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  1. I used to find him amusing, now I find him to be an idiot.
  2. MM has to get the cheque book out before it's too late. However, Megson's tactics are a concern. Plus, he picked the wrong team today. Overall, he fooked-up.
  3. Megson's hoof-ball footie and relying on set pieces is the problem. When this does not work, the team runs out of ideas. I'm very concerned for the next few games as we could lose touch with the pigs and other teams.
  4. if it gets us outa this poo league, so be it.
  5. A reliable source says that we will have over 10 thousand at our next home game.
  6. I'm surprised at Seth's outburst due to the pigs winning today. He's probably embarrassed being upstaged.
  7. That's my point. We are rubbish holding leads. Therefore, what we have is just not good enough.
  8. O'Donnell has to go (somewhere) to learn his trade as he's making too many mistakes. Need Bywater back ASAP! Lonee's have to be signed permanently or let go. We need a defensive coach urgently to teach them how to defend leads. I don't know if Meggy is teaching them, but it's not working. NFL has coaches for all positions and that's what we need. A midfielder in the mould of Sheridan would be great as we seem to lack creativity and rely too much on set-pieces and long balls, but that is Megson's traits. Just ma thoughts!
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