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  1. Congrats on the win and promotion today. Blunts in the play offs. Hope they lose. No disrespect but hopefully it'll be a couple of years til we play you in the league again. Preferably in the Prem! Good luck next season. Except/unless West Ham don't make it and we play each other!
  2. ... at the end of the season. So, you're in 2nd with one game left. Both you and the Blunts are playing relegated sides. Hopefully you'll win (or at least equal their result) and go up automatically. Then those mugs can lose in the play offs and drop like a stone into obscurity. As for West Ham, we have to do it the hard way. Overall it's been a fairly decent season. Would've liked to have gone up automatically but we're half way to a day out at Wembley. As long as we don't get Birmingham I'll be happy. Good luck on the last day and maybe we'll see you in the Prem soon.
  3. Blimey, I go away for a few hours and you lot are now having a barney with a Blackpool fan. Where did that come from? Random. I'm all confused now because this Tavernier fella is a defender but the one I'm talking about was playing further forward although he looked younger than 30 odd that Johnson is supposed to be. Pehaps it was Johnson and my eyesight is just poo poo. I don't know... Whichever one is the shortest of the two. One last little tale... we carried on the way we came out of the car park and I needed petrol. Asked OB in the van next to us in the unbelievably slow traffic and plod said there was one on the right up the road. As we went past, there were 10-12 herberts outside. OB came up alongside me again and said go up to the roundabout, take last exit and there's one on the left. I think plod sussed these natives might not be that friendly (they were only teens but we'd have been outnumbered 3 or 4 to one as we had the raspberry in the car). Done us a favour as petrol was 2p per litre less! I've just re-read that and bored myself. Sorry... Anyway, I'll pop back later in the season to see how you boys are getting on. Ciao
  4. Righto... Wasn't happy that BFS rested Green, Tomkins, Noble, Nolan, Faubert and Cole. Saying that, 7 of the starting WHU 11 had Prem experience and, if you're a professional footballer earning upwards of £5k per week, you should be able to go into a side you've been training with for ages with some ease. Thought it was a decent, fairly even game. We hit the bar, post and missed a pen. Why Baldock took it when Carew was still on the pitch I don't know. Carew was, in the main, a pile of poo poo, but he's got a fierce shot on him. Your keeper made a copuple of good saves, and you had a few good chances too; two of which fizzing past that had me worried and a one-on-one that your boy completely messed up. Who's your black lad that had the orange boots (not the one who replaced him 2nd half)? Thought he looked good. Quick, tricky and quite skillfull. BFS should sign him! After your lad got knocked out and we had a 10 min delay, we fell asleep at the restart and, although I was down the other end, it was a good finish but I thought our keeper could've done better. Eaton - You were disappointed with our fans?! Thought we were quite vocal. If I'm being honest, I expected more SW to turn up. The banter between us was good, but it did get a bit Brokeback Mountain after a while! The bloke behind me, after the umpteenth 'This City Is Yours' said "It's all a bit gay, this, innit". Didn't see any trouble after. We took ages to get back to the car park as one of ours was on crutches (If Steward Andy comes on here - cheers for your help with the raspberry). Walking down Vere road, with its little alleys and quite dark, but didn't feel threatened or worried at all. Food Report - Had a bacon & cheese roll from the van outside the Leppings Lane end. Cheap and very tasty. Was also surprised that the lids were left on the coke bottles we bought inside. Don't get that anywhere else! So.., well done Wednesday and good luck in the next round against Blackpool, and good luck in the league. Just make sure the Blunts don't go up!
  5. Yeh, been out for a while (came back the other week but had to go off again). Don't know the latest on him. If he's fit, he'll probably play.
  6. Would you be the same fieldzyowl that posted on page 8 of the Hammer In Peace thread, 4th post down? :) No spare room but there's plenty of cheap hotels (premier inn, travelodge, ibis) nearby.
  7. Not a clue. At a guess, the likes of Nolan Noble Green and Tomkins will probably be rested, bench at best. Collison Lansbury Baldock should start, to get match fitness if anything. As to the rest? Who knows. BFS used to play non-regulars in FA cup games when he was at Bolton apparently. I'm starting to feel even less confident and fear a long journey home.
  8. ... And you'll all be asking if you can park on my bloody driveway! Ooh Nailer, what's the best pub for away fans? What's the best chippy? Can we get a decent Chinese/curry/sushi anywhere? All those that have been horrid to me, you know who you are, will all want to be my new bessie mate won't you? I'll be happy to oblige :)
  9. Came through the West Ham youth system. Was going to be the next big thing but never made it at WHU. Been around a while now.
  10. Cross Owl - Indeed it will. We've been there since 1904. All you need to know about The Boleyn is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boleyn_Ground Before that, we played at the Memorial Ground, Plaistow.
  11. It's not that I want to move but the Council won't allow any more development. No increased capacity = smaller crowds than Totts = they will keep buying our good players on the cheap each time we get relegated! I'd rather move and compete with the upper echelons of the Prem than that, TBH. As I said earlier, Hillsborough is already a big ground. You won't need to move, even back in the Prem. Anyway, back on topic. I'm gonna make a bold prediction. 2-1 to West Ham. Unless BFS plays mostly kids then 2-1 to Wednesday. Maybe.
  12. SP - I'd prefer not to have a replay as well! The east stand is now about 20 yards from the pitch since the west stand went up and the pitch got moved over. Plenty of scope IMO to rebuild and move it nearer the pitch again, but I'm no architect so what do I know?!
  13. Essix - I regularly browse but rarely post, but I'm under a different username.
  14. I am mate, yeh. I may post it on one of the WH forums
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