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  1. Plus. Stop giving away goals from set-pieces. 17 last season? From what I've read from the Wigan game, it's still happening. Who's fault? Coaching staff.
  2. He's not a hero. He served the club with passion and dedication, but it's time for him to move away. He's too slow in the defensive set-up to prevent mistakes that leads to goals for the opposition. Thank you Hutch for your dedication, but time is not on your side.
  3. Who? Can anyone come in with a poor owner and a team of misfits?
  4. This is what Moore says all the time. That's all.
  5. Err, we lost today. Therefore, a crap season.
  6. 2nd and 3rd. Not a good season. We lost. Re-group. With who? Most are freebies and loans. At least you didn't say your favourite phrase. Well Done ?????????. Thank goodness.
  7. All depends on Chansiri, will he spend the money. I hope we can keep Gregory and Josh as they will be great together.
  8. You forgot that he was in a no mans land in a recent home game producing a goal for the opposition? He's too slow to be in the middle of defence.
  9. I don't believe that he can recover in 3 days. It's too short a turn around for him. I understand fans on here love the guy, but he cannot be the center of our defense on Monday.
  10. Hopefully, he's rested for Monday's game.
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