson have my full support.
  3. I understand that the club want to move Westwood on for financial reasons. Likewise, I’ve no problem with Dawson, Wildsmith or any young player starting fixtures for us, if they perform well. If we’re going to build for the future, let’s start now. But I think the way that Westwood, a club legend, has been treated recently has been shoddy and lacks class IMO. Feel for the guy. Not nice seeing him squeezed out of the club in this way. Has been immense for us over the years. The club may also have devalued our own selling asset by advertising to every club in the league that Westwood is out of favour here. What’s to stop a potential league rival asking to take Westwood on loan and paying under 50% of his wages? Everyone now knows the club hierarchy are desperate to move him out - not smart IMO.
  4. The Captain

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Was disappointed to see Jones not moved on in the summer. Although, given that: 1. We’ve been under an embargo, so haven’t been able to bring in any midfielders to solve our lack of depth at CM. 2. Kieran Lee is still on the mend from a long-term injury. 3. The continued absence of Almen Abdi. 4. Hutchinson is likely to be required to be in defence this season, given our lack of depth at CB. 5. Pelupessy is fine to have as a squad player but isn’t a long-term solution at CM. Jones could actually end up getting plenty of minutes on the pitch for us this season. Would be all the more bizarre if we end up with another Westwood/McGugan/Hirst freeze out situation.
  5. The Captain

    Ash Baker

    Give Baker the RWB role for the season; he’s clearly capable and has years ahead to improve and develop. Keep him in the team unless he picks up an injury or suspension. Let’s see what he can do over the next 44 league games. We have very few credible options available in that position. So, what’s the worst that can happen?
  6. The Captain

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    The whole Westwood affair is getting embarrassing. The way that the ‘powers that be’ are ‘freezing out’ Westwood, a club legend, is shoddy IMO. I’ve lost quite a bit of respect for Jos Luhukay over this saga, personally.
  7. The Captain

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Not a great attendance for the first home league game of the season in a Yorkshire Derby IMO. Didnt help that Hull’s following was laughable. This is what happens when you price non-ST holders out of the club.
  8. The Captain

    Clare joins Swansea

    And within the last 12 months, the level and standard that he’s played at has gone up and up. Now he’s got to prove himself at a new club. Can’t say I’ll have any interest in how he does but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him succeed there too.
  9. The Captain

    Clare joins Swansea

    Not really, the role of wing-backs is increasing important in the modern game. Speaks volume that he got played so regularly and Gillingham fans were wanting Clare to return after his loan spell ended. Anyway, we’re obviously not going to agree. All about opinions innit.
  10. The Captain

    Clare joins Swansea

    Cheers for the ‘neg’ lad. I’ll just leave this quote here. That’s high praise. Are you always so consistent with your opinions?
  11. The Captain

    Clare joins Swansea

    Makes you wonder why a decent club, that are recently relegated from the Premiership, have signed him up if he is so rubbish then. Like I say, Clare is not the finished article but there’s a player in there. His MOTM performance against promotion-chasing Derby in February showed that IMO. I would have liked him to stay, to give us more options at CM and RWB where we are lacking, if nothing else.
  12. The Captain

    Clare joins Swansea

    Bad news for us, this. Although sadly it’s looked inevitable for months. Obviously he’s not the finished article. But the lad is dynamic, has pace, can play RWB or CM (2 areas where we are short on numbers), knows where the net is and has years ahead of him to improve. Clare was a breathe of fresh air last season during our mid-season struggle. And unlike Hurst, Clare showed that he is capable of making his mark as a Championship player. So predictable that we’ve got the usual ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ and ‘he was sh*t anyway’ cliches littered throughout this thread. The kid doesn’t owe us anything - he’s out of contract and in demand by a club with a better prospect of getting into the Premiership than us IMO. The only positive is if there is a ‘sell-on’ fee as part of the compensation package. Anyone know how likely this is? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the end of the world. We move on as a club and I won’t be one of those fans giving him a round of applause if/when he plays against us in future (why do fans even do that for no-marks like Beevers, Grant, Kenweyn Jones etc). Won’t be booing him either. Wish Clare had not left though. Another decent player moved on without being replaced. We’ve had a bit of a habit doing that recently; Hunt, Wallace, Venancio. Hopefully that’s the last bit of bad news for the club today...
  13. The Captain

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    In other words, the sales for the £90 were terrible because 99% of our fanbase knew it was a total rip-off. So the club have backed down and put it back to a more reasonable (although far from cheap) sale price. Hopefully they will offer the daft few that purchased membership at £90 the option of switching to the ‘silver’ edition with a full reimbursement of £40 cash.
  14. Never knew that. Interesting. There’s no need to be nasty about the situation. It’s only football. I would certainly be in the camp that prefers constructive and fair criticism/debate.
  15. What a way to round off a truly dreadful summer for this club. First time ever in our 151 year history that we’ve been under a transfer embargo. A fanbase divided and many long-standing fans feeling alienated and apathetic. But we got into the playoffs a few seasons ago, so you can’t criticise the way the club is being run apparently.