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  1. Didn't he have a scrap with Colin Firth in BJ's Diary
  2. So the final whistle has now gone in full Hillsborough. (Full as allowed). What's the crowd reaction?? Livid Angry Annoyed Booing Or shrug of the shoulders and I'll leave my money at the ticket office.
  3. For Dawson, see Wildsmith. Both not good enough. Both have similar faults
  4. Correct. And most playing today know they're not at Hillsborough next season.
  5. He's a Liverpool fan. I seem to remember he left Talksport on a point of principle. Something to do with Sky linking up with The Sun newspaper
  6. He said he'd get us out of the Championship. And he has...
  7. Was surprised when Rhodes came off. Thought he linked up ok with Windass
  8. Also had the turning circle of an oil tanker to get on Kachunga's pass
  9. Me too. Although I am pretending to sulk son's I don't have to listen to engaging conversation about Bake Off and Corrie. I am punch drunk to be honest
  10. Just baffling putting him on. Absolutely baffling. Left us with ten men. Unbelievable Jeff
  11. Maybe his legs just gave way after carrying VA all day
  12. Nakhi Wells absolutely destroyed Van Aken. Lees can't pass to one of our players. I thought a comfortable first half then Brizzles manager completely outsmarted Monk for the second half.
  13. I'm pretty sure two weeks is enough to make a ruling. DC will appeal anyway if he doesn't like the outcome
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