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  1. What about a new one. To Earth Wind and Fires. Do you Remember. We're the Owls We are Sheffield Wednesday We're the Owls Hillsborough is our Wembley We're the Owls We follow them home and away 1 2 3 4 And repeat
  2. It was like going from full on Saturday To empty tonight Could have been worse. Could have been that arrogant wee pipe who Reffed Forest v Derby He's one arrogant hombre What a showman
  3. Agree Jioaw asked to be subbed But had "RUN " his race and was knackered.. Sorry mate. One word. Lazy.
  4. If you want a file on where Wednesday are and what we need to move on. Just watch the Hull - Wednesday play off again. Because we still need what we needed then. Two full backs A centre half to partner Tom. A brute in midfield cos we're too nice and......... PACE.Over to you now Steve . Welcome aboard and good luck.
  5. Absolutely. It's either all or none. You can't have a team lifting the cup on a team's status and ground capabilities. Got no problem with the VAR outcome today both decisions for me were correct. But surely it's got to be a level playing field.
  6. So Everton are at the lower end of the pyramid
  7. Any new song will do. Christ we need some
  8. Is this post a wee wee take. Palmer fullback. Jos is nearly there. FFS.
  9. So you want to accept failure to progress Marvellous
  10. Bizarre. Where you been all your life. FFS
  11. I agree. I think the chants were aimed at Jos. In regards to not picking Westwood Hutch etc. But Dawson must be devastated hearing that and can't have not took it to heart. He does need a rest though.
  12. End of season. Nothing games. First nine more important. Not last nine. E.g. last home game beat Norwich 5-1. Think they were bothered.
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