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  1. DM had better start figuring it out before we lose touch with the leaders and fans start staying away from games. I was prepared to shell out $174 US for a season, but not on this showing.
  2. He's just winging it. Sorry, couldnt help it.
  3. I said a few weeks ago that Bannon couldn't hit a barn door from 10ft. Why he takes pens is beyond me.
  4. What position does Bannan play? Just in front of the goolie.
  5. Barry - can't hit the barn door at 10ft - Bannan.
  6. Excellent keeper, but issues with his weight caused him problems later. Far better than the 2 we have now. We need to replace Dawson and keep Wildsmith as a back-up.
  7. In times like this? You worry about spell checks ffs.
  8. Lying pice of poop. After watching my club since Quixall days I'm totally disgusted by the way Chansiri has been operating. Trying to cheat on the ffp has rebounded on we the fans. He should sell the club, but who would buy us after relegation? I don't offer any solutions apart from getting out of our club. Sorry, I'm just getting stuff off my chest. Feeling sad.
  9. Someone (or 2) voted for Harris. He was abysmal and I'm being kind. Whoever voted for this crap player requires a visit to specsavers.
  10. Does this team want to win? This is crap.
  11. I watched it on iFollow with no problems. BTW, I have cancelled my subscription for next season as it's not worth the money watching this shower playing footy. Cost for a season pass for this season is in excess of $170.00. No doubt next season will be higher. No thanks.
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