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  1. No, Warnock and Wilder never. In desperate times it's easy to think of these two to become our manager to replace Moore who can't decide which team selection to play. Both are blunts thru and thru. Don't you remember the negative statements Warnock has made against us? Like I said, these are desperate times, but these two? Never!
  2. He should stop taking all free kicks and he's useless taking corners.
  3. Yes, really. You will not win many games playing poorly.
  4. Oh boy! I don't care about performances he says. I would agree if this was a must win game to get us a promotion to the Championship. However, watching this crap is not worth the money. We need a settled side with tactics not a friggin excuse from Moore.
  5. with Moore it wil happen again and again. I honestly hope that he makes it. With poor tactics, I doubt it. I hope he proves me wrong Drunks on me if he makes it. Err in Buffalo.
  6. So you was happy with us winning 1-0 (I am) and happy with the quality of football we played? ( I'm not.) If you do we are in trouble for the remainder of the season. Playing this poorly well not end well if Moore does not figure out his best eleven and team tactics.
  7. was you happy with the quality of footy we played? Remember, it's not all about winning the game.
  8. Well said m8. You laid it out perfectly on his team tactics and constantly chop and changing players. Watching that game on Saturday really saddens me. There was a Bolton player free on the wing and we had 4/5 of our players chasing the ball near the middle of the ground. You are right in saying that the team are confused due to these many tactic and player changes. It goes to say that I will save my money in future and stop watching them if this crap continues. Cheers!
  9. We're in L3 so we get refs who will never reach the higher leagues.
  10. I paid $13.00 for this crap. I feel bad for fans paying much more.
  11. The defending by the Owls is awful. Bolton player on the wing gets the ball with no one near him. Owls are too busy congregating where the ball is just like watching 9 yr olds chasing the ball.
  12. Manager has no idea of what is his settled side. He's making poor decisions of which player to pick for a game. The team needs a settled side and to get his tactics right. He's playing players in different positions and the defense is getting caught making mistakes that is due to Moore not having a settled side. Playing Bannan deep is stupid. Bannan taking penalties and all corners and free kicks is dumb. Bannan is lucky to have his shot on target as his vast majority of shots on goal would be better suited for rugby. Neil, you said apart from the manager name what's wrong with the team. Easy, Moore. End-of. Get rid.
  13. DM had better start figuring it out before we lose touch with the leaders and fans start staying away from games. I was prepared to shell out $174 US for a season, but not on this showing.
  14. He's just winging it. Sorry, couldnt help it.
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