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  1. Fookin’ twist - Carvalhal is a busted flush. Nice bloke, poor coach The longer he stays, the more this season is wasted.
  2. Next home game for top 6

    But without parachute payments, the only way clubs like ours can expect to compete at the top of the league is by increasing revenue from fans. (Even though there is only one club in the top 6 that is receiving parachute payments - oops).
  3. McClaren would be FAR from my first choice. But he has a much better CV than Carvalhal.
  4. I can't speak for anyone else but I personally couldn't give two sh*ts about the pigs. And I DO care about who the next manager is (if we are going to get rid of an incompetent head coach, the logical thing to do would be to employ a competent manager as a replacement). Carvalhal has been worst than hopeless for way too long. Don't kid yourself that fans only want CC gone because of a handful of recent results. And don't kid yourself that the fans that want CC gone aren't capable of looking at the bigger picture.
  5. What do YOU want from SWFC?

    I don't want Chansiri to sack Carvalhal, only to then take 2-3 weeks dithering around, looking for a replacement. That would be a waste of our season. Hopefully once CC is given the sack, a replacement is already lined up to take over straight away. A shrewd chairman would have already been making phone calls to the likes of Karanka, Lambert etc. Let's hope Chansiri is doing the right thing for our club. I'm not too concerned about the silence coming out of the club.
  6. I’d have Lambert over clueless Carlos every day of the week.
  7. Referees are killing us.

    You won't get a straight answer pal; keyboard warriors like that are happy to dish it out but when you question their actions, they go very quiet indeed.
  8. We have to laugh don't we......

    Call me grumpy, but I don't see the funny side. I just feel dejected with club.
  9. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    He had 15 different spells in management at various clubs within 14 years from 1998 to 2012. Makes him sound like a cartoon character. Seriously, what was going through Chansiri's head in the summer of 2015!
  10. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    I've been in the Carlos Out club for just over 12 months. And I've never looked back since. I would have been f*cking delighted to be proven wrong about the bloke but he's a poor manager IMO.
  11. Referees are killing us.

    Another poster I can add to my 'ignore' list.
  12. Referees are killing us.

    Be very careful with your accusations. No need kid.
  13. Referees are killing us.

    The clappers on here are laughable. 3 defeats in 4 games; you cant pin all that on refs. Kickaball's fault this.
  14. Aitor Karanka - available and proven at this level. Get him in before someone else does DC.