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  1. At least he didn't mention seagulls....
  2. Sorry for the following attempt at translation (courtesy of Google translate, and a little reading between the lines): Football comes from the street where it's worth everything, where there is a lot of passion to win and celebrate with your friends in the neighborhood. Now we are lucky to be professionals but that passion that comes from the street never changes because you repeat it with your colleagues even though it's no longer just a hobby. And the most beautiful of all this is the passion, the feeling that you have inside for all this. But unfortunately they want to take away the most beautiful thing that football has, that is passion.
  3. We charged them £42 last season. They charged us £33 this season.
  4. Ginner

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Steady on. Not sure anyone should use decisions taken during Luhukay's reign as evidence of anything.
  5. Ginner

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Just another point about Winnall.. The jury may be out on him since he joined (has anyone really seen enough of him to make a judgement), but I seem to recall he was mostly prolific with headers at Barnsley. We simply don't provide anywhere near enough quality service from out wide to exploit that, if that is in fact his forte, so maybe for the time being Bruce would rather have Nuhiu to replace Fletch, and Joao to replace FF. Let's see if Aarons makes a difference to supply from the wings, and maybe Winnall might come into his own.
  6. Ginner

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Winnall v's Nuhiu on the bench... Do you trust Bruce with this decision? Do you think Bruce has seen enough of Championship players and football, of the current fitness and form of our players, of the way they are performing in training? Bruce knows how to head a ball. Do you think he's not aware of Nuhiu's ability? I don't rate Nuhiu either, and find his selection puzzling, but I do know that Bruce has a far better educated insight into that selection than me and anyone on here. So let's just suck it up till the summer and see what happens. Meantime it'd be really nice if, as a fan base, we could knock it off with the ironic cheers directed at our players (when Nuhiu finally made a flick on today). To those who do it, it doesn't help and frankly it's embarrassing. You just don't understand that do you?
  7. Ginner

    Thank You, Mr Chansiri

    I like Chansiri, but he should have anticipated the question, and have had a canned answer ready. Rehearsed if necessary. The topic needs shutting down, quickly, at least in the short term whilst the Bruce era kicks off. He needs to be far more professional, regardless of the language issues.
  8. You can almost hear Katrien rolling hers eyes as that page went up. I know English isn't his first language, but if he wants to come across as a professional business man, statements like this have to be much clearer. As others have said, about a third of the way in it just turned into a ramble.
  9. This is the link behind the calendar icon on SWFC fixtures page: https://www.stanza.co/button/launch?calendar=https:%2F%2Fspoton.it%2Fschedules%2Fsheffieldwednesday#/ If you can get that page to open properly, it'll show you 3 links. 1st one is away games only (even though it doesn't say so), and second one is home games. You'll need to click both to download both files, and then make sure they are selected in your calendar.
  10. You clicked both links and downloaded both files that appear on the webpage that opens after clicking the calendar icon? Might also have to resynch/refresh your calendar.
  11. It's also available off the SWFC fixtures page - the little calendar icon, top right above the list of fixtures.
  12. Not sure if it matters to anyone, but Stanza say they have fixed the issue with the link to the Home fixtures (I couldn't get it working recently no matter what I tried). It's working for me now in Google calendar. I've asked them to rename the first link to show its Away games only, and asked jf they can provide a combined link so you don't have to synch 2 different links.
  13. Ginner


    Ahh the irony. From an expert in deprecation. You're right, I wasn't laughing at 3:0. I just felt an overwhelming sense of sorrow for the relatives of all those partaking in that chant. Deprecation, depreciation, or unnappreciation... whatever effect you think it has, you ought to know you just look like a gaggle of imbeciles.
  14. We've got a fair few waffle waitresses on here too...
  15. Ginner

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Delighted. I'm working the weekend and couldn't book it off. Nice little Monday session now. Thanks Sky!