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  1. It’s a real shame we didn’t give Alan Irvine at least three seasons to get his feet under the table, that lad could have been the next Bob Paisley (of League Two).
  2. It’s not over; we still have to muster enough points to stay clear of relegation.
  3. 25/1 (Twenty Five To One)

    At odds of 25/1, that means if you bet £10, you will lose exactly £10.
  4. If Hull had been beaten.........

    Thank f*ck we didn’t get promoted then. Carlos played a blinder.
  5. FA Cup Third Round

    It's only a "no-win" for us if we don't win the match. Gillingham are 20th in League One and Carlisle are 14th in League Two. This is a very winnable fixture; a chance to get some much-needed confidence back into our team, and as good a chance of getting to the next round as any possible opposition. The situation at the club; Chansiri sticking it out with a failing head coach, is testing the patience and enthusiasm of us all. But let's not start making excuses and lowering our own expectations before a ball has been kicked (Carlos will probably do that for us anyway).
  6. We actually picked up 6 points in November (1 win, 3 draws). So we gained ground on all of the bottom 3, as well as keeping our super-duper unbeaten run going. Carlos in!
  7. Tables getting more depressing

    3 years down the line, Carvalhal has millions spent on transfers and wages for new recruits, signed 33 senior players for the club, extended the contacts of 13 first team players to keep hold of our best assets, we haven’t sold a players since Rhoys Wiggins in January 2016, we have also replaced long-standing back room staff with his own guys... ...and yet we are no better off than when we had Milan, Stuart Gray and not a pot to p*ss in.
  8. The penalty

    A few bruised egos in this thread
  9. Carlos on channel 5

    The guy has a huge chip on his shoulder and a laughable lack of self-awareness. Everyone else’s fault but his. The victim culture that Clueless Carlos is instigating around the club is beyond a joke now. Isn’t this sort of boll*cks exactly what we ripped the p*ss out of the pigs/McCabe/Warnock/Blackwell for years for?
  10. Can we all agree now?

    According to the chairman: ”It is the responsibility of Carlos and his staff to present players that he believes will improve our squad.” https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/november/ask-the-chairman---part-two/
  11. Can we all agree now?

    Then since the head coach has signed approximately 30-35 senior players over 5 transfer windows, he’s had plenty of time and money to get our recruitment right, so that we should have a squad ready to be competing at the right end of the division. Whatever we you try and look at the situation, the club is underachieving. And usually, the manager carries the can.
  12. Today

    Wednesday have been going backwards under this head coach for ages. What did you see today, that many of us haven’t already been saying for months, that made you accept that a change is required?
  13. If you look at our points-total for the month in isolation, it's been an 'ok' amount of points for November - 6 points from 4 fixtures (3 aways). But for Carvalhal to have one of the most expensively-assembled sides in the Championship, and to regularly go into games, park the bus and set up for a draw, not even attempting to get wins against mediocre teams is just laughable & embarrassing. This attitude from Clueless Carlos is why I think that the head coach has to be replaced with a competent manager.
  14. Three years ago this week..

    Yet there are still certain fans that will claim we played 90s Wimbledon style football under Gray and nothing else. IMO we actually had some great performances under our previous head coach. It’s just that we rarely had the players capable of getting goals and assists on a regular basis. These days we have some cracking players for the Championship, and a head coach that is incapable of getting the best out of them. Although I wasn’t his biggest fan, with the benefit of hindsight, I think we would be making more progress towards getting to the Premier League if we’d have kept Gray on as head coach.
  15. Carlos' frozen out 11..

    Bit of a cliche, but in football, you make your own luck quite a lot of the time.