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  1. Conor O'Grady

    In tonight's game, I'd play the defence that's expected to start against Cardiff. And given that Venancio and Pudil are going to be our only available senior CB cover, we really should be playing these two as our CB pairing tonight in preparation for the weekend. The more minutes they get together, the better. I get the appeal of blooding some younger players with everything to prove, but there's a time and a place for that. Right now, we need to take our opposition seriously tonight. Our defence in particular, is the most under-strength part of our team as it is. I'd rather not weaken it further by introducing an inexperienced youngster into the mix. Also, tonight is a very good opportunity for a comfortable win if we treat the cup game with the respect it deserves. Our players could do with a confidence-boost after the Cowboy Carvalhal fiasco. We should use this game to play our strongest team available, build confidence in front of our home fans by scoring goals and keeping it tight at the back and try and get a settled side for the Cardiff match.
  2. Loovens took an unnecessary risk, in an area of the pitch where Donaldson wasn't a threat, when he was already on a yellow card. Clumsy or not, he shouldn't be going to ground there. Just stand him up FFS. But no, daft challenge through the back of the player; not surprising to see him get a 2nd yellow card. Then Loovens compounds this, giving a mouthful to the official who blew for what was an obvious foul, which guaranteed his sending off. I was very disappointed by our captain, his performance left us down to 10 men with 30 minutes left and as a senior pro, he's supposed to be setting an example to our younger players. I can live with older players getting slower and less effective towards the end of their career. But when players are being paid a fortune to represent my club, I expect them to remain disciplined under pressure. Call me harsh but Loovens let the rest of his team down with sh*t tackles and then mouths off at the ref in our biggest game of the season, live on national TV. If a pig player behaved like that, he'd be a laughing stock on here.
  3. If that is the full extent of our January recruitment, it’s to be a grim few months battling against relegation with our reserve players and the u23 lads.
  4. Yeh. It’s a disgrace what this club charge for POTG. I have a ST, and I get that ST sales have been strong for the last couple of seasons. But lots of fans simply cannot commit to one for a variety of different reasons. By charging sky-high prices for POTG, when we are struggling on the pitch, we are shooting ourselves in the foot in regards to attracting ‘casual’ fans from attending games. Meh, yet more short-sightedness by the club. I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.
  5. League Finishing Position

    How ‘unsettled’ do you have to be to perform like League One players for 5 months?