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  1. he has to go. Could not believe that he was happy with yesterdays performance. Go and go now!
  2. A threat for what? We can't even score against a bottom club FFS.
  3. YES!!!! FFS to all the so called fans calling for MM to clear off. Maybe you should support the pigs, it's where you belong.
  4. Megson is king! What the flip as he won?? losing 4 in a row, giving up goals in injury time? poor goals against! won 2 out of what is it 10 before pigs? yeah king my flipping ass. Maybe MM should leave and we enter ADMIN. Numskull!
  5. oh! you like hoof-ball. Meggy's style. he saved us from administration. Maybe, you want administration.
  6. You are so wrong. Maybe you want MM to "clear-off" so we can enter Administration. another stupid comment!!
  7. Great Post.. Those fans saying that Milan should clear off are being silly. Without MM we were finished. SIMPLE!! Megson being passionate was irrelevant. MM had to make a move. I was fed up of relying on set-pieces and hoof-ball. If Megson's tactics did not work we had no idea what Plan B was. As for as Joe Ashton = JOKE
  8. I'm with you. I could not stand Megson's so called football.
  9. Goooooood!!!! Am I the only 1 wanting Megson gone? Too many fans are saying that he was passionate about the club. I know he was, geez!! but as a manager it was irrelevant.
  10. Megson is doing a great job!!!!! Didn't we just lose 4 on the trot or summat????? Yeah right!, he's a manager if you call managing hoof ball footie and set-pieces. Megson's motto, kick the ball and run for it.
  11. I agree with your comment, but I hope that we are both wrong. hahahaha, good 1!
  12. Thank goodness you are leaving this site, hopefully for good. As far as ripping the club, get real, we are NOT ripping the club. It's Megson, his tactics, team selection and the style of football = hoof-ball and set-pieces. If these don't work, he's clueless. We support the club thru many bad times and very few good times, always will. WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE OWLS!!!!
  13. never wanted Megson, his footy sucks. We owe MM big time, but his faith in this dumpling is his undoing.
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