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  1. This would be an intriguing signing (if he comes here after the embargo is sorted obvs). But as others have stated, it’s a big setup from the Scottish leagues to the English Championship; look at the Rhys McCabe, Stevie May signings a few years back. For the right price, Turnbull would probably one for our development squad, rather than the first team IMO.
  2. This thread is priceless. Some of the disparaging comments about Bruce are interesting to note. It’s as though certain posters are incapable of giving credit where it’s due to other club’s players/managers. Then less than 12 months later, they’re Bruce’s biggest cheerleader. So fickle it’s laughable.
  3. Sorry mate but that's complete b*llocks IMO. Even in the last 2 years we've made too many mistakes in terms of signings, outgoings transfers and holding onto surplus assets for too long. Van Aken - Underwhelming signing thus far, compounded by the 7 figure transfer fee. Potentially could still turn it round here but needs a HUGE season. More likely JVA will be moved on and we will receive a fraction of our original transfer fee in return. Boyd - Big wages and bit of a cack signing that overall. Butterfield - Shocking bit of business that. Pudil - Pointless to sign up for another year. Hardly played in the last 12 months. Waste of wages. Jones, Abdi, Hooper, Matias - All released on frees after contributing very little for the last 2 seasons. We signed all these with 7 figure transfers fees, all reportedly on high wages. Surely more could have been done to move these players out of the club sooner? Hunt - £1.5 million is not to be sniffed at. But we gave away one of the better attacking full-backs in the division to a promotion rival for a relatively small fee IMO. Winnall - Should have been moved on ages ago. Face clearly doesn't fit here and we could have recouped a decent transfer if he'd been moved on prior to his injury. Youngers e.g. Clare, Hirst, Preston, O'Grady etc - Several promising young players let go of. All we've ever received back in terms of transfer fees are relatively small sums following tribunals. Yes there have been some good bits of transfer business (Iorfa was a bargain, loaning Rhodes to Norwich, Venancio was a great signing). But overall I'd still say more bad moves than good. Let's hope that Bruce's influence can be the turning point going forwards. Because the club's recent record in the transfer market hasn't been good enough.
  4. Our fans have been paying Premier League ticket prices for the last 4 seasons, without the football, or the results, to back it up. We should be expecting nothing less than promotion. Ideally by playing progressive, tactically-astute, attacking football.
  5. Asking for £7 million as a transfer fee for Rhodes is unrealistic. And everyone can see that apart from our club’s hierarchy. The club’s bizarre insistence not to sell/loan players below their perceived ‘market value’ (even those out of the first team picture, such as Rhodes) is one of main reasons why our accounts are such a mess. Because of the financial losses we have endured in the last few seasons, that’s how we ended up having an embargo sanctioned upon us and could end up doing again. Although it’s difficult to work out how close we are to P&S sanctions because our accounts for 2017/18 are still ridiculously delayed for public release. In a controversial move, the club have reportedly ended up selling Hillsborough stadium; our home for generations, in an attempt to ‘balance the books’. A reactionary decision done as a last resort to keep our heads above water, rather than a well thought-out strategy IMO. It didn’t have to have been this way.
  6. I'd avoid signing Onomah. He was average for us last season. I recognise that he's got potential and we might have seen a better quality of output if he had a consistent run in the side. But we really should be binning off players that frequently get injured, not trying to tie them down to contracts. A midfield trio of Lee, Hutchinson and Onomah are always going to be at risk of picking up injuries. Why take that risk when there will be other alternatives in the transfer market? Considering Onomah's unimpressive season-long loan here, you would have thought we'd be relieved to have his wages off the books.
  7. Very concerning if true. Doesn’t sit right with me at all.
  8. We can’t afford the wages of either Mikel or Cahill anyway.
  9. Mikel’s transfer to that Chinese club a couple of years back, while Mikel was still in his twenties puts him in the ‘journeyman’ category for me. I’m aware that he isn’t really a journeyman in the transitional sense of having lots of different clubs (and I’ve not accused him of that). In my opinion, this player is likely to only be bothered about where his next big contract is coming from. And yeah, you’re right there’s always an unpredictable element with transfers. Some signings are successful, despite fans being underwhelmed initially, and vice versa. But my gut instinct is that I’d be concerned if we signed this guy. After all, if he’s that good, how come he’s found himself out of contract?
  10. Mikel is exactly the type of player we want to avoid this summer; ex-Premier League journeyman winding down his career and still living off of his reputation from years ago. This would be a shocker.
  11. If Rhodes is on anything north of £20,000 per week at Wednesday, then that is all the proof you need that the individuals acting on behalf of Sheffield Wednesday, that were responsible for that particular contract, are not fit for purpose. The collection of dozy transfer flops like Rhodes that we accrued in the 2016/17 transfer windows, mean that we’re running up huge debts and the rumours that Hillsborough stadium, the club’s home for generations, could be sold in order to facilitate this feckless governance, are not going away. It stinks. Let’s hope the individuals responsible are now gone for good.
  12. Would love to hear the thoughts of those that backed Luhukay freezing KW out of the first team, should the unthinkable happen and we lose Westwood on a free transfer to a league rival, or even a Premier League team. My prediction is that those fans will stay silent. But they know who they are.
  13. What ridiculous comments. Luton Town - Wednesday played them home and away this season and won 1-0 on aggregate over two legs. Both were even games that could have gone either way. They’ll be no mugs next season IMO. Barnsley - Built a decent team with no players in their squad aged over 26. So you’d expect them to get better as their player’s potential develops. Ended up with 91 points this year, so promotion was no fluke. I’d say the two sides that have already confirmed promotion will be competitive next season. And I wouldn’t be surprised if either were to finish above us in the league this time next year. We don’t even know who the third promotion club is yet. So how can we be so sure that they won’t be a threat next season? Honestly, it’s no wonder that our fans get branded as arrogant.
  14. What a load of b0llocks. Got no place at all at a football match in northern England.
  15. Hate to say it but that suggests to me that the club might not be in a great situation regarding FFP, if we’re having to offer the old guard new contracts, rather than the much anticipated clear-out. KL has been an amazing player for us in the past. And we have missed Lee in our midfield since he’s been out. But the player’s recent injury record speaks for itself and he’s on the wrong side of 30 now. I dunno, seems a risky move.
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