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  1. Its the frequent injuries, suspensions and off-the-field drama that has turned Forestieri into a liability, rather than an asset, in many fan’s opinions. A good performance yesterday was welcome but unlikely to swing fan’s opinions too much. On his day, the guy is a real talent. But very few, if any, current players in EFL come with more ‘baggage’ than Forestieri. Is it any wonder that FF is such a divisive player within the fanbase?
  2. Comes down to mental fragility and lack of bottle. Happened too many times with this group of players to be bad luck.
  3. It's a shame Cahill is being fazed out at Chelsea. He's getting towards the later stages of his career now. But he could still be a regular CB starter for most Premier League sides in the bottom-half of the league table IMO. A top professional that has won every domestic honour going, plus the UCL in 2012, represented England many times and has never been in the headlines for the wrong reasons. Hopefully he will remain in the English game after he inevitably moves from Chelsea. Of course, he wouldn't touch Wednesday with a barge pole. Why would he? And even in the unlikely scenario that Cahill would fancy dropping down to the Championship, with possible P&S sanctions looming on us, he would never sign for Wednesday anyway given the big wages a player of Cahill's pedigree would command.
  4. It’s unacceptable but also totally predictable. £36 for a poor view from the kop of an end-of-season game that has nothing riding on it for us. No wonder apathy has set in amongst our fanbase.
  5. Newcastle United are definitely an outliner though; a real exception to the norm. Not many clubs that regularly get 50,000 fans turning up every week end up in the Championship. Like you stated, in the summer transfer window straight after they went down, the club sold Sissoko, Wijnaldum, Townsend, Janmaat, Cabella and Papiss Cisse for circa €100 million (seriously, how the hell did McClaren get that team relegated!). They also released Cheik Tiote, Coloccini, and Steven Taylor (all Premier League regulars on big salaries at the time) on free transfers in the same window, so Benitez had to totally rebuild their team that summer, which isn’t easy post-relegation when the club is in total turmoil. So it’s not like Newcastle just ‘bought their way back up’ in 2016/17. They lost all of their high value assets that summer and had to rebuild. I think Newcastle might still be in the Championship now had it not been for Benitez’s exceptional transfer strategy and squad management. Not because of parachute payments.
  6. I mean, he would say that though wouldn't he.
  7. Since new year we've been outplayed by Hull City, Chelsea, Stoke City and now Leeds United. Our turnaround in terms of both performances and points since Luhukay was sacked speaks for itself. We've been much improved. Long may it continue. To state that we haven't been outplayed by anyone in 2019 is a hyperbolic statement that devalues your point.
  8. Wednesday fans taking comfort in Leeds being in the top 2 rather than the pigs is so tinpot. It really is. Yeah I’d hate it if pigs went up. But that’s only because it would negatively impact on our club.
  9. Sammy Ameobi anyone? I’m surprised that he’s still only 26. Feels like he’s been around forever. Pacey, experienced at playing in the Championship, potentially a decent squad option.
  10. It’s more or less the same group of Leeds players that they’ve had for the last 2 years. Only significant difference is the manager. We’ve also stuck with the same group of players over the same period. But we upgraded our manager this season too. I don’t know why you’re bringing up hypothetical scenarios into this really. We haven’t been in the Premier League for 20 years, so making stuff up about what my expectations would be should we ever return is kinda pointless. I don’t have a problem with losing games. I hate seeing us get beat without giving a decent account of ourselves though, like we have today. We weren’t playing Real Madrid today, it’s only Leeds United. Getting totally outplayed like that is unacceptable IMO.
  11. I know we’re not blessed with plenty of decent options in midfield at the moment. But seriously, how did Boyd stay on the pitch for 90 minutes without being subbed? Staggering.
  12. We’ve taken 7 points from the last 3 games against Leeds. Who says we probably weren’t going to win today? No idea what you’re on about Man City/Liverpool for. But there’s nowt wrong with expecting your team to perform to their best. But you reckon we ‘may as well lose this one’ - it’s a pearler that one mate.
  13. So you threw in the towel before the whistle was blown to start the game then? Wow.
  14. Should be aiming to win every game possible. Regardless of how it affects the pigs or whether the ‘seasons over’ whatever that means. We’re Sheffield Wednesday FFS. May as well lose this one - get a grip man!
  15. Unacceptable. 2nd best all of this second half. Why was Bruce not making subs before they scored? Everyone could see what was coming.
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