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  1. The Captain

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant

    Both players are going to have a part to play this season, especially in weeks when we play Saturday/Midweek/Saturday. And in the absence of Rhodes, Winnall, Forestieri and Hooper, both have done ok when called upon so far this season IMO.
  2. How has Reach kept his place! The guy has been a total passenger in the last two games. The lad was as culpable of the defeat in midweek as anyone. Reach needs a big performance today.
  3. The Captain

    What do you expect?

    I don’t expect Wednesday to win all the time. I do expect players to try and put the effort in. The total lack of bottle and leadership in the Forest performance was the most concerning issue for me.
  4. The Captain

    Clare Fee

    Hearts have got themselves an absolute bargain then.
  5. The Captain

    How did we make them look so good

    So we just shrug our shoulders, waive the white flag and forget about being anything other than sh*t midtable mediocrity? Nah not for me, that. That’s a negative mentality. We have a number of players that many sides in this division would love to have in their team. A couple of bad performances doesn’t change that. But the players need to start applying themselves and Luhukay has to get a decent run of results soon, or else it could become a matter of when, rather than if, the club hierarchy start searching for the manager’s successor.
  6. The Captain

    Club record?

    In the 2013/14 season, we had to wait until the 19th league fixture (our 20th game including a defeat in the League Cup) to get our first clean sheet of the season. It was the 14th December against Watford. I'm not saying that's the club record. Just pointing out that you don't need to go that far back in our recent history to find a longer run without a clean sheet.
  7. The Captain


    I'm delighted with Fletcher's form this season. The likes of Hooper and Forestieri are going to have a real battle to get back into the team once they are available. OP gets a neg for the crassness of the post.
  8. The Captain

    Jordan Thorniley.

    We don't have a better defender than him. He's really impressed me this season. Credit to Luhukay; it was a brave move to bring Thorniley into the CB role and it's going well.
  9. The Captain


    Hardly a surprise that fans are concerned then. We can't keep putting in performances like last night, or we'll be nowhere near the promotion race before we know it. Most fans accept that we will lose games this season. What fans won't accept is players lacking in effort or basic tactical organisation. We're 8 games into the season now and it's not good enough. According to the club's hierarchy, it's not fine. In fact, the chairman has stated publicly that we may be in deep sh*t, if we don't get promoted this season. Let's hope the manager does 'know the score', as you put it, whatever that means...
  10. The Captain

    One person to blame tonight.

    The majority of criticism that I've seen on here tonight has been constructive and fair. We've played almost 20% of this season's league games and over half of those fixtures, we've failed to win. I respect and understand that Luhukay has done a reasonable job so far in his tenure here. But let's not try and pretend everything is hunky dory right now; the results have been underwhelming with the talent we have in this squad IMO. And we're already falling behind the promotion-chasers. What will that achieve when many fans, if given the choice, would be selecting Westwood to organise and lead our defence. Yet, the club have put a stopper on the guy taking to the field.
  11. The Captain

    CC on Talksport after 10

    Not our manager anymore. Move on.
  12. The Captain

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Credit to the lad. Surely it would have been much easier for him to chase the Premier League cash. Instead he’s gone with the option where he’s most likely to get minutes on the pitch; could actually do his career wonders that he’s took that route. Makes some of the bitter comments towards Clare look a bit silly
  13. It was onside. Goal was defended badly by us. No need for the daft conspiracy theories.
  14. The Captain

    Sean Clare Signing for

    £100K is a pitiful amount for a young, talented English attacking midfielder. Really disappointing that the club weren’t able to hold onto the player IMO.
  15. The Captain

    What does this achieve

    Was this confirmed by the club? Which rules were broken?