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  1. Me too. Although I am pretending to sulk son's I don't have to listen to engaging conversation about Bake Off and Corrie. I am punch drunk to be honest
  2. Just baffling putting him on. Absolutely baffling. Left us with ten men. Unbelievable Jeff
  3. Maybe his legs just gave way after carrying VA all day
  4. Nakhi Wells absolutely destroyed Van Aken. Lees can't pass to one of our players. I thought a comfortable first half then Brizzles manager completely outsmarted Monk for the second half.
  5. I'm pretty sure two weeks is enough to make a ruling. DC will appeal anyway if he doesn't like the outcome
  6. You were lucky. I had to cope with Andy Sinton who just wasn't biased enough. Rangers were terrible. Rangers this Rangers that. No credit to Wednesday's comfortable win.
  7. Dawson was/is never good enough. He plays every game as if it's his debut. No wonder our back four are a nervous wreck. I never got my head round why Jos made him number one. Strange decision IMO
  8. Bit disappointing to hear them. Especially as the older Man Utd fans have respect for our club. We were their first opponents after Munich.
  9. What. Not having any credible attacks. 9 men behind the ball with one up top who nobody could hit with any accuracy. Fans having to urge some attacking play cos Monk had his hands in his pockets playing pocket billiards. Sorry. Not for me
  10. 14000 home tickets up to yesterday Respect to those going. Will Chansiri turn up to get his boatrace on the telly
  11. Not going to look great on the telly if what the lady in the ticket office told me is correct. Be like a home game for City cos they play in front of empty seats at the Etihad
  12. Was he there when Fiorentina had there financial trouble
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