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  1. The Captain

    Players to get rid of

    Would be quicker for me to name the Wednesday players worth keeping. Sadly those are the ones we’ll end up selling in the next 12 months to keep the FFP wolf from the door.
  2. There's f*ck all reason why we shouldn't be ready to kick ars* from minute zero. Most of our players have just had two weeks off to get over any knocks and niggles. They should be chomping at the bit.
  3. Derby should take some credit for the decent runs they put together in August & October IMO. Lamps utilises his team's better players well and the team's results, so far this season, speak for themselves. Getting the best out of your resources really isn't as complicated as our club make it look. Do Derby have better players than Wednesday? Not a lot in it really; there are no standout teams in this Championship, its full of bang-average sides, which may explain why the team at the top of the league changes so frequently. It's 11 vs 11 tomorrow and we have the advantage of being at home; we've defeated tomorrow's opposition in the last two fixtures against them at Hillsborough in a row. We have two of our best creative/attacking players available, after a nice rest for them both over the international break. Whereas Derby picked up a couple of long-term injuries to key players in their last Championship game. It's set up very nicely for us tomorrow. No excuses for not winning.
  4. No excuses for not winning tomorrow.
  5. What SWFC fan wants to watch the Hull play-off final defeat again Surely the promotion game against Wycombe would have been a better fixture to feature on the DVD?
  6. The Captain

    Blackburn Away

    Dislike posts like this. Middling Championship club, with a ground that’s too big for its average attendance, get higher crowds for the big games - wow shocker! Said club also get less impressive gates for the 95% of fixtures that are likely to be less memorable occasions - blow me down, what a surprise! I’ve got a season ticket, which I make full use of. But I’ll never judge another Wednesday fan for not attending a match. I find it bizarre to see so many fan-bashing posts on threads like this. Its not the fan’s fault that the club has been so badly ran. And because we’re such a shambles at the moment, I’m not surprised casual fans are voting with their wallets. Unless you’ve got a ST, you’d have to be daft as a brush to pay £36-£43 to watch our ‘brave boys’ get brushed aside by FLDC this Saturday IMO.
  7. The Captain

    Mick McCarthy for Ireland job

    The job isn’t as attractive as it was 3 years ago because of the delicate FFP situation we’re now in. But it’s still a great job; the majority of those managers that I suggested in my earlier post would jump at the chance to manage Wednesday (as long as ‘interference’ from above is kept to a minimum). I think too many fans have been conned into lowering expectations and have too easily surrendered the ambition that we should have for this season. We’re in a relegation battle but we SHOULDN’T be. How many clubs in our division would love to have the likes of Bannan, Forestieri, Reach, Joao, Thorniley, Hector, plus a raft of talented, hungry younger players to supplement? Highest ticket prices in the league and we still get 23,000 fans to watch us get turned over every match, it’s bonkers - we, the fans have done our bit. Time for the club hierarchy to step up to the plate for a change.
  8. The Captain

    Mick McCarthy for Ireland job

    Personally, this news doesn’t concern me too much. Although MM is a decent operator at this level - a higher class of manager than Luhukay. Should we need to replace Luhukay (and let’s be honest, with our results, the club may be already actively seeking for a replacement behind the scenes), there are several other suitable available alternatives apart from McCarthy. Jokanovic, Bruce, O’Neill, Moyes or De Boer would all be fantastic appointments for Wednesday IMO. The million dollar question is ‘How bad do things have to get before the club hierarchy make a change?’
  9. The Captain

    Another Opportunity Missed!

    Isnt it about time that something was done about the safety issues with the stadium/facilities then? The guy has been chairman for almost 4 years. DC could have resolved some of these issues if he’d made them a priority. So yeah actually, DC has to take some of the responsibility in regards to why Hillsborough Stadium, which was once one of the best grounds in the country, is in such a dire need of a revamp.
  10. Wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Westwood released for a derisory amount, somewhere in the region of £500K. The saddest part is how familiar we have become to seeing our squad weakened, while our rivals strengthen and the club gets left further behind. Meanwhile we pay Premier League prices for a Championship relegation scrap.
  11. The Captain

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    If we ended up appointing Jokanovic as manager here, it would be an outstanding coup. For that reason, I doubt this could ever happen under our current regime. The club’s hierarchy don’t exactly have a reputation for making sound football-based decisions. My prediction is that, if/when we replace Luhukay, we’ll end up with another journeyman coach that no one has heard of before.
  12. The Captain


    Not being obtuse; I genuinely don’t see your point. My thoughts are that Carvalhal left Wednesday in a much worst position than the one he inherited. He also oversaw a pretty spineless relegation with Swansea just under 6 months ago. That’s without analysing the other 14 clubs he’s managed over the last 2 decades. Carlos’ managerial record in Britain is unimpressive. If/when we replace Luhukay, there’s definitely better alternatives IMO.
  13. The Captain


    And what’s your point?
  14. The Captain


    With just 6 games to go, Swansea were 14th in the league and 4 points clear of the relegation zone. To then be relegated from that position; that kind of capitulation is a tad pathetic IMO. CC is part of our recent past. Chansiri would be a moron to even consider re-employing this guy.
  15. The Captain


    CC is at least partly responsible for the mess that we're in right now. Also took Swansea down recently too. Jos needs replacing but FFS let's someone decent in, rather than re-hiring CC the fraud.