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  1. You've just wrote Dawson's MO
  2. Typical arrogant comment .Moore's rubbish. Has been all season
  3. What makes you the God. You don't pick Berahino away from home.
  4. Are you having a laugh
  5. Do season tickets qualify for the home tie.Really can't remember
  6. Do season tickets qualify for the home tie.Really can't remember
  7. 20 weeks from beginning of April
  8. It's Moore with the blurred vision. He's thought FDB has been better than Byers for half this season.
  9. Because when transport especially coaches and mini buses are booked , they fill up with people who sometimes can only make the journey on the original day. When matches get changed people often drop out. Then the charade of filling the spare seats begins. Often having to charge more than originally quoted. When they can't be filled
  10. Deserved the win. 4-1 did flatter us Their subs kinda made them predictable as they were obviously going long and high. Before May and Blair were troublesome. Apart from scoring Mass looked a bit off today. Passes going astray and getting caught in possession. But Byers picked up the baton. Luckily for us DB got injured. Dean seems the Leader we've needed for sometime. Ref worried me but a proper promotion chasing win scored when we needed to. Quick equaliser and the second when it was end to end. Cheltenham could actually play
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