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  1. samowl

    Its got to be done

    So you want to accept failure to progress Marvellous
  2. samowl

    We all hate L**ds scum

    Bizarre. Where you been all your life. FFS
  3. samowl

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    I agree. I think the chants were aimed at Jos. In regards to not picking Westwood Hutch etc. But Dawson must be devastated hearing that and can't have not took it to heart. He does need a rest though.
  4. End of season. Nothing games. First nine more important. Not last nine. E.g. last home game beat Norwich 5-1. Think they were bothered.
  5. That run was against teams who had nowt to play for. FFS.
  6. samowl

    West Brom (vs Derby) and Us

    Oh look. Barnes has gone past three players like at Hillsborough. Didn't make it passed the fourth. Unlike at Hillsbrough. He's on the deck.
  7. We need Son of RedaJohnson
  8. samowl

    Morale / atmosphere

    A team should have two or three leaders/captains in it. We haven't one. We're a nice set of lads. Softest team in the division. There isn't one you wouldn't invite for Sunday tea fearing he might fart out loud in front of your Mam.
  9. samowl

    Luhukay out.

    Why's he got to bore off. He's not wrong.
  10. samowl

    Last nights attendance

    I consider myself fortunate to be able to afford a S T. Others have to pick and choose their games. Especially with DC's pricing policy. A Sky game isn't gonna increase the gate with pay on the day fans unfortunately.
  11. And if we'd have kept a clean sheet. We'd have won. Der
  12. What's that got to do with price of eggs
  13. If we can't keep a clean sheet. We're one nil down. Simples. Sky kept going on about it quote "The one thing in West Brom favour is Wednesday can't keep a clean sheet" It's a well known fact currently I'm afraid. And nothing I've seen this season leads me to think it's gonna improve anytime soon.
  14. Cos our defence hasn't a clean sheet in em.
  15. samowl


    Agree. But been like it all season. He did nothing against Leeds. Yet gets the nod in front of Fletcher. Who put a good shift in Friday