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  1. I was getting the spinning wheel and "the app cant play the stream rihht now" error. Its now working for me now.
  2. 4 rows in front of me. Didn't see it start. Couple of punches thrown. Bit of a bloody nose. Lots and lots and lots and lots of shouting and pointing. Sadly it looked like genuine kids (as opposed to the overgrown babies doing the scuffling and shouting) were in the midst of it. The usual pathetic argument over whether Martin Hodge should be in net or summat prombably. They all disappeared sharpish when the stewards finally stopped just looking and decided to go take the handbags off the protagonists.
  3. Not the most pressing topic surrounding the club at the moment I admit, but some of you may have noticed that the SWFC Stanza supplied Android fixtures calendar isn't updating again (QPR game not moved to Friday and re-arranged Wigan game is missing all together). I wrote to Stanza and received this interesting reply from them: "Thanks for reaching out! Our engineering team is aware of the issue, but cannot currently prioritize the issue due to Sheffield Wednesday being an unpaid client. We are currently in discussions with the club." I'll update the thread if I hear anymore.
  4. Yeah, Grove Road is actually 20 mins walk according to Maps. Grove Road is now restricted parking on match days - you can Google the story. The school on Claud Street seems like the nearest pay option, but bear in mind that all Stoke fans are in the same boat with regard no longer being able to park on those residential roads so it could be full early on.
  5. A lot of the residential streets within 15mins walk are now restricted parking on match days. Google Grove Road. Stoke FC website offers advice to away fans.
  6. It was a great turn out, and nice to be stood behind the goal rather than shoved in the corner as usual. But we were poor vocally. And what's even worse is that their gaggle of scruffs in the corner kept up an irritating ramble of chants throughout much of the game. We couldn't even be arsed to respond to the 'crying on Wembley Way' taunt after half time which is sad given that, despite the poor performance on the pitch, Hull fans are so embarrassing we shouldn't need that much motivation. Just one of those flat games/atmospheres.
  7. Pigs at home too in the same round. SAG and SYP already in melt down. SWFC expelled from the Carabao Cup for creating a life threatening fixture clash.
  8. Have I missed the details that we get a refund for tickets for the Bury game?
  9. The constant whining he gets from some clowns is embarrassing. "Stop kicking it long"... like you haven't noticed we stopped f4cking around at the back when JosClown left.
  10. Some of the turnaround may be down to Westwood. I'm sure he infused confidence in the defence when he returned to the fold. However most of the turnaround is down to Dross being given the shove and subsequently Bullen and the 3 Steve's restoring some belief and sensibility to the squad. I'd certainly look to keep Westwood. Whether that'd be on a year long rolling, or 2/3 year contract I'm not sure. He's still one of the best keepers in the league IMO. However it'd be interesting to see how Dawson and Wildsmith (who I still rate above Dawson) might perform in the current side, given it's playing with much more assuredness at the back.
  11. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/february/deadline-day-trio-discuss-their-s6-switch/ It's no myth.
  12. Is that final paycheck for 11 months sitting on the sideline enough for you to retire now?
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