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  1. The standard of defending

    Wednesday have got to cut out these defensive lapses and take their chances in front of goal. Can’t blame anyone but ourselves for that. But the officials had a significant influence on that game today to our detriment, which can’t be ignored - so it’s not all nonsense. The officials had an absolute shocker today. Every time there was a decision to be made by the ref, it seemed to go in Villa’s favour. We’ve got enough problems of our own to deal with, without dodgy refs adding to our plight.
  2. Poor Game Management

    Jos is inevitably going to be criticised for not utilising the subs bench when we were still 2-1 up in the second half. Villa were starting to get back into the game as legs tired after about 60 minutes into the match. We can only wonder how the game would have panned out if Jos had brought on a player or two for the last 25 minutes to see out the game. The thing is that it’s very easy to be an expert with the benefit of hindsight.
  3. Sean Clare

    Get this lad tied down on a long-term contract. I’m not sure what it says about the club when we’ve got an extremely promising young local talent, who’s contract is up at the end of the season. So we could lose him for a pittance in the summer.
  4. Not Big & Not Clever

    The bloke’s a total cheat, and a master of gamesmanship and conning the ref. I wish he played for us.
  5. Pigs win anyone??

    What’s so frustrating about this season is: 1. We were (rightly) tipped as potential promotion candidates in pre-season, as when everyone is fit, we have a fantastic squad of players. 2. Cowboy Carvalhal made a right c*ck up of the first half of the season. 3. Chansiri stuck by said failing head coach for far too long until he eventually engineered a move to a Premier League club for himself. 4. Consequently, Lee Bullen was put in charge for a short spell and, apart from the result against Forest, it was just a continuation of CC’s tripe football and poor results. 5. Our squad has been decimated by the worst injury crisis in the club’s history. 6. Our new head coach, who has had a steady but unspectacular run of results, is having to make do with a patched up squad, largely made up of fringe players, with a few U23 academy graduates. 7. We’re in a relegation battle with a realistic chance of going down. 8. In the 10 matches we’ve played against the teams in the bottom 6, we’ve failed to win any of them. And because we can’t beat any of the relegation battlers, it’s going to be hard to pull away from the lower part of the league table. 9. We are paying some of the highest ticket prices in the whole of the country for what can only be described as a very bad season. The fact that the pigs are flirting with the playoffs is just a footnote in the overall misery of this season. As long as that lot don’t get promoted, and Wednesday don’t get relegated, I don’t really care where United finish in the table.
  6. Yeah but that match was our chance to show the club hierarchy that cheap ticket are capable of resulting in a high attendance or summat. According to some posters on here, the fans should be ashamed that we didn’t get a 30K attendance apparently.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday Injury Update

    Even if we rule out Joao and Thorniley from Saturday’s game, we should still have more numbers than that, shouldn’t we? First teamers: Hunt, Fox, Loovens, Palmer, Pudil, Venâncio, Jones, Butterfield, Reach, Boyd, Pelupessy, Wallace, Rhodes, Nuhiu (14). U23 academy graduates, who have made at least one start for the first team: Wildsmith, Dawson, Nielsen, O’Grady, Clare, Stobbs (6). It’s still a grim picture of course. And any fan that thinks we are looking safe from relegation, should think again. We are going to need another 3 or 4 wins to stay up and games are running out fast. I don’t know where those wins are coming from right now - this injury crisis is ruining us.
  8. Maybe the so-called ‘fans’ that have been laying into an 18 year old kid, son of a club legend, for months, calling him greedy and questioning his commitment to the club etc, will apologise for overreacting. I won’t hold my breath.
  9. We got what we deserved tonight

    100% bang on. I disagree with scapegoating players but Loovens has been a total liability for months. Last night should be his last performance for us; there’s no room for sentiment in football. Give the captaincy to Pudil for the rest of the season.
  10. BBC biased highlights.

    Do you mean the one shown on Channel 5? We are a lower midtable team and 5 of our last 10 games have finished 0-0. Of course we are always one of the last Championship teams to be shown. Why wouldn’t we be? Theres no conspiracy - we just aren’t much of a ‘story’ this season.
  11. The poor bloke didn’t half talk a load of sh*t.
  12. FA Quarter Final Draw Tonight - OMDT

    Wednesday could put out a full-strength team against a Swansea second string, and we could lose the replay. Likewise, Wednesday could also put out a second string against Swansea’s first team and we could end up winning the tie. It will probably come down to which set of players take responsibility and who wants it more on the day. No guarantees in football.
  13. We were the better team and we will be in the draw for the quarter finals. I would have taken that at kickoff. If you new nothing about these teams and watched today’s match, you wouldn’t know which one was supposed to a division above the other.
  14. Young George

    Sell Hirst to Leicester and he becomes a success = club banks £2million, plus a percentage of any future sale if a sell-on clause is sorted out = win. Sell Hirst to Leicester and he fails to fulfil his potential = club still banks £2million anyway, for a player that didn’t want to be here and didn’t cost us anything to recruit = win. All with the benefit of hindsight of course. But the club were never in a ‘no win’ situation last summer. They are now that he was retained but hasn’t been involved in either the first team or the U23s for months. A young player in that scenario is hardly worth anything, which is why the club will hardly receive anything in compensation from a tribunal if Hirst leaves the club this year. Please don’t tell me what I think. Cheers.
  15. We could field an U16s side tomorrow, I’d still be going to the match and I’d still support the players 100%. But with a FA cup quarter final place at stake, we should be playing our strongest team IMO.